Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kurdish wheatear: In conjunction with the AFSC, in what ways could WUaS begin with Syria & Arabic as first ME wiki pages, Kurdish & Kurdistani wikis

In conjunction with the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC),

in what ways would it be possible, for WUaS,

to begin with Syria as a first nation state


and Arabic as a first language


to both develop WUaS,

as well as potentially bring peace through education to Syria?

(WUaS Peace and Social Justice Studies -

based on MIT OCW ...

and as wiki


Hi FB,

Nice to talk yesterday.

Here are two, new, Kurdish, wiki pages at World University & School,

for free, open teaching and learning resources,

and where people can teach to each other, in real time, even.

More pages can be added, possibly paralleling WUaS in English,

and let's talk about starting these two pages, and more, in Kurdish, as well.

Please Invite friends to teach, learn and add and let's talk further about how to make it more engaging.

Wikis are editable in the moment, and this is possibly a good way to focus a dissertation, perhaps.

These pages are accessible on WUaS's Languages and Nation States' pages.



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