Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Toucan: New "Academic Press at World Univ and Sch," New "Symphony Orchestra at WUaS," wiki, subject pages, The benefits of bilingualism, Accrediting

Two new, WUaS subjects:

A) New "Academic Press at World University and School" - -

for academic book publishing, for sale ( many, many languages eventually).

B) New "Symphony Orchestra at World University and School" wiki subject page ... ...

hope to be able to make music like this home-to-home

with something like interactive Google TV or in a G + Hangout ...

So, this page is the beginning of World University & School's own,

online symphony orchestra :)


"The benefits of bilingualism" ...

WUaS plans to offer free instruction,

like the Goethe Institute's free German instruction

and 6-days-a-week, conversation classes in Second Life,

and similar language get-togethers in ALL 3000-8000 languages

(in G+ Hangouts for video chat, or ... ) ... -

and also as a virtual base for each language as school (for African languages, et al.)

... lots of benefits from all this bilingualism in terms of sociocultural understanding

as well as for the brain/bodymind, biologically.

... will look to add to this NYT's article

to the related WUaS 'Language' subject

(distinct from WUaS 'Languages') -

which is about the salutary benefits of language ...


World University & School is planning to accredit in California. It's a 3 stage process. The first, matriculating, Bachelor's degree class begins in 2014. Ph.D., Law and MD degrees to follow, in English, first. This is probably the page to keep an eye on presently ...


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