Thursday, March 29, 2012

Elephants: A Quaker Friend asks abt 'Going Solar," Have you seen this Solar Parity Grid interactive map?, Cars that run off water?, New Swahili page

A Quaker Friend, in Baltimore, MD, I think, asks:

"Anybody have experience "going solar" with your home or small business?

My {Quaker} organization is looking into doing it!" ...

I'd like to add an overview of such a process with pragmatic details -

as a kind of teaching and learning resource -

to WUaS's Solar Engineering -

Building Green Houses and Dwellings -

wiki subjects... Suggestions? RG & MK ... Thank you!

Solar thermal for water heating systems (which is 'there,' efficient, pays for itself quickly in California, and which was added to my house about a year ago), or Solar PV, RG? (For an estimate, @MK is very knowledgable, experienced with the Solar business, and great).


just found this -

Home Testing For Solar Roof Coverage? -

which I'll look to add to some WUaS's Solar pages


MIT Solar Towers Beat Solar Panels By Up To 20x


Have you seen this Solar Parity Grid interactive map?

will add to World Univ & Sch's Solar Energy wiki subject ...

Happy New Year!


"Japanese to mass produce cars that run off water!" -

added to World University and School's wiki 'Electric and Hybrid Vehicles' subject page -

seems like this 'WATER CAR' could be a significant part of a plan for reversing Global Warming

This is fascinating ... is it for real?


Swahili page made (in English) at World University and School, in conversation with Pastor Obidiah ... (the new, WUaS Blog) ... where you can openly, freely teach and learn Swahili, - - and much more (WUaS Kiswahili in Kiswahili to come, and expandable) ... with MIT OCW as a core, with an invitation to teach, learn and create ... Pastor Obadiah Nguku Kimanzi ... Thank you, Nguku!


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