Monday, March 19, 2012

Sidewinder: Shutting down Nuclear is wisdom, Creative energy generation opportunity, Anti-nuclear movement in India book, Obama Accomplishments

Shutting down Nuclear is wisdom,

learning from past (humongous) mistakes

(e.g. Nuclear energy is an atrocious mistake - abolish Nuclear)

and a creative energy generation opportunity,

which can be very profitable.

Check out the energy wiki Subjects at WUaS

and add your own subjects for open teaching & learning

(with a MIT OCW academic focus).


Great News ... Japan's Nuclear Industry near shut down -

... will add to WUaS's Nuclear Science and Engineering page


A book about what is driving the anti-nuclear movement in India ...

will add to Nuclear Science and Engineering wiki subject page at WUaS ...

... and perhaps to the WUaS India wiki page,

as well.


Pretty compelling list of Obama accomplishments -

may add to WUaS's Political Science wiki page - :)

... waiting for Obama to abolish Nuclear in the U.S.

(in conjunction with Japan and Germany)


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