Thursday, April 5, 2012

Coelacanth: With the loss that the web contributes to/represents, can 'socioculture' as networking societies generate bliss, agency-wise?, Happy Oasis

With all the loss that the web contributes to/represents, for some,

can 'socioculture' as networking societies,

via the internet,

in all its distributedness,

be a generator of bliss,


In what ways, and with what qualities,

can, might and will we engage the internet to facilitate eliciting 'loving bliss,' even,

given the influences of the internet, as you see it, thus far?

... so ...via connecting with each other? ...

and ...

... :)


Check out Happy Oasis's book

"Bliss Conscious Communication: Transmuting Ordinary Chats Into Extraordinary Conversations" (Books for Earthlings 2004) ...

Are you a blissologist, she asks? ...

love it!!! ...


Happy Oasis
As an adventure anthropologist, Happy Oasis has anbsp; unique message to the world. Adopted by seven tribal families in seven countries, she gleaned their unusually joyous ways of communicating. For more than a decade she has been sharing wisdom via her two books "Bliss Conscious Communication" and "uncivilized ecstasies". In the New York Times #1 best-selling book Happy For No Reason, she is deemed as "one of the Happiest 100" which featured the inspiring story of Happy's name on Oprah. Happy is the founder of the Happy Oasis Retreat, Raw Spirit Festival and Blissology University, the first University to profoundly explore the causes of blissful states of being and living, introduce the Blissiplines, and certify Blissologists.


And here are some more resources again for blissing -

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by editing this page, or simply 'blissing' with friends :)