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St. Kilda, Scotland, and its last living inhabitant, Norman John Gillies, Scots' Fiddler Duncan Chisholm :), Edinburgh's Patrick Geddes, "Stewart's Banner" on the bagpipe by Stuart Liddell, New St. Kilda WUaS wiki page

St. Kilda, Scotland, and its last living inhabitant, Norman John Gillies,

who continues to return to this remote British Archipelago, at age 87,

after being evacuated at age 5 in 1930

(Here's a paper I wrote about St. Kilda and visiting it via digital technologies at the University of Edinburgh in 2004

... also here -


Very nice fiddling by Scots' fiddler Duncan Chisholm here -

and here -

magic one might say :) ...

will look to add to the wiki, Fiddling subject at WUaS ...


Hmmm ... Bagpiping, unicycle-riding Darth Vader, in a black cloak ...

... Hmmm ...

may add to WUaS's Bagpipe Tutorials ...
... :)


Gary West, scottish smallpipes ... ...

will look to add to WUaS's Bagpipe Tutorials - ... :)


Interesting glimpses into Edinburgh and city planner+'academic' Patrick Geddes ... 

... in the late 19th century. :) 


Listen to Stuart Liddell playing "Stewart's Banner" on the bagpipe :) - -

at the Piobaireachd Metro Cup 2012 in the States ...

which is posted at the WUaS Piobaireachd, wiki, subject, page ...,_Piobaireachd_or_Ceòl_Mór

with an invitation to add great online versions of ALL Piobaireachds ...

by editing this page.


Scott MacLeod: 
Interesting 18 min. film from the 1920s of St. Kilda, Scotland, with shots of Dunvegan castle, Isle of Skye, Scotland, among other things ... ... and a new, St. Kilda, Scotland (Hirta), wiki, subject page at WUaS ...,_Scotland_%28Hirta%29 ...

Catriona Mackay Macleod: 
tried to watch but was not able to open video.

Daniel James MacLeod: 
I picked up a book on St. Kilda while in Dunvegan, Skye. The people of St. Kilda living on MacLeod of MacLeod's Estate were coerced into leaving the island by British officials. The final evacuation in the 1930's was a sad event. St. Kilda is now used by the military.

Catriona, I was able to watch the video, and I assume it was computer-hosted in Britain ... you might keep trying from different computers, otherwise you may have limited access to British internet video. There are many British internet videos I haven't been able to access from the States, curiously (given a distributed internet based on the technologies of openness, and where sharing has benefits and are built in). 

Daniel, yes - I've read some of these books, and in my M.Sc. dissertation (which is here (2004): on St. Kilda as virtual place, at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, I also curiously had to stop my research, perhaps because, as I later found out, Hirta is partly a very small military base, in addition to a tourist destination and archaeological site and bird sanctuary, and any possible officials didn't understand my research was on networks (St Kilda vis-a-vis the internet and UNESCO World Heritage) and these networks' significance for virtual visiting.

I've visited St. Kilda and it is indeed beautiful and difficult to get to. Here's a St. Kilda article you might enjoy (again) - - which I'll look to add to the above, St. Kilda, new, World University and School, editable, web page.



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