Monday, April 2, 2012

Jellyfish: Ph.D. Degrees at World Univ and Sch, Check out the main areas at WUaS (in English), Journalism, Film - Documentaries, Sharing the love

Recently began "Ph.D. Degrees at World University and School" - -

exciting ...

How to help it flourish, building on ways that Graduate programs at particularly MIT,

and also Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Cambridge, for example,

all flourish, - and interactively online, and with developing, digital technologies, with students matriculating from home.

MIT-like structure, with MIT OCW classes, for the Ph.D., online and interactively, is the plan ...

English first, and then other languages. ... Free


Check out the main areas at World Univ & Sch (in English):

Languages (All),
Nation States (All),

also here -

in WUaS's new blog ...

All are open-wiki now for teaching and learning, already with significant resources,

(and WUaS plans to accredit on MIT OCW).


Here are some of many Art pages' links at WUaS: ... WUaS, as wiki, makes it possible to teach and learn about such wiki (editable web pages) subjects right from the page, itself. WUaS would like to facilitate the making of art in that subject, as well, right from the page, and enjoyably. And eventually, if there's a MIT course in that subject, it will potentially be for credit, as WUaS begins to matriculate students, beginning in 2014.


Journalism subjects at WUaS are growing ...

with the film "Prohibition" by Ken Burns as one of the first films on this page, viewable online ... :)


Sharing the love of free education is what World University & School is about ...

in so many ways ...

In other words,

it's about the abundant milk of the WUaS cow,

accrediting on MIT OCW for free degrees, in the

garden which we all cultivate via open, free teaching and learning ...


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