Monday, April 30, 2012

World Univ & Sch is about total creativity in teaching and learning, TED Talks' education - 'Flipping the Classroom,' On Testing vs. Innovation vis-a-vis OLPC deployments, "Not on the Test," Interested in an academic career - e.g. Anthropology, Law or Science?, WUaS's wiki list of great universities

World Univ & Sch is about total creativity in teaching and learning -

e.g. creating departments, subjects


facilitating teaching and so much more similarly (and for you) -

and in all languages and all countries ...

as well as about creating great jobs as a world class university,

with all the 'paperwork' that's entailed accrediting in all countries.

Information technologically, too, there's so much creativity in WUaS coding ahead ...

- with an universal translator,

- a virtual, whole world classroom,

- an all instrument, all language Music School ...

WUaS is a galaxy of creativity ahead.

Google 'World Univ & Sch' with an invitation to teach, learn and edit a page.


TED ED - TED Talks' education - 'Flipping the Classroom'

with their new educational approach which

allows you to teach by embedding any YouTube video and teach with this ...  ....

and here's a video about this - ...

added to WUaS's free, Educational Software - -

and 'Subjects' - ...


On Testing vs. Innovation vis-a-vis OLPC deployments ...

check out this One Laptop per Child view -

 - on test scores vs innovation.

I'll look to add this to open, free, wiki World University and School's OLPC page ...$100_Laptop_-_MIT ...

and this NYT's article on testing  - -

also to WUaS. ...

Are there any OLPCs in your country?

(I haven't checked online, or added anything if there is to this WUaS page).


"Not on the Test" ...

World University and School, on the one hand,

is about open, free, people-to-people teaching and learning, with great resources

(e.g. MIT OCW and KhanAcademy, etc.) already posted, -


where you can also teach, like Sal has, ...

and, on the other hand, it's about free degrees to come

(with grades, accrediting on MIT OCW, in as many languages and countries as possible),

with TESTS,

... so WUaS is about both no tests, and tests.

(Here's a good overview of both wings of WUaS -

with an invitation to start teaching and learning now ...


Interested in an academic career?

Anthropology, Law or Science, for example?

Consider going on for further study at a great university in anthropology.

Here is World University & School's wiki list (people can add more) of great universities - .

For example, consider applying to UC Berkeley for a Ph.D., -

to immerse yourself also in the socioculture of anthropology as a discourse/discipline,

and thus to explore a career.

(World University and School is like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware, and planning to offer free, online

Bachelor's [beginning in 2014], Ph.D. [2015], Law [2016] and M.D. [2017] degrees,

accrediting on MIT OCW, so WUaS may be of interest to you for a Ph.D. in a few years).

Here's WUaS' wiki Anthropology page, as an example -, -

and you could teach here to your web camera,

or focus your anthropological (+) interests by adding resources that fascinate you,

by editing this or any WUaS page,

to develop your anthropological career interests.

All the best in your search

- Scott (