Sunday, April 29, 2012

'Skip Your Morning Meditation & Watch this Instead,' Added to Watsu and Meditation subject pages at World University & School, And added this WUaS Meditation page link to the WUaS Watsu page ... :)

'Skip Your Morning Meditation & Watch this Instead' ... ... will add to Watsu subject page for now at WUaS ... ... as well as the 'Meditation,' wiki page, - - and this WUaS Meditation page link to the WUaS Watsu page ... :)

Hey Scott! These pictures are so wonderful. I`m deeply touched, refreshed, relaxed... and ful of joy! THANK YOU!

Hey Maria! Check out some of the Watsu videos on the WUaS Watsu page ... What further Watsu or meditation resources would you add?

LOVE this...!!! I`m still enjoying. Thank you!

the water baby video is so calming ... just watching and mirroring it is a great mediation ... (under a shower?)

Yes, soooooooooooo calming, soooooooooooooo beautiful...

I would love to be that baby right now

When are you coming back to Harbin?



So is this The Bliss you're searching?, Lois, thanks for sending these early happy moments, kinda unfair as we know Life is not this,, it is reminiscent of sink baths i gave my boys


... interesting to see how warm water, in this case,

 seemed to cause a lot of serenity in the baby,

although the skillful handling of the therapist also seems important here  :) ...

I think there are many qualities of bliss ...

this water serenity / contentment is one,

blissing with the Grateful Dead another,

yoga release and releasing exploration inwardly in bodymind with imagination another ...

and music between friends of many varieties is yet another :)