Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Asimina: Online Clinical Trials and UCSF, Stanford, Berkeley and World University and School - in All Languages and Countries

Hi B, C, and Ko,

Just watched an interesting Harvard talk and live webchat this morning on "Webchat: The Latest in Precision Medicine and Lung Cancer" -

Live Webchat: The Latest in Precision Medicine and Lung Cancer
- and added this to - -
and -
 - at WUaS.

I also added this note to Harvard's Dana Farber's Google Profile page - -

"Thanks for this "Precision Medicine and Lung Cancer" talk in live video - 
. In what ways might World University and School (like Wikipedia with best STEM-centric OCW, e.g. CC MIT OCW in 7 languages and CC Yale OYC), planned online for all countries and their large languages collaborate with Harvard Medical School and Dana Farber in online clinical trials for sample populations. for example, eg at "Cancer Biology" - (WUaS is moving from this wiki to MediaWiki)? Thank you! " Can you point me to related online talks at UCSF, Stanford or Berkeley which might add to these WUaS pages, or lead to collaborations around clinical trials around the world in many languages and countries, mediated by the web? It would be great to talk further about this as well. Best, Scott
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