Monday, April 6, 2015

Olive ridley sea turtle: Easter at Harbin, WUaS may develop projects for non-degree online learning in many languages in the developing world, MIT OCW in Spanish, Mexico Law School at WUaS

Hi Cait,
Nice to get your email. Easter was fun here. I spent it at my ethnographic field site, Harbin Hot Springs. I've written a 400 page actual / virtual Harbin Hot Springs' ethnographic manuscript and am waiting to hear back from Duke U.P. presently about its publication (as I think I mentioned in Piedmont). I played highland pipes at Harbin some years ago at Easter which was fun and colorful - there's a picture here ... - and here - - but I'm only playing my small pipes presently. I may play my small pipes tonight as part of the Open Band for Scottish Country Dancing in south Berkeley, where I also play kind of 2nd keyboard - mostly baselines presently. How was your Easter and what did you do in Mexico City?

(Scott Macleod Bagpiping at Easter Harbin Hot Springs with wizard and Easter Bunny
photo: Harbin Hot Spring's Easter 2005 (Scott MacLeod and Eric R.) photo credit ?)

I think wiki - editable web pages - are great for their immediacy, and WUaS has just begun a new wiki - - to which we'll move the 700 pages (in English only so far) from here - - and into Wikipedia's new back end database developed for Wikipedia's 288 languages called Wikidata. I'm glad Wikipedia though has citation practices to help with quality of wiki-additions, since WUaS would also like to become the Harvard / MIT of the internet and all languages. I think both Google and Wikidata have excellent web development "teams" - big ones - which teams take time and focus to build ... and WUaS is focusing on that presently.

Concerning your idea that it would be "incredible to offer online classes, supplemented by trained teachers to people living in very rural parts of the world by implementing a model similar to UNETE, but targeted at adults who have never received a high level of formal education" - I think wiki editable pages facilitate aggregating much already existing free open CC content for this ... and free open content like Sal Khan's Khan Academy ... but again, how to focus on the generating aggregating best quality teaching. And the cool thing about the web and wikis is that we can create and share all of this too.  And WUaS may develop projects to focus this.

Part of WUaS's mission - toward universal highest quality education - is to facilitate broadband  - - especially for the developing world (think perhaps of Google's Project Loon with helium balloons facilitating internet access in remote areas) - and think in terms of all 8000 + languages - - and 200+ countries - CC Wikipedia again is in 288 languages, and they just created the CC Wikidata database for these, (and CC MIT OCW is in 7 languages, and CC Yale OYC is in English), and CC WUaS seeks to build on all of these.

If inclined, become familiar with MIT OCW in Spanish - ( as WUaS begins to seek to accredit perhaps in Mexico first, and for a Law School there too -

Here too are ...

Mexico World University and School -

Spanish language WUaS -
Building on CC Yale OYC and CC MIT OCW, I'm focusing partly on how to become the Oxbridge / Harvard / MIT / Yale of the Internet and in all languages for accrediting degrees in most countries. I'd welcome your ideas about this.

Thanks again for your ideas ... and let's stay in touch.



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