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Senna siamea: Cooperatives wiki subject page at WUaS, Basque language and Basque country WUaS, Euskara (Basque language) Wikipedia, Mondragon Team Academy where Students Create Cooperatives with Specific Pragmatic Company and Entrepreneurial Startup Targets Every Year, Mondragon University's Team Academy (MUTA) and WUaS collaborations for a WUaS undergraduate major?, WUaS ISSIP Grand Challenge and these, MIT OCW-centric WUaS wiki projects in Spanish, in Turkish, in Arabic plus, Cooperatives are generally owned by their workers, who vote, and which legal structures, country to country, are typically very egalitarian, WUaS to help create especially Information Technology online cooperative companies

Scott MacLeod to Everyone:

Here's the Cooperatives wiki subject page at WUaS ... 

(And here's the Entrepreneurship wiki school with many MIT OCW at World University - - which is cross-linked with the cooperatives page -accessible here - ...)

Here too is the main Languages (planned for ALL) wiki page where the languages you mentioned, And - (Basque page isn't yet begun, and Spanish and Mandarin are yet really in those languages)



Hi And, Jua and Hal,

Thanks. This last week has been a bit crazy here too.

I have 4 possible collaboration ideas for Mondragon University's Team Academy (MUTA) - - and World University and School (WUaS) collaborations, and am curious to learn how MUTA collaborates with other universities as well. 

Collaborate in a WUaS undergraduate entrepreneurial major engaging MUTA processes online, and planning first for English and the UN languages in those languages, and eventually in large languages and in Basque (Euskara, engaging MIT OpenCourseWare too - which is already in English, Spanish and Mandarin of the UN languages - -

Admissions at World University and School - 

with students applying this autumn 2015 and matriculating online in English first in autumn 2016 for a 4 year Creative Commons' licensed degree.

Develop a wiki Basque language and Basque country World University and School, in the Basque language, for open teaching and learning, and possibly for Ph.D.s, Law, and MD degrees, and other degrees. Here are beginnings of this in English, with much MIT OCW and Yale OYC: 

Basque language World University and School -

Basque language World University and School - 

And again here's the Euskara (Basque language) Wikipedia - 

Explore creating Basque speaking internships for focusing this online university / school with a TA entrepreneurial focus, and aggregating, for example, academic research for open teaching and learning about Basque country, e.g.

and also create a kind of online Basque "CITY" with this online Basque WUaS. 

explore doing much of this in the context of this WUaS ISSIP grand challenge -

How does Team Academy and MUTA collaborate with other universities? 

Jua and Hal might be able to help develop related and parallel MIT OCW-centric WUaS wiki projects in Spanish and in Turkish. 

Thank you, and thanks for very interesting ISSIP presentations as well.

Best, Scott


Develops Team entrepreneurs

For example, 

When students join the university

They create a team – 12-17

Start a company from the first day

1st year
Invoice Euros 3000
Profit Euros 2000

2nd year

3rd year

have to
Visit real customers

Read about 25 books per year


Team Academy - Finland -


Dear Scott,

I am trying to sort my academic e-mails from my personal ones. And I have a question and a request:

(1) The question, is why do you send e-mail to some people and copy all the group (including me)
(2) The request is can you change my e-mail here and use the Berkeley email.

Thank You


Hi Ami,

Thanks for your email and questions.

a) I try to keep Universitians (on the sporadic email list) in the loop by sending some BCC emails. In this case And in Basque country in Spain is interested in exploring collaborating and from 2 ISSIP talks he gave. Jua and Hal were also involved in this communication and speak native Spanish and Turkish. All of this could lead to the development of CC WUaS's in those languages and countries.

Since you know Arabic and are from Egypt, and are on this sporadic email list (and on the monthly one too) you could conceivably develop Arabic WUaS and Egypt WUaS in a parallel process to And and possibly Jua and Hal. And too shared about an innovative Mondragon University (in Basque country) Team Academy (from Finland) entrepreneurial program in his presentations, where students set up cooperative businesses - This could help Egyptians in Arabic too.

b) I've changed your email address on both lists to your Cal Berkeley email.



Cooperatives are generally owned by their workers, who vote, and which legal structures, country to country, are typically very egalitarian. WUaS hopes to help create especially Information Technology online cooperatives.


Hi And, Hal, Ya, An and Jua, 

Thanks for your emails. In addition to Ya, I'm adding An to this email as well, since as a Finn, he might be able to develop and grow wiki Finland World University and School - - in Finnish, and in terms of a Team Academy Cooperatives' Companies-generation approach. Shall we possibly talk directly after this Wednesday's video conference, say around 8:15 am Pacific Time (when An's talk will likely be over at 8 am PT) - video conference technology to be determined?

In terms of a possible "Cooperative Company-Starting Entrepreneurialism" undergraduate major at World University and School, some sort of very well thought out OpenCourseWare could be invaluable (possibly 14 courses in one way or another?), and also dovetailing with this MIT OCW Sloan School of Business - - since WUaS would like to get ranked publicly with MIT and Yale, for example, and in all 200+ countries in their main languages, where we also hope to accredit. (By way of a great OpenCourseWare example, I'm enjoying a lot Harvard Law Professor Charlie Nesson's JuryX / HarvardX / edX course - - I'm taking now, - and it's very well conceived - and IT-wise too). 

Hal, while here's the beginning Turkey World University and School, not yet in Turkish - - with MIT OCW in Turkish! here - - an honorarium to help find further resources and in particular for a Team Academy approach to developing a "Cooperative Company-Starting Entrepreneurialism" undergraduate major at WUaS, as I see it, would be invaluable. Ya?

And Jua, since you live in Spain, here's the beginning Spain World University and School, neither yet accrediting, nor too much in Spanish - - but, like MIT OCW in Turkish there do appear to be many Spanish MIT OCW courses here -

Accreditation and OpenCourseWare and matriculating online high achieving high school/undergraduate students at CC WUaS in many languages will become central to this process with time. (WUaS is also planning Ph.D. Law and MD degrees at the University level in large languages and their countries). 

See you tomorrow in A's ISSIP talk, 


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