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Artocarpus - Breadfruit: Making WUaS successful, my father, and opening a new chapter, My father Gordon K MacLeod MD as PA Secretary of Health during TMI, Place-wise, I hope World University will become a big success globally (BBC?), Spelling out the WUaS details blog post by blog post here in interesting ways, Appreciating your interests in psychoanalytic thinking / psychiatry, esp Lacan and re success

Hi M,

Some early morning thinking about making WUaS successful, my father, and opening a new chapter (upon selling my car and your comment yesterday about closing that chapter) and success in other ways. Trying to share a "thinking-- awareness" here (conscious insights) about some of these questions in writing.

Dad had a way of connecting with people publicly that was in some ways very successful - and before social media - and by creating his own media (but also by his own dint of personality, which I didn't always enjoy, and which didn't necessarily make him happy esp toward the end of his life). His successes were also place-based in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, and on Cuttyhunk too. Here's a Pennsylvania Secretaries of Health photo of him I hadn't seen -
http://www.bmc.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/gateway/PTARGS_0_0_78392_0_0_43/http;/pubcontent.state.pa.us/publishedcontent/publish/cop_hhs/health/dsf/internet/internet/content/about_us/department_history___overview/the_secretaries_of_health.htm. My father was Health Secretary during Three Mile Island nuclear accident / meltdown / catastrophe in Pennsylvania. See too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gordon_K._MacLeod.

I'm curious about making World University (http://worlduniversityandschool.org/) successful - perhaps learning from Dad in the positive ways of his being successful (and not from the negative ways). Are learning and not learning success, "ego-wise," the right questions here? "Just do it" he might say which in this case I might interpret as ... just make WUaS successful by publicly growing WUaS's great networks in the information ... ion ... age (so L.... as ion  and WUaS's listening father-figure here comes to mind).

Lacan himself too was successful in a way -
  - and shared specific thinking too about the role of the "father" that somehow relates here (as symbols/writer too). And in this vein, how to engage Dad as good/great model (and learn from the less great aspects for me - psychologically) ? Dad was both a smart medical doctor and a professor. 

Stanford and AFSC are also successful, for example - and especially MIT OpenCourseWare and Wikidata (re Wikipedia) - as models,  and especially as networks, and as symbols too, - for WUaS.


Is there something I could do with A.. in these regards - and re Harbin too.

Have kids as an expression of success? Make WUaS successful with other networks too ... and realize/cultivate/write great happiness/loving bliss as a musical score together (and vis-a-vis Harbin too somehow)?


Thinking about success, and psychologically, and re World University here.

Heading to Stanford Law today and tomorrow and by so doing hoping to connect and network further.

The "symbolic" and the "real" in Lacan's terms, and moving beyond the imaginary/mirror stage re his three "registers."

This letter here seems to be about success ... (and eventually money-wise too) ... re G.A. MD and -re my thinking, looking for, and finding, building upon, and growing the "father" here ... I'd say.

It's interesting to me in this "consciousness through writing/wiring process" of writing to you to think of my blog as a "how to" in creating an all languages' CC MIT OCW-centric university ... just spelling out the WUaS details, blog post by blog post here (http://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/) in interesting ways ... to quietly and f/Friendly-wise become very successful - and by seeking to help so many people.

Place-wise, I hope World University will become a big success globally (BBC?), in every nation state, in the SF Bay Area, in California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, again. in every country in the world, - and continue to become like Wikipedia with MIT OpenCourseWare, and wherever people are engaging these. A BBC writeup would be invaluable here.

Appreciating, M, yours and G.A.'s interests in psychoanalytic thinking / psychiatry, esp Lacan and re success, and Dad's successes, - which are due partly also thanks to you.

In the name of my father (both of us are Gordon), and with much love,



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