Monday, April 17, 2017

Cleidoic egg: Open NMT (Neural Machine Translation) as Easter Egg generator, language-wise?, Language Easter Eggs - potentially all 8,044 - because we can add them to Open NMT?

Open NMT (Neural Machine Translation) as Easter Egg generator, language-wise?

OpenNMT is a industrial-strength, open-source (MIT) neural machine translation system utilizing the Torch/PyTorch mathematical toolkit.

Open-Source Neural Machine Translation in Torch

Google's Neural Machine Translation System: Bridging the Gap between Human and Machine Translation

Open NMT - Harvard NLP

Neural machine translation -

With a focus on OpenNMT from Peter Norvig ...

Last Tweets of the Krell

Many readers are no doubt familiar with Forbidden Planet, the documentary film about the Krell civilization, which came to an unfortunate end just at the launch of what could have been their biggest achievement. Ever since the film’s release in 1956, xenoanthropologists have been stymied by a lack of source material on the Krell.

The 500 most important literary works, across all languages, according to @wikidata

So great! Try Wikidata yourself. Curious if "500 most important literary works across all languages" will differ depending on "ask" language


Falco peregrinus: A smartphone that could read any of 8,044 /Languages (new & old) & that could also identify any of the 3-100 million /Species? WUaS planning, Like other invented languages that World University plans to add to a universal translator, OpenNMT (related to Google Neural Machine Translation/Google Translate) allows this to happen ... "Last Tweets of the Krell Many readers are no doubt familiar with Forbidden Planet, the documentary film about the Krell civilization", How will such OpenNMT emerge in a realistic virtual earth - for both STEM as well as fantastic and science fiction world generation?

See, too:


(As a further continuation of brain-storming - - with a Publisher's Cap on and concerning an Artificial Intelligence strategy, here are some ideas. This thread inspires me re thinking about publishing "Godless for God's Sake" and "Naked Harbin Ethnography" in other languages, - perhaps re both Dale Historical Monographs as well as the Academic Press at World University and School, and re the Kindle. The Kindle actually gave rise to A) a piece of Kindle proprietary reader hardware, and B) a file format, probably loosely akin to a Word document or PDF - Portable Document Format (, which which many of us may be familiar. So, by contrast, I think the Academic Press at WUaS would seek to develop its texts for translation in ~200 countries' official languages, in something based on RDF, Resource_Description_Framework, which is generally used for linked open data, the building blocks of Artificial Intelligence, having a triplet format, and then into a printable and device-readable format. Since RDFs and A.I are somewhat recent developments, it may be that Amazon is kind of locked into previous I.T. publishing infrastructure, and they certainly aren't in all ~200 countries languages/currencies, RDFs are a basis toofor Wikidata, which is Wikipedia's database in 358 languages, as well - so RDFs are potentially a great beginning for machine translation, and the basis of a new approach to publishing anticipating all 7099 languages), Wikidata, and the Wikimedia Foundation in SF, are developing many of these information technologies actually. 

So keeping publishing "Godless for God's Sake" simple on paper and in Kindle makes sense, but anticipating new forms of publishing information technologies in multiple languages also makes sense, brainstorming-wise, and possibly with RDFs as a new kind  of basis, is something the Academic Press at WUaS is doing.

As a kind of FYI, here is "Naked Harbin Ethnography" in paper and for Kindle in U.S. dollars ~ ~ and here is "Godless for God's Sake" - on paper, and soon to be in the Kindle format (which is no longer tied to the Kindle hardware, I think). I think there are also separate web pages for both of these in Pounds and in Euros. (WUaS may also seek to develop with Bitcoin and Blockchain as well as an Universal Basic Income in all ~200 countries' main and official languages - as an expression of care).

Happy NtF Easter All, Scott

Language Easter Eggs - potentially all 8,044 - because we can add them to Open NMT?


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