Monday, July 24, 2017

Sumatran orangutan: Cuttyhunk - Kitty Hawk, ( ... because of getting WUaS in the air with the newly incorporated WUaS Corporation :), Apponegansett Meeting House

Hi Dave,

So great to see you, and what a surprise! Thanks too for stopping by. Great too to talk with S l'A at the CYC party! I only wish you and I had visited longer - that we could have lingered. Another time soon, I hope.

Cuttyhunk is inspiring ... curious to find my partner and raise a family here in the summers. Thanks too, in these regards, for sharing the good news on the way to the ferry yesterday that your cousin S (age 67?), who married E (37) fairly recently - and I met them together in Berkeley for some ~2 hours a few years ago, as you know - just had a baby.

Heading to the Fishing Club for a cup of coffee perhaps soon after sitting/meditating a bit ... perhaps the Historical Society later :) ... and maybe Turnabout sailing to start. Have you been sailing this year?

I'm gleaning interesting insights into east coast culture and psychology here on Cuttyhunk (more perhaps about this later, and see too - and the connections-shared culture on Cuttyhunk run deep, compared to my experiences out west. Glad for a kind of left-heading, thinking, caring stream I've found myself in in this island community over the decades.

Got my Scottish small pipes out yesterday... fun to play them ... are you playing the guitar at all these days? (And how's your arm/elbow? ... Seeking to begin playing around with the free MuseScore composing software, for small pipes and voice at first ...)

It's raining today (predicted for Tuesday, Thursday and Frday too) with lightning and thunder on Thor'sday ! Nice inside weather (but not necessarily with a 5, a 7 and an 8 year old! :) and it should also keep things cool too. 

Big WUaS Press publishing idea here :) ... ... and above it on this Twitter Profile in terms of hiring knowledgeable people ... and here as well ...

Thanks too for having a glance at my actual/virtual Harbin book - - at Piney's House!

As a first, a friend/acquaintance in eastern Europe texted yesterday about being interested in some kind of shares on the WUaS Corporation side in exchange for working with the WUaS Corp - a breakthrough, kind of, thanks to the filing of the WUaS Corp Articles of Incorporation. 

With your college teaching experience, might you have interest in teaching online on the World Univ & Sch wing at some point? You're a great teacher!

Kitty Hawk (which sounds like Cuttyhunk) -,_North_Carolina and - because of getting WUaS in the air with the newly incorporated WUaS Corporation :) ... D!

Amazing, too, how deep the Quaker cultural roots (as distributed or better diffuse as these may be these days) go in this part of New England/southeastern Massachusetts with Friends Academy (founded in 1810) - - and Apponegansett Meeting House (built in 1791) - - and Dartmouth Massachusetts established by Quakers in 1664 -,_Massachusetts -  knowing that you went to Sidwell Friends in Washington DC, for high school.




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