Monday, June 30, 2008

River - Rainbow Gathering

Someone wearing tie-die and dread locks started doing a cartwheel in the gritty, big-chain gas station 100 miles from Big Sandy, Wyoming, where the Rainbow Gathering is meeting this year. A discussion ensued with the voice of the gas station coming out over the loudspeaker, and someone else in tie-die, outside, speaking back to the building, reasonably. This is the America of lots of pick-up trucks, some motor homes, truckers, and long, cold winters.



Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rainbow - Innovation, Loving Bliss & Music


I'm heading to the Rainbow Family Gathering tomorrow, ~ peace, love and happiness. The Rainbow Gathering Wikipedia entry is extensible. Started in Colorado in 1972 with many 'tribes' coming from northern California and the Pacific Northwest, I've never been to it. I hope to post much media about it.

Here's a Rainbow Gathering 2008 picture show:)


Information technology is a series of innovations in process, that continue to converge, - and a global, virtual-world university would be one of a remarkable series of innovations over the past 50 years. Here's the beginnings of it, and you can already take courses ~

Loving bliss

Here's my definition I'm exploring ~~ experiences that are deeply, gratefully, reciprocally appreciative and affectionate, both with a friend or friends, and alone, as well as profoundly and naturally high at the same time, and which are ongoing, biological, 'flow' experiences.

How to innovate with eliciting the neurophysiological experience of loving bliss naturally, if this is one of the most enjoyable experiences people have. Here are some practices to elicit loving bliss ~

And, if it's possible to elicit loving bliss through practices, as I think it is, I'm also interested in exploring loving bliss by learning to practice it as you or I would practice a musical instrument ~


And here's extraordinary Pandit Suresh Talwalkar's reciting / tabla music ~, and innovating to shape a kind of bliss through his music. Is there a sending and receiving of information technology happening here?

Rainbow Gathering
near Pinedale, Wyoming

I'm curious what kinds of "world creations" like Talwalkar's I'll come upon at the Rainbow Gathering. Teach or learn this in a global, virtual world University?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Field - Global University, Info Tech & Counterculture

a global, virtual world university and school

Welcome to the envisioning {and realization(?)} of a global, degree-granting (Ph.D., M.D., I.B. & Music School, etc.), free-to-students, open, virtual world university, with great universities (e.g. Harvard University?) as key players, using a Wikipedia model, and for everyone, and especially the developing world.
To facilitate the emergence of a global, virtual world University, I'd like to help converge and network Second Life, OpenSim, Google Earth, Croquet, and MIT's Open Course Ware, as a start.

information technology

Information technology here includes 1s and 0s and the infinite representations we can make with them, as well as language and ideas - technologies and arts of the bodymind? - not as well understood, that give rise to and instantiate new possibilities.


Counterculture here refers to a social constellation of understandings that question 'culture,' often delightfully and sensibly, and that, for a start, can center around peace, love, happiness, and freedom. I find countercultural 'minds' particularly enlivening. How did counterculture in the 60s and 70s produce these minds, {or is it the other way around:}? How does countercultural thinking, which seems less widespread than in the 1970s, articulate with an ethos, ideas "in the air"?

And why not easily create a global, degree-granting, virtual world, open, free University with information technology, for the developing world and everyone? As a beginning, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) already offers about 1800 courses for free on-line, but without offering any degrees - . Start today to take courses at MIT :)

cultures of computing, yes ... :) ~


anthropology of computing

{... is countercultural hacking}

Friday, June 27, 2008

Red Lotus - Hot springs, Ethnography, Counterculture

Greetings from Sierra Hot Springs in northern California.

This was an international rebirthing center in 1989, a former inhabitant told me last evening.

The pools here are nice, and these springs make a nice place to sojourn on the way to the Rainbow Family Gathering.

I see this blog as a site for an ethnographic exploration of counterculture vis-à-vis information technology, to start. Seeing things differently, counterculturally, and how the Web extends this, can be far-reaching, and as beautiful as a red lotus in bloom in a warm pool.

MMMmmmm . . . :)