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Puffins: Scotland got political independence from England in 1997 after 700 years +, Scottish Parliament's Auld Lang Syne, WUaS's Financial Resolution

Scotland got political independence from England in 1997, after trying in 1976-77, and after 300-700 years +. Scots built a new parliament building at the bottom of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, near the Palace of Holyroodhouse, as one practical outcome, where Scots make their own decisions as a nation state.

Here are members of the Scottish Parliament singing Robbie Burns' "Auld Lang Syne" together, holding hands:

I hope World University & School will continue to develop toward independence, in a similar way. Here are two, related WUaS subjects - and

World University & School is curiously an enormous university vision (the biggest?), in ALL 3000-8000 languages and around 200 countries, as wiki, with free Bachelors, Ph.D.s, Law and M.D. degrees, - and with the smallest financial resources perhaps of any university in existence.

WUaS's resolution for 2012 is to develop significantly its financial operations.


Scottish independence article, in Wikipedia:

Amboseli: How different it is to soak at Harbin, than to realize it virtually

How different it is
to soak at Harbin,
than to realize it
or in bodymind,
by reading,
or viewing

Writing in Maine,
over a Christmas visit, -

with long walks on beaches,
and family friends,
and red brick Portland,
and the Wadsworth-Longfellow house,
which invited me
to Longfellow's poetry,
'Often I think of the beautiful town
That is seated by the sea ... '
virtually, -

I hearken
to Harbin's waters,
and warmth,
and wholeness
of being there,
from afar, ...

but, while traveling,
I'm not present,
in that place,
in those
in that milieu.

As I return
west coast-wise,
I draw closer,
but Harbin's
and oneness,
are in that
from the earth,
in that valley,
remote from the metropole, ~
and yet still far.

A virtual Harbin
is emerging, -
like Harbin's waters, -
to generate warmth,
in multimedia,
from your bathtub,
from home,
developing with the internet, ...
but emerging organically,
as process,
in writing an
actual / virtual Harbin ethnography.

Waters of wholeness, ...
an inner immersion,
in bodymind fluids,
with relaxation response, -
and at times deeply -
is happening, all the time,
yet unparalleled,
and still awaiting,
the concert
of the Harbin pool.


Olduvai Gorge Hippos: In what ways, and how fulsomely, can we go 'there' in our bodyminds? as kids do with children's books, when 'there' is bliss

In what ways, and how fulsomely, can we go 'there' in our bodyminds, as kids do with children's books, for example, (and with agency and intention), exploring the 'virtual'? ... Here's wiki World University & School's "Children Literature and Wisdom" with great stories -


Just re-reading Manuel Castell's chapter on "The Culture of Real Virtuality" (from his "Rise of the Network Society" - 2000) where he theorizes these questions vis-a-vis media and the emergent internet ... (here's a so-so encapsulation: ... 'Virtuality' is far-reaching. ... let's explore :) (This is relevant here too: ... 'there' could be 'narratives,' or anywhere we want, or ? :)

But 'there,' here, might especially be eliciting loving bliss neurophysiology ...

and as forms of practices, that might come as easily as soaking in a warm pool like Harbin's.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Marsh Henna: Exciting - Online, wiki, virtual World University & School to STUDY HOW students learn

Exciting: Online, wiki, virtual World University & School, with its first, matriculating, Bachelor's degree class in 2014, and with its free degrees (Bachelor's, Ph.D., Law and M.D.), accrediting on MIT Open Course Ware, will be able to STUDY HOW students learn, quite rigorously, - - because this will be mediated by the web. (Reed College undergraduate degrees - required humanities/junior qualifying exams/senior thesis - plus required freshman biology, with widespread computer programming, the equivalent of 32 MIT/great (and rigorous) courses over 4 years, and with a significant engineering/technology focus - are one model for WUaS's undergraduate degrees). And, by beginning to offer free, online MIT OCW High School ( courses in fall 2012 - for free in Google + group video conference Hangouts partly - WUaS will be able to design research paradigms for studying higher education learning, {as well as FUN in learning, especially:}. WUaS hopes to collaborate richly with MIT OCW ( as well as possibly with MITx ( (And here's MIT Blossoms -



‎Scott MacLeod - seems you're on the right track with your open World University and School , cheering for you! ty Amy :)

The Intelligent University

Francisco Jaime Quesado is the general manager of the Innovation and Knowledge Society in Portugal


India to eliminate Animal Dissection, and use computer simulations instead ... ... will add to World Univ & Sch's Ahimsa/Nonharming wiki subject page - ... and perhaps the India wiki, subject page ... ... which is the starting place for the India World University & School.

... and perhaps to the WUaS Research subject page ...


‎... lots of implications for World University and School with these predictions for computing ... ... ...

WUaS wants to develop with the internet, as it changes, as well as becomes more interactive, immersive, integrative of media elements, develops new forms of narrativity, and extends hypermedia (Packer & Jordan).


In the developing design of WUaS, WUaS is planning to wiki facilitate creativity in interacting with it ... check out this page, as one example of web page design, in a Grateful Dead vein ... ... but there's so much creative artistic possibility here ... and here ... ... and :)


This is really beautiful ... ... 'Willin' and all of them ... Patti Cobb :)

Uncle John's Band here ... with harmony :)

I wanna sing harmony like this ... ... or even learn eventually how to teach singing like this :)


UC Berkeley Professor of Anthropology Nancy Scheper-Hughes on the Crisis of the Public University ... ... World University & School ... ... plans to be a solution to some aspects of this crisis, but still, significantly, needs monies to do so ... please donate here - - Thank you! and students will also thank you for this opportunity to study, teach (at wiki WUaS) and learn, - engaging MIT Open Course Ware.


Inspiring "Festival of Learning" video -

- about January 27-28, 2012, MIT gathering - ! ... thinking about adding each subject in the video to the wiki, Subjects' page - - at World University & School, but I think it's better if the teachers in this Festival of Learning video add their subjects. I will, however, add this video itself to the above WUaS Subjects' page itself in its references. The MIT Media Lab's 'Festival of Learning' this January 2012 reminds me of Reed College's Paideia festival, also in January, where people teach to each other (and like at wiki World Univ. & Sch., too - here in conjunction with MIT Open Course Ware, with free Bachelor, Ph.D., Law, and M.D. degrees planned) :)

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Pelican dive: Alan Watts and Zhuangzi, 1960s, Friends/Quakers, Freedom, Meditation, Harbin Hot Springs

Alan Watts and Zhuangzi

{May add as reference to World University & School's "1960's" wiki subject page - and ? - ( and Quakers are mentioned, interestingly: ) }

Alan Watts and Zhuangzi

Alan dares to question both Western and Eastern spirituality.

Alan Watts
from "The Way of Liberation"

... You see, we are still talking about the same old problem but we have put it one step up. "How can I improve myself?", was the first problem, and the second problem is, "How can I accept grace?", but they are both the same problem because in each case you have got to make a move that will put yourself out of your own control into the control of a "better." And if you do not believe in the Christian kind of a God you can believe in the Hindu kind of a God who is your inner self. You have a lower self that you call your ego - that is that little scoundrelly fellow that is always out for "me." But behind the ego there is the atman, the inner self, or the inward light, as the Quakers call it; it is the real self, the spirit that is substantially identical with God. So you have to meditate in such a way that you identify with your higher self.

But how do you do that? Well, you start by watching all of your thoughts very carefully. You watch your feelings, you watch your emotions, and you begin to build up a sense of separation between the watcher and what is watched. In this way, you are no longer carried away by your own stream of consciousness. You remain the witness, impassively, impartially suspending judgment and watching it all go on.

Now, this seems to be something like progress - at least you are taking an objective view of what is happening, and you are beginning to be in a position to control it. But just wait a minute! Who is this self behind the self, the watching self? Can you watch that one? It is interesting if you do because you find out, of course, that the watching self, or the observing self, behind all your thoughts and feelings is itself a thought. That is to say, when the police enter a house in which there are thieves, the thieves go up from the ground floor to the first floor. When the police arrive on the first floor, the thieves have gone up to the second, and so on to the third and finally out onto the roof. Just so, when the ego is about to be unmasked, it immediately identifies with the higher self. It goes up a level, because the religious game version is simply a refined and high-brow version of the ordinary game: "How can I outwit me?" So if I find, for example, that in the quest for pleasure, the ordinary pleasures of the world - food, sex, power, possessions - become a drag and I think, "No, it is not that," and then I go in for the arts, literature, poetry, and music, and I absorb myself in those pleasures, then after awhile I find that they are not the answer either. So then I go in for psychoanalysis, and I find out that is not the answer, and then I turn to religion, but I'm still seeking what I was seeking when I wanted candy bars! I want to get that goodie.

Only I see now that it is not going to be a material goodie because all material goodies fall apart; but maybe there is a spiritual goodie that will not. Still, the spiritual quest is no different than the quest for the candy bar. Same old story, only you have refined the candy bar and made it abstract and holy and blessed and so on. So it is with the higher self. The higher self is your same old ego, but you sure hope it is eternal, indestructable, and all-wise.

[end of excerpt from "The Way of Liberation"]


Brilliant writing imo.

Thanks, R.S.!

... :)


The Complete Works Of Chuang Tzu
Translated by Burton Watson

The Complete Chuang Tzu
Based on James Legge's Translation


In this Harbin Hot Springs' Quarterly from 2008, meditation, Harbin as 'psychedelic university,' Alan Watts and Harbin's founder, Ishvara's birthday, are all celebrated:

Harbin Hot Springs' Quarterly Magazine is going online ... ... ... great ...

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Polar Fox: To a Finnish friend and academic, Finnish & Finland World Univ & Schs, Plagiarism as Hacking?, Innovation, Himanen's 'The Hacker Ethic"

To a Finnish friend and academic (whom I met in England in 2004), in a social networking site: Interesting to learn the gist of your conversation, idea-sharing wise, here - Is plagiarism a form of hacking? Good citation practices still obtain all these decades into the information technology revolution. Have any of you read Pekka Himanen's, (with Linus Torvalds and Manuel Castells) "The Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the Information Age"? You'll find the reference here at wiki World University & School's 'Hacking,' subject page:,_ethical%29, with an invitation to start the Finnish WUaS in Finnish. WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware.


In Finnish:


on joutunut / päässyt plagioinnin kohteeksi. Rauman museonjohtaja kirjoittaa kaupunkilehden sivuilla sanasta sanaan, vain lyhennettynä, vuonna 2007 julkaistun artikkelini sanoin ilman mitään mainintaa lähteestä. Puhelu päätoimittajalle.


No oho! Mulle kävi kerran niin, että yksi luennoitsija luki kirjoittamaani lehtitekstiä pitkät pätkät sanasta sanaan mainitsematta lähdettä. Että pitäiskö nämä ottaa kohteliaisuutena...


Mitä suurinta imartelua!


Asia korjataan, tekstini oli lähtenyt "tausta-aineistona" lehdistölle, ilman mainintaa lähteestä, josta lehti sitten otti sen suoraan sivuilleen.




Interesting to learn the gist of your conversation, idea-sharing wise, here - Is plagiarism a form of hacking? Good citation practices still obtain all these decades into the information technology revolution. Have any of you read Pekka Himanen's, (Linus Torvalds and Manuel Castells) "The Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the Information Age"? You'll find the reference here at wiki World University & School's 'Hacking,' subject page:,_ethical%29 , with an invitation to start the Finnish WUaS in Finnish. WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware.


Ohhoh! Joko tulette kuhmoon


Here's where the beginnings of the Finland World University and School, as well as the Finnish WUaS are ...

WUaS Nation States:


Promote creativity? Encourage copying: To deny people the right to copy from others is to deny the essence of what it is to be a creative person
by William Patry

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Eastern Box Turtle: MITx - exciting development, World Universitian Letter per these developments, MIT OCW letter on MITx, MITx Letter to MIT Alumnae

MITx - exciting development ... World University & School continues to plan to offer free (Bachs., Ph.D., Law and M.D.) degrees, with its first matriculating class beginning in 2014, accrediting on MIT Open Course Ware's < 2000 courses, and looks forward to collaborating with MITx's research focus in studying education, as it, MIT OCW, and WUaS, grow (here, for example:

Longitudinal studies spanning decades are possible, paralleling, for example, 'The Framingham Study' (on heart disease), because WUaS will be mediated by the internet.


Hi, Universitians,

I'd first here like to introduce G.C., a UC Berkeley Professor of A, but actually a sociologist there. I met G at a recent Reed College gathering in Berkeley (with Ga & Da, too! :), and G and I both have taken courses from the same social science professors at Reed, sociologist John Pock and anthropologist Gail Kelly, - some years ago. Welcome, G! Glad to have your female 'energy' involved in WUaS, per your asking to be part of this WUaS, email, developing conversation.

I'd also invite you to read MIT Open Course Ware Cecilia d'Oliveira's letter below about their new MITx initiative. I would read this letter as MIT OCW having WUaS in mind.

Per a recent WUaS Meeting for Business, and Cecilia's personal letter to me with an invitation to meet her in person, potentially in Boston, I'm still planning to seek a letter from MIT OCW per World University & School's seeking accreditation based on MIT OCW's < 2000 free, open, online courses (for free Bachelor, Ph.D., Law and Medical degrees), with first, matriculating, Bachelor's class in 2014.

My first choice, in 2014, would be for WUaS to stream MIT professors to the web, with WUaS-hired, graduate students (from great universities like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton, Yale and Cambridge, and ) in Google + Hangouts facilitating the conference method ( - like Reed College's, and in many ways), for undergraduate, matriculated students, taking for-credit classes, toward free degrees. As WUaS becomes financially operational, we'd like to hire faculty from these great universities (, with a long view in mind.

The next, hour-long Meeting for Business online is on Saturday, January 14, 2012, at 9 am PST, in a Google + Hangout, ... so Prasanna, in Chennai, India, can participate potentially, if he wishes to, around 10 pm his time, (or by free conference call, as a fallback, and as we've done, so far). (Please get a gmail address, and the easy Google + profile, if you don't have them already, to make this face-to-face, free, group, video chat hangout possible).

Welcome, G, to our friendly group of WUaS clerks, - in a friendly/Friendly/Quaker sense of facilitators of group consensus process and decision-making.


Dear Scott,

You may have already seen this morning that MIT announced the initiation of a new interactive online learning program, internally called MITx, which will seek to build a virtual community of online learners and allow them to earn certificates for demonstrating mastery of MITx subjects at modest cost. MITx will also serve as a cornerstone of MIT's research into digitally supported teaching and learning. For this initiative, the Institute will develop new online materials to support MITx users, including MIT students. Everything on MITx short of credentialing will be free of charge, and MITx will be built using open-source software made freely available to the world.

MIT OpenCourseWare will continue to be MIT's free and open effort to share the curriculum used at MIT, and the Institute remains fully invested in the program. OCW will publish MIT course materials for free, as we always have, and continue to explore the possibilities of free, open education. OCW will also be enriched by the materials created for MITx programs, which will be shared openly on the OCW site.

We realize there is the potential for confusion regarding these two programs, but the differences are very straightforward.

MITx includes:

  • a limited number of subjects specifically designed to support the MITx learner
  • development of a custom online learning platform
  • interactivity with other students and the MIT community
  • MITx certificates for demonstrated mastery of subject matter at modest cost to users
  • a significant online learning research effort.

OCW remains:

  • a publication of MIT course materials
  • a broad compilation of materials from across MIT programs and departments
  • an offering of content without certification or access to MIT faculty or students
  • free and open to the world.

We are thrilled to support the MIT community in taking the new step into online learning that MITx represents, and look forward to the innovative content that program will bring to the OCW site. At the same time, we want to assure our many supporters around the world that this announcement strengthens MIT's commitment to OCW and its mission to provide free and open resources to improve teaching and learning worldwide, and that we are here to stay.


Cecilia d'Oliveira
Executive Director
MIT OpenCourseWare


Dear MIT Alumni,

Enclosed with this email is a message that Provost Rafael Reif just sent to the MIT on-campus community. We are pleased that the Institute and the Association partnered to ensure that all alumni are informed of this new initiative concurrently with the announcement to the community and the press. If you have questions or comments, please reply to this email or send a message to

We wish you all the best for the holiday season and hope you enjoy a peaceful and prosperous new year.


Greg Turner

Judy Cole
Executive Vice President & CEO

MIT Alumni Association

To the Members of the MIT Community:

I am writing to share an important announcement released by MIT today. We are launching an online learning initiative with the expectation that MIT can both enhance the educational experience of its on-campus students and eventually host a virtual community of learners around the world. The text of our announcement appears below. You can also find the announcement and related FAQs at

This initiative builds upon a decade of MIT dedication to online education begun with OpenCourseWare in 2001. MIT faculty have been working in recent years on the integration of online technologies into the MIT campus learning experience, as well as on reaching learners worldwide through online technologies. The 2009 Institute-Wide Planning Task Force Final Report also urged us to explore scalable educational platforms that use online tools to afford new learning opportunities.

Moreover, in the last couple of years, an MIT-Online Study Group chaired by Professor Dick K. P. Yue, the MIT Council on Educational Technology co-chaired by Professor Hal Abelson and Dean Daniel E. Hastings, and the OCW Faculty Advisory Committee chaired by Professor Shigeru Miyagawa have been exploring a variety of online concepts. We are now advancing these various efforts through the online learning initiative that we internally call "MITx".

We are confident that the inspired creativity of the MIT community will shape this initiative in ways that we have not yet dreamed of. I look forward to working with all of you in building something truly special for MIT and the world.

L. Rafael Reif

MIT launches online learning initiative
"MITx" will offer courses online and make online learning tools freely available

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology today announced the launch of an online learning initiative internally called "MITx". MITx will offer a portfolio of MIT courses through an online interactive learning platform that will:

  • organize and present course material to enable students to learn at their own pace
  • feature interactivity, online laboratories and student-to-student communication
  • allow for the individual assessment of any student's work and allow students who demonstrate their mastery of subjects to earn a certificate of completion awarded by MITx
  • operate on an open-source, scalable software infrastructure in order to make it continuously improving and readily available to other educational institutions.

MIT expects that this learning platform will enhance the educational experience of its on-campus students, offering them online tools that supplement and enrich their classroom and laboratory experiences. MIT also expects that MITx will eventually host a virtual community of millions of learners around the world.

MIT will couple online learning with research on learning

MIT's online learning initiative is led by MIT Provost L. Rafael Reif, and its development will be coupled with an MIT-wide research initiative on online teaching and learning under his leadership.

"Students worldwide are increasingly supplementing their classroom education with a variety of online tools," said Reif. "Many members of the MIT faculty have been experimenting with integrating online tools into the campus education. We will facilitate those efforts, many of which will lead to novel learning technologies that offer the best possible online educational experience to non-residential learners. Both parts of this new initiative are extremely important to the future of high-quality, affordable, accessible education."

Offering interactive MIT courses online to learners around the world builds upon MIT's OpenCourseWare, a free online publication of nearly all of MIT's undergraduate and graduate course materials. Now in its tenth year, OpenCourseWare includes nearly 2,100 MIT courses and has been used by more than 100 million people.

MIT President Susan Hockfield said, "MIT has long believed that anyone in the world with the motivation and ability to engage MIT coursework should have the opportunity to attain the best MIT-based educational experience that Internet technology enables. OpenCourseWare's great success signals high demand for MIT's course content and propels us to advance beyond making content available. MIT now aspires to develop new approaches to online teaching."

OCW will continue to share course materials from across the MIT curriculum, free of charge.

MITx online learning tools to be freely available

MIT will make the MITx open learning software available free of cost, so that others—whether other universities or different educational institutions, such as K-12 school systems—can leverage the same software for their online education offerings.

"Creating an open learning infrastructure will enable other communities of developers to contribute to it, thereby making it self-sustaining," said Anant Agarwal, an MIT Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Director of MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. "An open infrastructure will facilitate research on learning technologies and also enable learning content to be easily portable to other educational platforms that will develop. In this way the infrastructure will improve continuously as it is used and adapted." Agarwal is leading the development of the open platform.

President Hockfield called this "a transformative initiative for MIT and for online learning worldwide. On our residential campus, the heart of MIT, students and faculty are already integrating on-campus and online learning, but the MITx initiative will greatly accelerate that effort. It will also bring new energy to our longstanding effort to educate millions of able learners across the United States and around the world. And in offering an open-source technological platform to other educational institutions everywhere, we hope that teachers and students the world over will together create learning opportunities that break barriers to education everywhere."

A set of Frequently Asked Questions about MITx can be found here.


"MITx is beginning of sweeping new online push" (MIT's The Tech Online - est 1881)


"M.I.T. Game-Changer: Free Online Education For All" (Forbes Magazine)


Eastern Box Turtle:

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Abelialeaf: A free, online North Korean World Univ & Sch?, Translating MIT Open Course Ware, In the manner of F/friends/Quakers? ... Yes, Sok Hon Ham

North Koreans weeping hysterically over the death of Kim Jong-il

(Found this at R.M.'s web S.N. page)


A free, online North Korean World University and School ...

in Korean,

(and other north Korean languages),

translating MIT Open Course Ware,

and as wiki,

and in the manner of F/friends/Quakers? ...

Yes, yes, yes ...

World University & School, and open, high quality education,

will / could help North Koreans a lot.


You could say his greatest accomplishment was the brainwashing and mind control he exhibited over the north Korean people.



Just found this online, from the head of the MacArthur Foundation ...

"What to Do, and Not Do, About North Korea" -


{I think Sok Hon Ham's memory, - - and his affiliation with Friends/Quakers, might help make WUaS more understandable in both South Korea and North Korea, as well as even, possibly, China}.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sandwort: Figuring out World University & School, Free degrees & wiki - Quaker-related, Music School

Scott, I went to the {World University and School} page and couldn't figure it out. Are you one of the founders? Does it have an actual location, or is it all online? What do you teach, bagpipes or also something else? Do you ever get together face to face for classes? Like do they have a Quakerism 101, or an Earlham school of religion class for a week or two on the west coast? Just curious.


Hi, Ro,

Thanks for your email, and sorry it's taken me a little time to respond, - I wanted to reply in some detail.

World University and School (WUaS) is like Wikipedia, so we all make it, by editing a page, or teaching to our web cameras, or learning from what's on a subject page already. And WUaS is planning on offering free, university courses, for credit and degrees, accrediting on MIT Open Course Ware. I'm WUaS's founder and head clerk/president.

WUaS seeks to be as exclusively online as possible, but may, around 2018, need to be on-the-ground, as well, after the first 2 years of its first medical school's class's coursework. But that's a long way off.

I've taught a course on "Society and Information Technology," on Harvard's virtual island in Second Life, for seven semesters, and for one semester on Penn State's virtual island, vis-a-vis long-time UC Berkeley Professor Manuel Castells' 'theorizing' of the Network Society in the information age. Castells' research is fascinating.

Face-to-face teaching and learning, in groups, is now possible with Google + Hangouts via group video conferencing, for free.

Here's the Quaker, wiki, subject page, as one example - - and you'll find here an online class in Quakerism 101.

But in addition to offering free degrees (Bachelors, Ph.D., Law and M.D. beginning in 2014 - and especially for interested Quaker kids), based on MIT OCW, WUaS facilitates free open teaching and learning through this wiki. And if a graduate student (or faculty member) at Earlham wanted to offer a free, online 2 week course, for example, as a way to focus their teaching, or share their current studies/research, they could do so here.

And World University & School is also engaging Quaker Business Meeting practices in its decision-making, significantly. Our next, hour-long Meeting for Business, is on January 14 at 9 am PST, probably in a Google + Hangout using group video chat. It's open. It would be great to welcome a SFFM representative in WUaS's Business Meetings. (I can share with you the two, past, WUaS's meetings' minutes, if you're interested).

I have in mind starting a Harp, wiki, subject page - - and linking it to the WUaS Music School - - using the Subject Template - - as some further examples of how WUaS works, - if you'd like to explore free, online, teaching and learning Harp resources (or whatever subjects interest you), and teach there.

I'm starting an online Music Playing / Practicing Space for an hour on Wednesday evenings at 9 pm PST, for simply practicing / playing socially (which will probably become part of the Music School) ... more about this here: - with a focus both on playing and making music-making fun. :)

WUaS is a huge vision, Friendly-related, and will not only help a lot of people, by making high-quality (MIT OCW, education, open and free, it will also facilitate people to people teaching. There's a lot more to WUaS, but I hope this helps explain a little of it.

Friendly regards,


Interesting concept. I don't think I have the time to particpate now, but maybe in the future. Ro


Appreciate your friendly engagement with WUaS. WUaS is about open teaching & learning ~ in the now, or moment, as wiki ~ so potentially anyone can go there, now, to learn or teach what they want, and in fun ways (in addition to academic MIT OCW et al. for free degrees ) and potentially in all 3,000 - 8,000 languages, and around 200 countries, with remarkable, growing resources ...

To paraphrase a Friendly saying, WUaS is about "What wouldst thou like to teach or learn today?" ...

So, thanks for your interest in figuring it out.



The beautiful sun just rose, orb-full, in Chicago, from the flying space ... 'Now when the child of morning, rosy-fingered Dawn, appeared, Telemachus rose and dressed himself.' (from Homer's 'Odyssey') ... ... will add to WUaS's Humanities - - or WUaS's Classics' wiki subject page - :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lion: Janine Benyus shares nature's designs, WUaS Design, Biological Engineering, Evolution, Media Lab, WUaS Admissions to be, CONVERSATION STARTER

Fascinating and beautiful ... "Janine Benyus shares nature's designs" ...

... will add to World University & School's

"Design," wiki subject -

"Biological Engineering,"

and possibly Biology or Evolution,

and other, wiki subjects, ... or ... ?,

... so much potential for the Media Lab at WUaS in this video, as well -

... Wow :)


10 Ways to Get Yourself on the Yoga Mat by Megan Keane ~

just added this to World University & School's wiki, yoga subject page -

good ideas!


Joi ( Joichi Ito ) is spinning great tunes as DJ of the MIT Media Lab -

will add this to the Media Lab at World University and School -

where we all can become great DJs of information technological innovation,

with an edit, for example,

in conjunction with becoming a great university ...


World University & School's admission process will engage a similar approach to the one suggested here -

... (great, S.C. !) -

where people can 'course in' ...

WUaS is planning on offering some, free, online MIT OCW High School courses

in autumn 2012, accessible here -

in Google + Hangouts, or similar, for one.


Google + Hangouts video conference from a status update,

(and therefore from an image or link) ...


where language and dialogue facilitate learning ...

will add this to the "Conference Method of Teaching and Learning" at

(and perhaps to the upcoming Dialogue wiki subject page).


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Solstice: I sing the praise of extraordinary 'Language,' not Languages, Linguistics, Philosophy of Language, Artificial Intelligence, Universal Trans

I sing the praise of extraordinary 'Language'

with this new, wiki, subject page at World University & School:

This new 'Language' page is not

A) the 'Languages' {All 3,000-8,000} page at WUaS: -

and it's also not B) the WUaS Linguistics' subject page:

(with so many MIT OCW linguistics' courses) and it's also not

C) WUaS's 'Philosophy of Language,' wiki, subject page -

This new subject page is also neither

D) about {WUaS's} 'Artificial Intelligence' page - - or

E) Computer Science languages -


F) Programming languages -

nor the

F) wiki, WUaS Universal Translator:

While it may inform, and articulate with, many of these other WUaS language-subjects,

it's actually for wiki-conversation about the 'extraordinary' in language,

about what might make it harmonizing and so wondrous and so beautiful,

as well as what makes it unique and exceptional,

and how this might be

... and so that we can converse about this.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bahamas Sponge & Corals: Listen to Ms. Appadurai, WUaS Climate Change, World Uni & Sch as Engineering Powerhouse, Romantic Dance, WUaS Google + page

Listen to Ms. Appadurai, and youths' voices, on Global Warming at the Durban talks - - will add to World Univ & Sch' Ocean and Climate Change Management Plan ... ... a wiki subject page which you can edit, teach to, and converse with ...


In what ways will online World University & School become an engineering powerhouse, ( and just as Cornell and Stanford are ramping up as engineering powerhouses, (and even as Stanford has backed out of expanding to NYC) - ... building on the online advantages of reaching a non-place based student body is a fascinating opportunity.


Great ... YouTube for Schools - - will add probably to World University & School's Courses' wiki, subject page - ... or, in each subject (, eventually ?


To 'Media Lab at World University & School' - - I added Markoff's "Speed of Light Lingers in Face of New Camera" ( This is your Media Lab to create in, and as it grows, WUaS hopes it will come fully in conversation with MIT's, as well as create learning opportunities for numerous WUaS graduate & undergraduate students ... as a play, innovate and create digital space.


Pretty shrewd compassion ... "tax me, tax me, tax me" these good millionaires say ...


World University & School will seek to generate numerous doctors, lawyers and teachers as we develop, and begin to offer free degrees. WUaS doctor, lawyer and teacher server computer code is what WUaS will run ... potentially coming into conversation with MIT OCW, Stanford, Princeton, Harvard and Yale, Cambridge and other great universities, in the process, such as these:


Romantic, extraordinary dance, very beautiful and impressive ... ... "Most romantic I ever seen" ... will add to WUaS's Dance, wiki subject ... and perhaps others, as well ..


World University & School is free, open education, like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware (with free degrees planned) ... and WUaS has a new G + 'company' page ... ... The wiki, WUaS idea is to generate an open teaching and learning conversation, so WUaS posts in multiple places, with an invitation to you to teach something you love to, for example, and post it at WUaS at Subjects - or elsewhere at WUaS. WUaS welcomes your feedback, and your dialogue.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Relaxed Bonobos: Have long found primatologists' Jane Goodall et al., fascinating, 1960s, Living like the apes they were studying, Bonobos

I've long found primatologists'

Jane Goodall, Leakey, Frans de Waal, Wrangham, et al.,


because many of them began their careers in the 1960s trying,

in part,

to live like the apes they were studying.

They focused on becoming apes,

and I think Jane tried to raise her son as a chimp,

for a time,

to learn about them.

Partly a 1960's thing,

they were, and have been, also engaged in serious research,

and science,

(and conservation), ever since.

The Primatology, wiki, subject page at World University and School -

is one web site where YOU can teach & learn about this.

... just added a new, open-course-ware, primatology course here from

the University of Notre Dame:

... and just added a reference about the National Institutes of Health restricting use of chimps in research -

... but check out the videos.

I find Bonobos particularly fascinating.

(WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware).

World Univ & Sch also has a Bonobos chimpanzee, wiki subject here - -

with fascinating, growing, wiki resources.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Dewy Web: 12/7 - What's Wrong with SOPA? ... which could limit the Internet a lot, Nearly 400 web internet domain names have been seized thus far

"12/7 - What's Wrong with SOPA?" online video conversation on December 7, 2011, and which is accessible here - ... Stanford Law - Center for Internet and Society ... check it out ... SOPA could limit the internet a lot ...

... am adding to the Law School at World University and School -

(I think this conversation may become archived and become freely accessible, which it has been ...)


Is a SOPA compromise is emerging? .... ... due to 'What's Wrong with SOPA' ...


In planning for 50-100 online, interactive, free, accredited law schools in 50-100 countries/nation states, WUaS wants, too, to help facilitate the development of international, internet law, especially Creative Commons' law ... ... and ... and much more (e.g. Maritime Law?) ... I hope these will be big law schools employing a big faculty, hired significantly from Stanford, Harvard and Yale, and these other great universities ...


Nearly 400 web internet domain names have been seized thus far by the U.S. so far, mostly Counterfeiting-related by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations group and the FBI's Washington field office. Read more:, which is a little scary for free speech, but is also a somewhat small number - ...

will add to and perhaps the WU law school.


SOPA is a little scary for 1st amendment reasons ...

(will look to add here ...

* * *

Here's a related NYT's article by Colleen Chien and Stanford University Law Professor Mark Lemley:

Patents, Smartphones and the Public Interest (December 13, 2011)

And here's a further related ...

"The ITC exclusion order against HTC delays implementation for four months to allow a design-around" ...


Here's a White House petition to 'VETO the SOPA bill and any other future bills that threaten to diminish the free flow of information' ...!/petition/veto-sopa-bill-and-any-other-future-bills-threaten-diminish-free-flow-information/g3W1BscR


SOPA and our 2010 Circumvention Study, by Harvard Law Professor John Palfrey -


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chimp and Jane: Primatologist Jane Goodall, 77, on chimps & humans' aging, Healing Dance, Media Lab, Flocking birds form wondrous shape shifting forms

also added this to WUaS's Longevity wiki subject page -


added Healing Dance: Arabesque - -

to WUaS's Watsu wiki page -

... (much of this originating at Harbin ... ) :)


Great piece about innovation in the NYTs by Joi Ito, new head of the MIT Media Lab


... will add to WUaS "Innovation" - - and "Media Lab at WUaS" subjects

... ... I'm glad he's heading the Media Lab to keep generating creative approaches ...


A recent overview of the Digital Public Library of America by John Palfrey - -

which will articulate richly with WUaS's Library Resources - -

potentially in ALL 3,000-8,000 languages ... (will contact DPLA about this).


great ... will add this Stanford news - -

to World Univ & Sch's Battery Technologies' wiki, subject page - ... with an invitation to add further resources.


nice Brahms, and a glimpse into Paris life in the early '50s ...


added The Power Pipes - PM George Allan - - Bagpiping and Rock & Roll in a kind of pick up band ... added here - :)


Flocking birds form wondrous shape shifting forms ...

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

... art? nature? fluidity in motion? :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Music Button in a Google Hangout for group video, (packet switching for synchronization, given bandwidth?)!!!

The Music Button in a Google Hangout for group video

(packet switching for synchronization, given bandwidth?)!!!

... may start a Google Hangout for Singing Harmony -

thought I saw that Google + has a video music button :)

... We may be able to turn on some voices, and turn off others,

add or sing with this youtube video, that score, invite that music director or singer ...

Just found a few online pianos for getting pitches and singing thirds, for ex. -

they're not Steinways yet,

but a decent beginning ...


Here's an example of


... not finding the music button right now at Google when I search for it in a G + Hangout ... may have misread "Mute" button ... or?

... and hope to see real time music-making information technologies without lag


The Music button, the music button!

It's a good focus for a metaphor in life ... :)

... and to realize this online, and flourishingly, is a wild idea

Friday, December 16, 2011

Whale song: WUaS universal translator and INTERACTIVE IMAGES & OPERA, Virtual Harbin to develop research approaches for these questions?

Very nice photo ... looks fun ... would be difficult to translate in any universal translator (Thanks, P. Norvig)

Some of the challenges & opportunities ahead with a WUaS universal translator include IMAGES and OPERA, INTERACTIVELY, and other culturally and symbolically rich, polysemic song and dance.


World University & School plans to be in ALL 3,000-8,000 languages, and develop an universal translator (with a focus on artificial intelligence) ... ... and

In planning for developing an universal translator, building on Google Translate and Sugar Labs' Translator and using Artificial Intelligence programming, in voice, text, video, etc., how to bring together, for example, Scots' language, as a specific example of a language/dialect, with Scottish Gaelic (and Hindi and Bengali and the other 20 official languages in India, etc.), is a fascinating question? (

In what ways can upcoming virtual Harbin (in ScienceSim, or in OpenSim?) be designed to help develop translation of both IMAGES and OPERA, INTERACTIVELY, for WUaS's universal translator (in 3,000-8,000 languages)? (Google Translate is in 58 languages, for example).

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Grenada dove: Conversation, empathy and sympathy & demands from the '60s, NYT's 1960's writer, Tom Wicker, dies, WUaS as bigger employer than Military

Conversation, empathy and sympathy come to protest demands from the '60s ... :) (


New York Times' writer, Tom Wicker, dies ... he covered the 1960s, student movements, civil rights, and the fall of U.S. presidents, in remarkable ways ... was moved by his 1975 book "A Time to Die" about the prison uprising in Attica, NY ... "Speaking at a 1971 “teach-in” at Harvard, he urged students to “engage in civil disobedience” in protesting the war in Vietnam. “We got one president out,” he told the cheering crowd, “and perhaps we can do it again.” " (


A Bit of Fry and Laurie...Tricky Linguistics ...

... will add to WUaS's Linguistics' subject


World University & School (like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware), -

in collaboration with the Peace Movement,


would like to explore becoming a bigger employer than the US Military ...

Egret: Music playing / practicing online space, Google + Hangout with group video conferencing, What can make playing / practicing very, very fun?

Had a nice, first "Music playing / practicing online space" with R, where we each just play for an hour developing our own music, in a Google + Hangout with group video conferencing. It's Wednesdays from 9-10 pm PST, and you're welcome to participate in this free video conference, on piano, recorder, voice, or whatever, but it would be pretty late beginning at midnight, EST. :) G+ group video conferencing also worked well, and much better than Skype timing-wise, with less lag.

The idea of this playing / practicing space is not only to make practicing social (we mute each other, but can see each other, but did play together at the end), but also, for me, to think through how to make playing and learning music more enjoyable, and potentially in a kind of conversation with R, or the people who hang out. What works pragmatically? What can make playing / practicing very, very fun? We text chatted a little in silence throughout. Up to 10 people, presently, can be in a G+ hangout.

I'll add further ideas about making this fun and fruitful here at World University & School's Practicing / Playing a Musical Instrument subject page:, and, of course, other people can, too, because WUaS is wiki.

I'm initiating this partly to further my own daily hour long practice, and to make it fun, via sociality, and may set up such hour long "Music playing / practicing online spaces" at different times every day of the week soon (so you could potentially practice, as well, if you might like to). R and I will probably practice again next Wednesday. Come hang out, and play.

This will dovetail with the World University Music School -

If you're interested in playing, add me in Google +, Scott MacLeod - - - and let me know.


Online Music Playing Space … example


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Seed head: In building and developing virtual Harbin Hot Springs as ethnographic field site, Relaxation Response

In building and developing virtual Harbin Hot Springs as ethnographic field site, I'm planning to include Tablets in the design plans, (but probably not handhelds) ... ... so that we can all visit Harbin online, interactively, soak in the pools, head to dances, watch a film, and potentially from our bath tubs (facilitating the relaxation response - :)

WUaS would like to make possible, teaching & learning-wise, designing and engineering, but digitally, beginning here -, for one:) (I hope WUaS can make the virtual oceans and the land to engineer on, with avatars, building on Google Earth in OpenSim for Tablets, too, for example).


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ladybug Dew: Nice acoustic version of "Whiskey In The Jar" by Grateful Dead, GD 1968 Film, House of Rising Sun on Peripherals, Virtuoso David Garrett

Nice acoustic version of "Whiskey In The Jar" ...

... Grateful Dead


When I was a roadie for the Lemon Pipers, we opened for the Grateful Dead in Cincinnati. The folks putting on the show asked if we wanted to meet them. At that time, I didn't know who they were as individuals. When we walked into their dressing room, one of them (Lesh or Weir) was playing a tuba. Our base player asked if it was "for fun or for real". The answer was what you would expected from the "Dead" ..." what is the difference?"


The Grateful Dead soar here ...


Jamming is wild ...

this is great. Here's the Musical Jamming wiki subject at WUaS ...

... with an invitation to jam, in a G + group video hangout, for example, and link the online, interactive jam above ...

(Check out the WUaS Grateful Dead wiki subject, as well ...


Jamming with friends -

and playing in the Music School -

Yes ... and we all can create them together the way we want ... :)


kinda great and wild ... I wanna play the oscilloscope somewhere between focus and intensity ... :) ... nice tune, too ...

House of the Rising Sun played on Computer Hardware and Peripherals


Grateful Dead Film by Robert Nelson (1968) ...

... hmmm ... very interesting :)


The Day Jerry Garcia Died Pt.2/4 ...

... As Jerry says here

... Dead concerts are fun ... it's really big fun, and real little fun, too ..." :)

... will add to at World Univ & Sch ... :)


Very nice ... David Garrett&Julien Quentin Paganini-Carnevale di Venezia Live in Bochum am 09.05.2010 ... ... No Paganini wiki subject page at World Univ & Sch, yet, but will add this to the WUaS Violin page ... ... what an amazing world of virtuosic violin music to explore :) (

Monday, December 12, 2011

Elaphurus davidianus: Growing American military targeting of China?, WUaS in Chinese for Peace? The Spanish Revolution & the Internet

What do you think about the possible growing American military targeting of China?

In what ways might providing a free, online Chinese World University and School university

with free, online, accredited Law and Medical schools, in Chinese, help in tiny ways to re-focus these tensions toward peace?

See Khan Academy China, for example ...

Jo Pa:

According to Wired, the US Military ran a military wargame involving economics and china came out the winner. With the US position in the world deteriorating in terms of financial clout, this isn't surprising at this point in the ballgame.


Can we make a Quaker peace video game for complementary analyses, with similar rigorous and precise parameters vis-a-vis programming, and generate a variety of different analyses? History, socioculture (anthropology) and economics - all social sciences - are unfoldingly difficult to quantify and make precise, especially for the purposes of programming and game building ...


Salman Khan (founder of Khan Academy), Stanford Professor Sebastian Thrun, and Peter Norvig, Director of Google Research, recently participated in a live Google+ Hangout on Air - on Friday, December 9th at 1pm PST, - on the topic of "Reinventing Education". 10 people at a time could join the hangout, and others could watch but not join. Everyone can vote on questions at See you there!

Thanks to Salman, Sebastian and Peter for this Google + Hangout opportunity! I hope World University & School - like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course (planned for all 3,000-8,000 languages and 200 countries, and with free degrees planned in 50-100 countries) - can become part of this conversation ... ... and looking forward to participating in it, and you're invited, as well.

I added their talk - - to WUaS's Artificial Intelligence wiki subject - ...


I was wondering if Salman Khan is related to Jansher Khan who won eight world open championships in squash. The family is world famous. They practiced originally with brooms and cloth balls after sweeping the courts for the Brits back in the day. But the name could be common.


I think there are a lot of Khans ... I'll ask if I get the opportunity ...


The Spanish Revolution & the Internet: From free culture to meta-politics ... Harvard online talk, from November, 22 2011 - ...


Here are the very beginnings of the Spanish WUaS -

which you are invited to develop, as wiki.