Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nautilus: A beauty of the Psychiatry subject at WUaS, Medical School, WUaS Counseling, Language, Longevity

A beauty of the Psychiatry subject - - 

(was - )

at the WUaS Medical School (with its first matriculating class in around 2024?) - -

(was - )
as this develops,

is that it will privilege talk therapy over pharmaceuticals,

simply because prescriptions in the online WUaS Medical School will be more complicated / less easy,

than in a place-based Medical School ...

Ideas invited for WUaS's Counseling, wiki page - -

(which right now has only a Re-evaluation Counseling - RC - link) ...

as well as for the upcoming Academic Advising page ...

(I'm very glad we're inheritors of a medical practice of psychiatry, and attempting to bring reason to questions of mental illness and to healthy minds / bodyminds, although there's much possible development in the field ahead. I'm also glad how people will have more and more access to online, interactive, face-to-face counseling in video like Skype, thanks to the internet).

Language is potentially remarkable -
see, too - (planned in 7,117 living languages) ...
(was )

for people helping people ... :)


Longevity and evidence? ...

Calorie restriction from Wikipedia,

per Cornell research across species beginning in the 1930s ... ...

More resources here at World University & School -
(was ...) 


Lisa Walford, Roy's daughter, is a long time CR person and yoga teacher. Her book, The Longevity Diet, is worth a look.


Thanks ... saw the Calorie Restriction page in FB on your page ... will have a look!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Leaf on water: New 'Singing for Kids / Children,' wiki, page, Boats in "Wind in the Willows"?, Simply messing, Few boats in the Harbin warm pool

New 'Singing for Kids / Children,' wiki, page at WUaS ...

for singing now, and for open teaching and learning resources,

and potentially in real time with a G+ Hangout for example ... ...


What's Kenneth Grahame say in "Wind in the Willows"? ...

"`Believe me, my young friend, there is NOTHING--absolute nothing--half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Simply messing,' he went on dreamily: `messing--about--in--boats; messing----' "

... and going on beach picnics

... time to get out on the water again, soon :)

... will look to add this "Wind in the Willows'" quote to WUaS's 'Happiness' -

and/or "Beings' Enjoying Life" -

wiki, subject pages ... :)

~~~ there are few boats in the Harbin warm pool ... (


Children's Literature and Wisdom

... enjoying revisiting Dr. Seuss,

read aloud by kids,

as well as reading his books aloud ...

he's so imaginative :) ...

Some of his books are here at Children's Literature and Wisdom, wiki subject at WUaS - -

where Seuss's resources will grow, as well ...


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Elephants: A Quaker Friend asks abt 'Going Solar," Have you seen this Solar Parity Grid interactive map?, Cars that run off water?, New Swahili page

A Quaker Friend, in Baltimore, MD, I think, asks:

"Anybody have experience "going solar" with your home or small business?

My {Quaker} organization is looking into doing it!" ...

I'd like to add an overview of such a process with pragmatic details -

as a kind of teaching and learning resource -

to WUaS's Solar Engineering -

Building Green Houses and Dwellings -

wiki subjects... Suggestions? RG & MK ... Thank you!

Solar thermal for water heating systems (which is 'there,' efficient, pays for itself quickly in California, and which was added to my house about a year ago), or Solar PV, RG? (For an estimate, @MK is very knowledgable, experienced with the Solar business, and great).


just found this -

Home Testing For Solar Roof Coverage? -

which I'll look to add to some WUaS's Solar pages


MIT Solar Towers Beat Solar Panels By Up To 20x


Have you seen this Solar Parity Grid interactive map?

will add to World Univ & Sch's Solar Energy wiki subject ...

Happy New Year!


"Japanese to mass produce cars that run off water!" -

added to World University and School's wiki 'Electric and Hybrid Vehicles' subject page -

seems like this 'WATER CAR' could be a significant part of a plan for reversing Global Warming

This is fascinating ... is it for real?


Swahili page made (in English) at World University and School, in conversation with Pastor Obidiah ... (the new, WUaS Blog) ... where you can openly, freely teach and learn Swahili, - - and much more (WUaS Kiswahili in Kiswahili to come, and expandable) ... with MIT OCW as a core, with an invitation to teach, learn and create ... Pastor Obadiah Nguku Kimanzi ... Thank you, Nguku!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Apis mellifera: This music by JS Bach kind of draws me in like the Harbin warm pool, Gould playing Bach & the Art of fugue, Fugues and Pipe Music

This music by JS Bach kind of draws me in like the Harbin warm pool ... :) ... you?

there's a ton of 'peaking' in listening to, as well as playing, Bach ... :)


So much fluidity, and 'vision' in this music ... and very beautiful, too ...

ah, Glenn Gould playing Bach and the Art of fugue(Contrapunctus XIV) ...

... time to play more music, and learn beauty ...

(Fugues and bagpipe music ... hmm ... will look into this, first with a quick Google :)

Here's something about Fugues and Pipe Music ...

WUaS Bagpipe Tutorials - ...


Sarah had a college assignment to write a two-part fugue and COULD NOT DO IT. Nor could most of the students. Which makes Bach all the more amazing.


Reading the opening to Hofstadter's "Goedel, Escher Bach" might be one way I start to explore this, - sounds interesting - for piping, especially ... :)


Bach - The Art of Fugue, BWV 1080 [complete on Organ] ... ...

what an abundance of delights on the web ...

Herbert Tachezi, organ ... fugues go around and around :) . :))


Youth Orchestra of Bahia and Lang Lang - Tico-Tico no Fubá ... ...

this orchestra starts making music dancing ...

inspiring ...

added to new "Symphony Orchestra at World University and School" wiki subject page ... ...

hope to be able to make music like this home-to-home with something like interactive Google TV or in a G + Hangout ... :)


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hummingbirds: Bond? ... Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme, Ethnography of Robots, A record player which plays trees

Ethnography of Robots: Stuart Geiger on culture, technology, and Latour ...

... will look to add to WUaS's Robotics -

and Ethnography -

pages ... :)


Bond? ... Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme -

will add to WUaS's Robotics' page

... James Bond 007 :)


A record player which plays trees ... hmmm ... very cool (thanks Buffy Bye!!!) ...

beautiful music, too ... will look to add to the Innovation wiki subject -

at WUaS.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Old growth forest and creek: Encyclopedia Britannica looks like it will no longer print on paper, A Full Evening of Poker and Lock-Picking with Nesson

Encyclopedia Britannica looks like it will no longer print on paper, after 244 years -

seems momentous, but not propitious ...

will look to add to WUaS's references in Library Resources -

This also seems like it might bode well for WUaS as a budding,

virtual University, like Wikipedia with MIT OCW.


Check out this infographic on the benefits of Wikipedia-learning


A Full Evening of Poker and Lock-Picking? Yay, Charlie Nesson! :)

... will probably add this to WUaS's Poker subject -


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Haystack Rock: MIT's Institutional Decision to do OpenCourseWare with 9 important, historical videos, MIT then-President Charles Vest, Gates, Founders

MIT's Institutional Decision to do OpenCourseWare ... (2011 - hour-long panel) ...

accessible here -

MIT OpenCourseWare video retrospective - -

with 9 important, historical videos,

including of MIT then-President Charles Vest, Bill Gates and many important OCW founders and funders.

Steve Carson is the moderator and first speaker ...

(I've added this page to the MIT, wiki, subject page - -

as well as here at Open Access Resources -

at World University and School, which is like Wikipedia with MIT OpenCourseWare,

and which has a huge vision of schools in all languages and countries, many accredited on MIT OCW).



Hermissenda crassicornis: WUaS as an expression of Gandhi's sensible observations? Clear visioned about the joys of eliciting bliss when sick

I hope World University and School -

can be an expression of Gandhi's sensible observations here ...

Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct or for being years ahead of your time. If you're right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind, even if you are a minority of one. The truth is still the truth.


... curious to stay clear visioned about the joys of eliciting bliss, - see WUaS -

like a cello bow stroke, whenever, and eliciting Loving Bliss Neurophysiology,

-even when a little flu-ey, achey and sick. ...

Turning on music and resting ... :)

... curious about this more generally, as well

... hanging out with kids today :)



Saturday, March 24, 2012

Red pandas: World University & School draws pragmatic inspiration from the Peace Corps' great success, All Languages and Nation States

World University & School draws pragmatic inspiration from the Peace Corps' great success,

and their service orientation which began in the early '60s ...

for making open, free, wiki teaching and learning resources available in all 3000-8000 languages (with MIT OCW) ... see


Nation States:

for the languages & countries you might enjoy helping with.


I have a fair number of friends for whom Peace Corp was one of the best experiences of their lives,

and WUaS would like to generate similar helping opportunities.

Here's what a friend says about PC ...

"Peace Corps changed my life in so many ways, all positive. From language to marriage to exposure to a new rich culture, I grew as a person and a member of a community. Thank you to the American taxpayer for paying for and supporting this program and thank you to all former and current volunteers for their work. Happy Peace Corps Day!" .. and here's a Peace Corps video -

... Pragmatic (and institutional) inspiration for WUaS :)


Friday, March 23, 2012

Saddle-Billed Stork: Sal Khan and Anthropology? Ethnography? How can we all be Sal Khans?, Ethnomusicology and Primatology at WUaS?

Sal Khan and Anthropology? Ethnography? ...

Sal is generating so much great teaching to the web in so many great subjects -

and how can we all be Sal Khans,

illuminating specific courses at MIT OCW, for example,

as he did explaining math to his niece? ...

You can here at WUaS ...

with an invitation to teach ...

to teach to the web,

and to sit 'next' to the people you're teaching,


(as Sal Khan observes in this CBS 60 Minutes' piece,

where he also talks about 'flipping the classroom').

Thanks Bill Gates Foundation and Google for funding Khan Academy;

(and Google's Eric Schmidt's comments at 12 minutes in this CBS News' piece are also apropos).

... and they're measuring the effects :)

You'll find Sal Khan's website ( here:

WUaS Course Listings' Aggregates:


WUaS plans,

in exchange for free degrees,

to study how students learn,


with the benefit of students from such studies in mind.


In a similar vein, MIT Open Course Ware doesn't have courses

in Ethnomusicology

or Primatology (Sarah Blaffer Hrdy suggests 376 species of higher primates)

wiki subjects,

and you could teach these subjects,

and which WUaS may eventually develop departments for.


The Subjects' page is open and wiki,

which will allow for the development of numerous further subjects,

and teaching and learning resources.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kurdish wheatear: In conjunction with the AFSC, in what ways could WUaS begin with Syria & Arabic as first ME wiki pages, Kurdish & Kurdistani wikis

In conjunction with the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC),

in what ways would it be possible, for WUaS,

to begin with Syria as a first nation state


and Arabic as a first language


to both develop WUaS,

as well as potentially bring peace through education to Syria?

(WUaS Peace and Social Justice Studies -

based on MIT OCW ...

and as wiki


Hi FB,

Nice to talk yesterday.

Here are two, new, Kurdish, wiki pages at World University & School,

for free, open teaching and learning resources,

and where people can teach to each other, in real time, even.

More pages can be added, possibly paralleling WUaS in English,

and let's talk about starting these two pages, and more, in Kurdish, as well.

Please Invite friends to teach, learn and add and let's talk further about how to make it more engaging.

Wikis are editable in the moment, and this is possibly a good way to focus a dissertation, perhaps.

These pages are accessible on WUaS's Languages and Nation States' pages.



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Toucan: New "Academic Press at World Univ and Sch," New "Symphony Orchestra at WUaS," wiki, subject pages, The benefits of bilingualism, Accrediting

Two new, WUaS subjects:

A) New "Academic Press at World University and School" - -

for academic book publishing, for sale ( many, many languages eventually).

B) New "Symphony Orchestra at World University and School" wiki subject page ... ...

hope to be able to make music like this home-to-home

with something like interactive Google TV or in a G + Hangout ...

So, this page is the beginning of World University & School's own,

online symphony orchestra :)


"The benefits of bilingualism" ...

WUaS plans to offer free instruction,

like the Goethe Institute's free German instruction

and 6-days-a-week, conversation classes in Second Life,

and similar language get-togethers in ALL 3000-8000 languages

(in G+ Hangouts for video chat, or ... ) ... -

and also as a virtual base for each language as school (for African languages, et al.)

... lots of benefits from all this bilingualism in terms of sociocultural understanding

as well as for the brain/bodymind, biologically.

... will look to add to this NYT's article

to the related WUaS 'Language' subject

(distinct from WUaS 'Languages') -

which is about the salutary benefits of language ...


World University & School is planning to accredit in California. It's a 3 stage process. The first, matriculating, Bachelor's degree class begins in 2014. Ph.D., Law and MD degrees to follow, in English, first. This is probably the page to keep an eye on presently ...


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Korean pine: Jobs, jobs, jobs are what World Univ and Sch is about, WUaS will Inform Textbook Translations, MIT Media Lab "Hire Them"

Jobs, jobs, jobs are what World University and School is about ...

WUaS wants to create numerous, great, academic jobs, in all 3000-8000 languages - -

and hire Ph.D.s in all disciplines, in all languages - -

as well as everyone else who help to make a great university function ...

WUaS needs your help with funding these free degrees, accrediting in as many countries -
- as possible.


Press Release for World University and School


WUaS may eventually inform what text books to translate into other (some of 3000-8000) languages ...

With economics,

for example,

into Korean,

WUaS may suggest Harvard Professor Greg Mankiw's textbooks ... ...

Also see the article on this page -

"Grading Econ Textbooks on Climate Change" -

- grading current Economics' textbooks,

and, in terms of textbooks,

that's just one WUaS academic subject ... :)

with an invitation to teach, learn and think now at WUaS ...


Here's the MIT Media Lab's 25th anniversary in 2010 with John Hockenberry -

where Google's Eric Schmidt says about MIT Media Lab graduates ...

"hire them" ...

World Univ & Sch would like to be able to say the same in its Media Labs -

potentially in many of 3000-8000 languages ...

(Google now employs around 30,000 people - per Google's MM at the CHM recently).


Highland cattle: If you stop eating meat, or eat considerably less meat, you will live a longer, healthier life, 2 big, Harvard studies

If you stop eating meat, or eat considerably less meat, you will live a longer, healthier life with less risk of cancer and heart disease. Two Harvard Medical School studies followed 120,000 people for a few decades, checking in every 4 years on individuals' diets.

Dr. Greger of Cornell University ( summarizes their findings here. .... will add to WUaS's Food and Nutritution wiki subject ... ... (Thanks, MK)

yay for veganism

MacLeod Pacific Region:

Do have to be careful about protein intake, but it can be done. My daughter is doing it, does make it a bit of a challenge in the mixed eating household!


Thanks ... I was a vegetarian from ages 16-26, eating few eggs (Laurel's Kitchen Vegetarian cookbook with nutrition tables came out around 1976), too, and am basically a vegetarian now (for about 8 years) but eating eggs daily (great protein) ... with a history of heart disease on my father's side of the family, too, ... getting blood work done for risk factors whatever one's diet makes eminent sense ... good on your daughter :) It's so easy these days to be a vegetarian and get good nutrition, especially in California ... we have so much more knowledge than even 40 years ago ... yea for such Harvard longitudinal studies. :)

Heart disease is still the biggest cause of death, I think, in the whole developed world, compared with all other diseases ... yummy fats, is a key hypothesis :)

I take a multi-vitamin for B12s and iron, as well ... I'm also a vegetarian partly due to the principle of nonharming

(MacLeod Pacific Region, I also like Henderson's Vegetarian Restaurant in Edinburgh at 94 Hanover Street, off of Prince's Street, as well as all those little natural foods stores there ... ... Have you or M eaten there? :)


Scotland / Alba ‎'Highland Cattle', The McManus, Dundee, 18 March 2012.

may add to


Free, online, video talk from Scotland tomorrow: The ‘sturdy mountaineer’ in 19th Century Norwegian and Scottish history and literature ... ... great sharing of ideas between academics via the Internet ...
Please email contact ahead of time, if you want to participate ... ...