Friday, September 30, 2011

Cape Floral Region, South Africa: World Univ & Sch internships, The Trustees of Princeton Univ., Faculty can Waive Copyright Limitations, OCW next?

The Trustees of Princeton's decision

("Princeton goes open access to stop staff handing all copyright to journals – unless waiver granted":

to allow their faculty to waive copyright limitations of academic journals may set a precedent

(legally, too)

for opening individual faculty classroom's at great universities for web cameras,

and getting great students from around the world,

hopefully, here, too at - -

World Univ & Sch. :)


Added the above article to World Univ & Sch's wiki, 'Open Access Resources,' subject page - . See, too, the related 'Open Access Funding,' wiki page - at WUaS.


As monies come in, World University and School, like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware - with plans to offer free online (Reed College-informed 'Conference Method' - - and in virtual worlds) degrees (Bachelors, Ph.D., Law and Medicine) beginning in 2014 - hopes to offer internships at this free, online (in virtual worlds) university and school, in most academic disciplines ( WUaS is wiki, and invites your edits, or web camera teachings now, by clicking edit this page.


Perhaps online, free World Univ & Sch, like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware - - seeking eventually to attract students who might otherwise go to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford and Reed + , for free degrees (Bachelors, Ph.D., Law and Medicine) in virtual worlds, - will be on lists of the 10 most INTELLECTUAL colleges. :)

( - September 30, 2011)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa: New "Solar Trailer Designing" wiki subject at WUaS, Powering the engine in the cab in front?, Solar Vehicles

This may lead to remarkable power generators ...

New "Solar Trailer Designing" wiki subject -

World Univ & Sch would like to start developing an 18 wheeler truck trailer

that will power the engine in the cab in front,

probably hybrid to start, then electric),

(in an Oregon winter)

- see also the related "Solar Vehicle" subject page: ...

(this is the idea:

but this is a portable, renewable-energy, stationary power generator,

and not what I have in mind).

Here's the new, open, wiki subject about this at WUaS, again ...

Solar Trailer Design:

( - September 29, 2011)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

East Rennell, Solomon Islands: Further explore how to Play Landscapes in Bodyminds like Notes, A key to feeling really good, and great bodymind health

If we might begin to explore further how to play landscapes

(like the Harbin Hot Springs' pool area)

in our bodyminds as we might play musical scores on an instrument,

how would this work,

in great detail, sophistication, - and musically

(so that we might rock out regularly and naturally, ~ trippily, even)?

Here are some, beginning, specific approaches - :)

{especially "Guidelines for Practicing Loving Bliss vis-à-vis
Practicing a Musical Instrument
" -}


A key to feeling really good,

and great bodymind health,

is an hour of movement/exercise a day.

How to make this as enjoyable as getting in the Harbin warm pool,

and potentially with more variety?

(Beings' Enjoying Life ...

- here, too: - ...

is this the correct subject for this question?)

( - September 28, 2011)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Škocjan Caves, Slovenia: Similar to Fairchild Semiconductor in the 1950s, WUaS Spinoffs, Conference Method on Handhelds?, 'Ecology' of wrongdoing?

In a way similar to Fairchild Semiconductor in the 1950s, in Silicon Valley,

which spun off something like an extraordinary 140 companies,

and like MIT and Stanford, especially,

with all the companies that have emerged from them,

World Univ & Sch would like to anticipate, and plan for,

companies eventually spinning off from a Subject, etc., - -

(which academic ones may become departments).

(Here's a Silicon Valley Timeline -

MB: having fun looking at the timeline of Silicone Valley... i like this one: 1999: Google has 8 employees


If all of MIT OCW moves to video lectures with time,

accessible on handheld video computers,

how will the World Univ & Sch's online, interactive

'Conference Method for Teaching & Learning' (vis-a-vis Reed College's) -

see wiki subject here:

( - work?


Scott: Is there a (metaphorical) 'ecology' of consequences for perpetrators of 'wrongdoing,'

in the context of evolutionary history,

for we human primates?

I may add this question to World Univ & Sch's Peace & Social Justice Studies' - -

wiki, subject page.

What can we learn about this, academically,

especially from the other human primate species closest to us

(e.g. 2 species of chimps, 3 species of gorillas, and 2 species of orangutans, etc.)

... especially in terms of universals, vis-a-vis, for example, nonharming ...

given that some of the other 3-100 million species harm ...

(Language, law and cultural relativism, to name just a few issues, convolute this issue a lot).

RJ: I don't know if this would address your question, but you might be interested in The Origins of Virtue by Matt Ridley.

Scott: Thanks, - haven't read it yet, and it might ... :)

JDM: Scott, I thank you once again for pointing me in a good direction.

( - September 27, 2011)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and the Ancient Beech Forests of Germany, Slovakia: WUaS Energy Subjects Coming Together, Plant a seed at WU

A developing "Nuclear Science & Engineering wiki" subject,

with MIT OpenCourseWare as its basis, at World Univ & Sch - -

will eventually articulate with

Ocean and Climate Management Plan and

Solar Energy wiki, subject pages,

some of which will become academic departments over time.

Solar Energy -

with an upcoming Solar Engineering subject,

NEW! - - NEW!

and Ocean and Climate Management Plan - ...

with an invitation to add teaching and learning resources ...

I'd love for World Univ & Sch to start developing an 18 wheel truck trailer that will power the engine in the cab in front - ...

(this is the idea:

but this is a portable, renewable power supply, and not what I have in mind) -

may start an open, wiki subject about this at WUaS ...


... while standing in long line for a coffee just now, I saw in front of me a father with 2 sons, maybe 13 & 8 yrs old, both of whom had long ponytails. The father and eldest son were wearing boy scout uniforms and the father was the scoutmaster. (... all kinds of open, wiki, SKILLS' teaching & learning opportunities at WUaS and other WUaS places - haven't seen any boy scouts teaching openly to their web cameras online yet, but will look, to add).


Why isn't the main stream media reporting that Wall Street is occupied? :)


Plant a seed in the f/Friendly garden of World Univ & Sch -
/ -

by adding a favorite film, an idea, teaching to your web cam ...

or creating something anew teaching & learning-wise here on the web.

( - September 26, 2011)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Caves of Aggtelek Karst, Slovakia: A LOT of Advantages in having 50-100 WUaS, online Medical Schools, Law Schools, Clinical Trials, Net Neutrality

There are a LOT of potential advantages in having

50-100 WUaS, online medical schools and hospitals

(as well as law schools

in 50-100 countries,

to the degree that this contributes beneficially to society,

under one umbrella - -

which WUaS is planning for.

Check out the hospital in SL above.


International, online clinicial trials for drug testing, is one example ...


added new Network Neutrality wiki subject to World Univ & Sch - -

which you can also access at the Law School -

with an invitation to add related wiki teaching and learning resources.

( - September 27, 2011)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vallée de Mai, Seychelles: "The Green Beautiful," French hippies on Parisian modernity, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Jefferson Airplane, WUaS Symphony?

added this film, "La belle Verte" (1996) - -

to World University & School's "New Age 'Explorations'" wiki subject: ...

It's a little bit 'French Rainbow Gathering,'

or "Avatar,"

or a little Harbin,

ou L'Arche (Lanza del Vasto - Community of the Ark),

and a kind of French hippie commentary on Parisian modernity :) ...


Nice ...

Carolina Chocolate Drops performing "Hit' Em Up Style" ... ... :)


What a trip ...

Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit- ...

If you go chasing rabbits ...

Hmmm :) ...

Jefferson Airplane played in the Canyon, California, school yard, near Berkeley, in the late '60s :)


... heard a live, symphony orchestra last night ... very nice.

Like Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir,

World Univ & Sch would like to cultivate -

freely -

much, online, real time, classical music in the WU Music School -

- moving beyond lag ... (more, different bandwidth needed),

with an online, WUaS orchestra,

and learning opportunities.

( - September 24, 2011)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles: With an UNESCO World Heritage Site approach to starting NEW, free, interactive online universities, I.T. structure, as wik

With an UNESCO World Heritage Site approach

(where states' parties apply to UNESCO)

to starting NEW, free, interactive online universities (MIT OCW-centric) and schools,

in 3000-8000 languages

( &,

and about 200 countries,

World Univ & Sch seeks to provide the information technology structure,

as wiki,

for starting great online educational resources (with free degrees),

and people-to-people teaching & learning.

( - September 23, 2011)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Djoudj Bird Sanctuary, Senegal: WUaS provides interactive, online, course content for Univs. & countries (accredited eventually.), Pandora, Hindi

World Univ & Sch provides interactive, online, course content

for Universities and countries (accredited eventually),

and potentially faculty,

in virtual worlds.

In addition to the Humanities/Social Sciences and Science courses (in the <2000 MIT OCW),

WUaS is beginning to develop academic programs in Engineering,

Sustainable Agriculture,




Would your university like to add an online, academic program?

Every academic subject can become a program, and there's a lot at MIT OCW.


Pandora's free music, with artist-related channels, dropped its cap on hours of listening ...

Pandora can take you 'places' :)

(You'll find Pandora here -

and see also -


Want to teach or learn something right now,

and on a video-capable handheld computer? ...

Start a new subject?

Go ahead ...

It's all possible here - -

and there's so much here already,

but not very much in other languages, yet.

So, please, here's an invitation to teach (or learn) away,

by editing a WUaS page.


Hindi as a key first language at WUaS? - - ....

India, Vedic, yoga & Sanskrit connections?

( - September 22, 2011)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pitons, Saint Lucia: Tibetan Buddhist man chanting, Words had an effect on his brain/bodymind, Loving Bliss & Practicing, And wtih thinking?

As I walked into a nice Tibetan store this eve in Berkeley, I saw the Tibetan Buddhist man behind the counter chanting. He's so friendly, but what I found interesting was that he seemed to create or generate his good will via his chanting, as if these words or songs had an effect on his brain/bodymind - which made me think further that we can create loving bliss via practice :)

How so, this good will, and much more, with thinking?


He hasn't been back to Tibet in 10 years, because he can't get a visa due to China's intransigence ... I hope Tibet will open ...

( - September 21, 2011)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Putorana Plateau, Russian Federation: WUaS Conversation w DPLA, WUaS Video Updates? Nuclear Withdrawal by German Companies, WWW, Phil., Kuhn

Such updates from John Palfrey and the Digital Public Library of America

may inspire me to do something,

especially with monthly video updates,

in conversation, and for all of World University & School,

(not just its Library Resources - -

which is potentially for all open libraries in ALL languages),

and where the Digital Public Library of America will find a central home.


German companies supporting the German withdrawal from Nuclear ... great news ...

Siemens to quit nuclear industry
18 September 2011 - BBC

will add related:


Check out the beginnings of the World Wide Web index ...

will look to add this to World University and School, possibly here:




used in the MIT OCW course "Philosophical Issues in Brain Science"

which you'll also find in World Univ & Sch's Philosophy of Science - -

wiki subject page.

Great ...


Just added Thomas Kuhn's "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" -

as reference to WUaS's Philosophy of Science, wiki subject page ... ...

in what ways might World Univ & Sch

participate in / contribute to such an unfolding revolution ?

( - September 20, 2011)

Blue Grouse: On the road to Harbin ... Naked Anthropologist in Lotus

On the road to Harbin ...
Naked Anthropologist in Lotus

To Heartsong on his birthday

On the road to Harbin
I lost cell phone contact
with my friend,
in Napa, in autumn,
on a gloriously sunny day.

She told me of a
Nigerian Marimba singer,
with great voice,
who may join their band,
and, very happily, too, of a book
"The Ecstasies of a Lunatic Farmer,"
which might be a nice gift
for Yogini Angelini.

Right out of the '60s, it seems ...
right on ...

Bubbling over, she herself,
my friend up north,
is flowing ecstasy in
the rhythms of the land,
of her little, paradise farmlet,
while connecting with raising livestock,
and the wholeness of it all.

The signal dropped again and again,
as I tried to say something about
U.S. universal health care
on the phone,
and World University & School,
along that curvy road.

The day was so illuminated in Napa,
with the vineyards
browning on the ground,
... Beaujolais must abound around
(but I basically don't drink).

Came to Harbin,
with new folks at the Gate,
drove far in, parked,
set up my car camp,
and wandered along that
somewhat random, Village Path, -

for Harbin's village
isn't really a village,
but could be,
(it's just a little row of houses) -

where I met, at start,
a very beautiful woman,
near the bridge,
coming the other way,
dressed only in a green towel,
with beautiful, bare legs,
a harbinger of the pool area
at path's end, to come.

Under the grape arbor,
Off with my clothes, and
Into the warm pool first,
warmth simply
welcoming you in,
again & again, ...

Anthropologist as naked meditator,
sitting cross-legged in full lotus,
which roots you perfectly down,
in those waters,
onto pool bottom,
head just above the water's surface,
like a flower,
in the Harbin warm pool ...
'tis a new way of
thinking of,
of imagining 'the anthropologist'
... Still ...
relaxation response,
connecting with the vibe
of the waters,
the vibe of the warm pool,
of the naked soakers,
some cuddling,
of the beauty of nudity
with participant observation,

and then writing ...
... anthropologically?

Field work as pool play ... yes.

Watsu ~~~

Connecting in the warm pool,
no dropped signals here,
warm watery welcome home,
in this place of beauty,
of harmonizing oneness,
of attraction, intimacy & nudity ...
of unfolding vision,
of peace in water.

( - September 20, 2011)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Wrangel Island Reserve, Russia: Subject pages, academic MIT OCW-focused included, to be WARM POOLS of resources that 'get you there,' Stanford

I'd like many subject pages, - academic MIT OCW-focused included, -

at World University & School,

to be WARM POOLS of resources that 'get you there,'

relaxation response-wise,

to the exciting, engaging questions, intellectual & experiential 'flow' experiences

of a sphere of knowledge, a sphere of inquiry, of idea & technology innovations ...

Great teachers communicating in emergent virtual 'warm pool' spaces/worlds will help.

A warm pool World University & School ...


information technology-wise &


in virtual spaces?

Stanford comes closest,

as an on-the-ground, real life example,

with academic overachievers ...

which WUaS (

would like to build on,

ethos-wise ....

The weather is pretty nice (body)mind-wise there :)

( - September 19, 2011)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Uvs Nuur Basin, Russia: Working with Quaker kids, Free Degrees at WUaS, Other Benefits for Friends / Quakers

Hi R & All,

I'll be there to work with the SF Friends' Meeting (Quaker) kids this Sunday around 10:30.

(In a related vein, it would be fun eventually to possibly grow the SFFM kids' program into the weekdays for f/Friends, and for paid childcare work opportunities, too, - and for the children of f/Friendly WUaS knowledge workers, as World Univ & Sch grows.

I'd like for startup World Univ & Sch, as its fundraising and grant writing grow & take off, to hold WUaS Business Meetings & some organizational meetings at the SF 9th Street Meeting House, (and other Meeting Houses around the world, even). For this, a weekday childcare program could become very helpful for these occasional F/friendly knowledge workers at SFFM. Much of World Univ & Sch will be online and placeless, and in virtual worlds like Science Sim.

To this end, I'd like to designate you, R, as co-clerk, with me, of the "World Univ & Sch's Start Flying at SFFM Committee from a Place of Regeneration" (given health issues), for both WUaS at SFFM organization & finances, unless you, too, conscientiously object. (You're wonderful, R :)

WUaS plans to offer free, online degrees (Bachelors, Ph.D., Law & Medicine) for everyone/Quaker kids, with its first matriculating class in 2014 (to graduate possibly about 100 students 4 years later).

SFFM / f/Friends / Quaker kids would benefit from these free degrees, and related information technology-informed, knowledge generation, a f/Friendly-informed, startup, online University (so, wiki & MIT OCW-informed), rent, and potential further Friendly employment opportunities at SFFM with good jobs. A lot depends on initial, or eventual, fundraising & funding sources (hence my trip to Friends' Fiduciary's 'The Pearl Within,' etc.). )

So, thank you for this opportunity to work with SFFM children (- and to seeing how the way will open with online, creative teaching & learning among Friends, with free degrees).

See you September 18. :)

With friendly greetings,

( - September 18, 2011)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Central Sikhote-Alin, Russia: Music School Collaboration?, Envisioning Society Anew, Atheism & Religion, Phil of Science, New WUaS PATENTING subject

... was thinking in yoga resting pose this morning how a collaboration between UC Berkeley's Music School and online World Univ & Sch (beginnings are here: might make free degrees online available, - in a lot of instruments and subjects, as well!


"Nobody - not just from the left, but from anywhere - has come forward and tried to grab the public imagination with a vision of a different way to organise and manage society." - - (How about an open, free university and school in all languages, like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, where we can all teach and learn to each other, as well - of which these are the beginnings - ?)


I added this NYT's Gutting blog piece about Dawkins and Kitcher - - as reference to World Univ & Sch's Religious Studies' subject page - - and this and an additional Kitcher interview to World Univ & Sch's Philosophy of Science - - wiki, subject page. and added another MIT OCW course on 'Philosophical Issues in Brain Science' ( to WUaS's Philosophy of Science, wiki, subject page, as well.


New 'Patenting,' wiki Subject at World Univ & Sch - - with article "The America Invents Act: Turning Ideas into Jobs" by Quentin Palfrey and links to World Univ.'s Law School, here: ... with an invitation to 'edit this page' at wiki WUaS.

( - September 17, 2011)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Western Caucasus Mountains, Russia: Anthro - Tourism in the Context of the Internet, Middle Eastern online UNESCO sites, Virtual St. Kilda, Harbin

Dear N,

Here's an outline of my contributions to tourism studies, per the papers I've written (some of which are here:, the first of them significantly vis-a-vis the field you've so richly helped to establish.

Gazing at the Box: Tourism in the Context of the Internet and Globalization (Internetity) - (2001) - theorizes Tourism Studies in terms of Modernity, Postmodernity, Advertising Discourse, and what I'm calling Internetity, by historicizing it in terms of these conditions, and examining some online examples , including the Louvre, from around the year 2,000 CE.

In “Digital Communication Processes: New communication processes and 'Middle Eastern' UNESCO World Heritage Sites Online” (a published chapter in a 2006 book on Tourism, edited by Rami Daher), I argue that the German web site Schaetze der Welt's ('Treasures of the World') representations of Middle Eastern UNESCO sites, in German, and in the website's, texts and photographs, engage in Orientalism (Edward Said), examining, in the process, how Packer and Jordan's characterization of multimedia (see their book 'Multimedia' 2001), as integration of media elements, interactivity, hypermedia, immersion and narrativity, successfully and usefully provide ways to think about this digital orientalism as well as online communication processes in terms of online tourism research.

In my actual / virtual St. Kilda thesis at the University of Edinburgh (2003-2004), I examined how, and made the argument that, people are visiting the virtual island of St. Kilda, a web site made by the National Trust of Scotland, with guest book, virtually as place, in nascent multimedia (QuickTime movies, photos, web site sounds of birds, ocean, etc.). I did this by interviewing a sample of people who had signed the virtual St. Kilda guest book, leaving their email addresses in the process.

In my actual / virtual Harbin, I offer a pools-centric interpretation of clothing-optional Harbin Hot Springs, from 1972 forward. I'm presently writing the 5th chapter, with the virtual Harbin in ScienceSim (like OpenSim, and Second Life, but created by Intel), to come. In this book, I'm examining, anthropologically, questions of how Harbin emerges from the 1960s as counterculture, questions of the virtual, focusing on the Harbin warm pool and Harbin folks, and will examine, via participant observation, comparing and contrasting, how, and in what ways, the fabric of life in the Harbin valley might begin to emerge into virtual Harbin. I'm coming into conversation fully with Tom Boellstorff's “Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtual Human” in the process, and also as methodology. (By creating a virtual Harbin in ScienceSim, I hope to contribute a significant methodology to Anthropology (building on Ruth Tringham's Catalhuyuk, etc.), potentially making it easy for Anthropologists and Anthro Students to build their field sites virtually – and perhaps in conjunction with World University and School).

World University and School is coming along, but it and I'm greatly in need of monies and collaborative opportunities with great universities.


( - September 16, 2011)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Golden Mountains of Altai, Russia: Copyright subject at WU Law School, Many, high tech, MIT OCW-related jobs at WUaS, CodeAcademy, WUaS New Society?

New, wiki Copyright subject at World Univ & Sch -

with links to the beginnings of WU Law School - -

and much more, with an invitation to add resources about Copyright.

Creative Commons Law and Patenting wiki subjects, all linked to the WU Law School, to come ...


While World Univ & Sch plans to create many academic, high tech jobs (MIT OCW related), there's an unique opportunity at this startup university, with the ongoing development of the internet, to further questions of eliciting joy and loving bliss neurophysiology vis-a-vis Music and Academia ('flow" +) , and interactive virtual worlds :) ( and as wiki ... it's unfolding ...


Free, giveaway drum set (3 drums, cymbals - for rock & roll) in front of the Canyon, California, post office (near Berkeley). There's a kind of Rainbow sharing circle here, with lots of good stuff, sometimes. Let me know (if you live in the B.A.) if you want it. ( - potentially for instruction & jamming :).

‎... the drums are already gone from Canyon ... but let's explore making music online :) ...


added CodeAcademy's free computer coding classes -

and mentioned here - -

to World Univ & Sch's Courses:

(also here - )

(see WUaS's free Educational Software, too:


The 'Happiness,' 'Loving Bliss Eliciting,' the 'Beings Enjoying Life' wiki subjects + at World Univ & Sch are gradually GROWING - ... with links to related ones ... there's a lot of possibility here, from many different perspectives :) How to become very happy, in the now, simply by visiting this WUaS page, watching a video, accessing knowledge about a subject ...


"Nobody - not just from the left, but from anywhere - has come forward and tried to grab the public imagination with a vision of a different way to organise and manage society." - - (How about an open, free university and school in all languages, like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, where we can all teach and learn to each other, as well - of which these are the beginnings - ?)

( - September 15, 2011)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Volcanoes of Kamchatka, Russia: Immersion in warm water, especially in a beautiful out-of-doors' place, Relaxation Response, Connecting, Inner meeting

... immersion in warm water,

especially in a beautiful out-of-doors' place

is underrated as a joy in life ...

(probably partly due to the :)

it affords a kind of connecting, inner meeting, meditation even ...

( - September 14, 2011)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lake Baikal, Russia: WUaS would like to make virtual world building easier, and better, than it already is for Anthropologists & Anthro students, PLUS

World University and School would like to make virtual world building easier,

and much better,

than it already is for Anthropologists, and Anthro students,

to FREELY build their field sites,

interact and play in them,

... and do field work, in, for example,

ScienceSim (in OpenSim) and related ... ...

especially as virtual worlds develop ...

potentially contributing a significant new methodology to Anthropology.

(Building virtual Harbin will contribute to this) ...

... and for many, other, different, research disciplines,

... including architects, backpackers and landscapers, archaeologists, gardeners, and farmers,

and make it easy to create virtual wilderness areas, gardens, farms, cities and buildings

.... and with remarkable accuracy,

... inch by inch, row by row ...

all the way into the earth's core, virtually, and out into space ...

especially in terms of representational 'realism' and 'realistic' terrain generation ...

and learn digital skills, in the process ...

(... perhaps with an interface with AutuCad design program, or related programs)

... and eventually to make virtual world building as easy as creating

via a Brainwave device like

Tan Le's Headset


Andrew Junker's Brainfinger's headset

and eventually, for example, for a medical school, a hospital, physics & chemistry labs, scientific research, and everything we do in real life, through to the molecular, etc., levels ...

... and, in the process, improve on virtual classrooms in virtual worlds like SciSim, SL, OpenSim.

( - September 13, 2011)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Komi Forests, Russia: JOY in Music-making via daily playing, Explicit focus, Parental involvement at WUaS, 32 15-week courses of MIT OCW from home

There's a lot of potential JOY in Music-making via daily playing, -

WUAS will emphasize an explicit learning focus on enjoyment

(a kind of flow vis-a-vis music).


World Univ & Sch may/will require at least 2 years proficiency

with a musical instrument / vocal learning for admission,

and degree-years' ahead of daily playing,

for all 4 initial degrees -

Bachelors., Ph.D., Law, M.D.

World University's all-instrument-as-wiki Music School, accessible here -

Music-making & joy are central to WUaS,

with an invitation to edit this page.


(Will/should/might World Univ & Sch require at least 2 years proficiency with a musical instrument / vocal learning for admission, for all 4 initial degrees - Bachelors., Ph.D., Law, M.D.? The World University's all-instrument-as-wiki Music School, accessible here is central to WUaS, with an invitation to edit this page.

... and at least 15 minutes of daily playing with enjoyment ... )


Parental involvement will be important: ... With the first, WUaS Bachelors' degree class in 2014 at FREE, ONLINE World Univ & Sch, kids will probably mostly be living at home, as a continuation of high school, and working through 32 15-week courses of MIT OCW in interactive virtual worlds - - so some parents will help guide their childrens' free, university studies.


University of California getting into online education -

UC investing millions in new cyber studies program
( - Nanette Asimov, Chronicle Staff Writer) -

and charging monies for it ...


WUaS is offering something very different ...

( - September 12, 2011)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Danube Delta, Romania: This Grateful Dead continues to soar, repeatedly, Replicable, loving bliss neurophysiology, due to a series of tones, Seems so

this Grateful Dead continues to soar, repeatedly - -

{this really peaks around the 8 minute mark}

access to a kind of replicable, loving bliss neurophysiology

due to a series of tones -

( ...

it seems so ...

added this to WUaS's GD subject : ...


... and yet another good Dead show ...

... at Red Rocks, Colorado in '87 :))

( - September 11, 2011)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Laurisilva of Madeira, Portugal: God-language institutes, and has instituted, power relations, Quakers, Nontheistic Friends

Hi nontheist Friends,

In 1985, I wrote a feminist, undergraduate, Reed College thesis on Rosemary Ruether's "Sexism and God Talk: Toward a Feminist Theology," part of her argument being that God-language institutes, and has instituted, gender power relations. (I was also attending Multnomah Monthly Meeting {Quaker} in Portland, Oregon, at the time). In that decade, academics, (perhaps starting significantly in the 1970s - but going back to Elizabeth Cady Stanton's time, too), and the popular press, as well, were examining questions of sexism, racism and class-ism in a myriad of ways. In academia, the textual literature is vast on these topics, for example; and it probably continues to grow in niche ways, although I'm not currently reading this. In the liberal Pacific NW, at liberal Reed College, I appreciated Quakers' 'institutional' orientation to equality and consensus decision-making, and real-life, and historically-grounded examples of Quaker Meetings developing through 350 years, as an alternative to sexist/racist/classist discourses which are myriad in a lot of different societies.

I was never much concerned with theism among Friends in the 1970s, '80s or '90s. It didn't seem like much of an issue to me, for I have long been an friendly atheist, with a more recent interest in people as human primates. (As a primatological narrative, the seemingly most nonharming higher primate, and a species which is very close to humans, appears to be the Bonobo). Always evolutionary biologically-oriented (Darwin's work is so far-reaching), but with an interest, too, in social change and community issues coming out of the '60s among Friends, like the anti-war movement, and the questioning of power structures, I appreciated the tolerance of individualism, and the examples of conscientious objection, protests, and civil disobedience, among Friends, as well as the Friendly orientation to community and caring (and nonharming). With active interests already in feminism, both theistic and nontheistic sexism didn't seem that significant to me among f/Friends, and f/Friends readily questioned and challenged such sexism when it appeared. One feminist / dyke Friend in Portland's unprogrammed Meeting in the mid '80s, for example, in a related way, wouldn't stand aside when a heterosexual couple wanted to marry under the care of the Meeting, until the Meeting recognized Gay & Lesbian marriages. I felt sorry for the couple, yet respected this woman's stance, and Meeting's process.

I think there's a fair amount of precedence for, and awareness of, such issues as sexism among Friends in general, in some Meetings, - and Quaker Silent Meeting, and Meeting for Business, also continue to carry on through time, with children's programs, - whether theistic, and/or with a fair number of nontheists. (Like many men in Quaker Meetings, I've been involved, as a nontheist Friend, in the children's program, and care-giving, at SF Friends Meeting, for about a year now, as one example, of a possible development in 'traditional' roles among Friends, - I like kids' energy).

I appreciate nontheistically Friendly attention to both language, and such issues as sexism among nontheistic Friends and theist Friends, and think that a continued examination of related language is a fruitful way to continue to address such concerns.

With friendly greetings,

Postscript to nontheist Friends:

There is a Women & Gender Studies' wiki, subject page, with a number of MIT OCW courses + at ever growing World Univ & Sch, which you can find here - (and here: ) - and which is editable. WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW plus much more, with a number of nontheist and Quaker subjects.

All the best,

( - September 10, 2011)

Białowieża Forest, Poland: Are you a coder?, Pushing wiki to obscure mobile browsers for the developing worlds' handheld computers and learning

Are you a coder?

Know MediaWiki (e.g. which Wikipedia uses)?

Would you like to help collaborate in setting up the

imminent World Univ & Sch transition from Wikia to MediaWiki,

especially for pushing wiki to obscure mobile browsers

for the developing worlds' handheld computers and learning,


but also for pushing WUaS in 2-3 languages to laptop+ screens, to begin? ... ...

like Wikipedia (in 281 languages) with MIT OCW.

WUaS will help so many people!


Similarly, are you a translator?

( - September 10, 2011)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River, Philippines: WUaS has an EXPORT model, startup university, business plan, Berkeley student as Translators & Coders

WUaS has an EXPORT model, startup university, business plan - -

where, for example,

World University & School hires UC Berkeley student interns,

and similar,

in all 3,000-8,000 languages,

and provides highest quality,

(MIT OCW-based),

online, free Universities paid for by the other 200s-ish governments,

including Medical & Law Schools, & Ph.D.s, - all wiki.


Vis-a-vis World Univ & Sch potentially hiring a lot of UC Berkeley students, and similar,

for an all-language, startup, great university ...

why employers are, and are not, hiring -

"Employers Say Jobs Plan Won't Lead to Hiring Spur"
(Motoko Rich, September 10, 2011 - NYT) -

There are a lot of potential, great translators of MIT OCW, for example,

and coders,

in all 3000-8000 languages.

( - September 9, 2011)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tubbataha Reefs, Philippines: WUaS Donor Base, WUaS Job creation with stimulus, WUaS Plans for Medical Record Privacy in its I.T., Visual Anthropology

To create this free, online, educational resource, with free degrees, in all Languages, -

WUaS would like to find

UC Berkeley, student, native speakers, as interns, for example.

For this WUaS needs to grow our DONOR BASE.

The value of free, online WUaS universities,

with f/Friendly MIT OCW 'values,'

all over the world, are innumerable -

for democracy & benefits to citizens, to name two -

and with free, online Law & Medical (& Music) Schools, as well as Ph.D.s & Bachelors' equivalents.


World Univ & Sch could easily create 100,000 US jobs in 2 - 5 years with the right kind of fiscal stimulus, at a time when jobs will buoy the economy - ... will look to add this to WUaS's Economics' subject - - and MIT OCW-informed education & free degrees at WUaS is all about INNOVATION through info tech conversation.


World Univ & Sch's 1st matriculating Bachelors' class of possibly 100 students in 2014 would like to generate online community (intellectual, especially) in far-reaching ways, perhaps building on something like Reed College's place-based community, just as WUaS would like to further the Conference Method (see subject here - which Reed also holds central to its learning process.


Medical breach of privacy in Stanford University Hospital emergency room (20,000 records) - - World University and School's developing beginnings of an online Medical School - along with student transcripts will emphasize security and privacy, information technologically.


Visual Anthropology? I'm developing World Univ & Sch, which is like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware, and its wiki Subjects' page is open, for example, as one 'structure.' Here's WUaS's current Anthropology subject page, as an example: ... We could all simply start a new Visual Anthropology subject page here at the extensible WUaS Subjects' page - - and create this together. Eventually, as WUaS accredits to offer free, online degrees (Bachelors, Ph.D., Law and MD), the academic subjects may become the bases for departments. MIT OCW is the academic standard WUaS will engage for accreditation. There's a lot of room for creativity here at WUaS, and we'd like to engage the Conference Method (, like Reed's, in virtual worlds, for undergraduate degrees, with the 1st matriculating class in 2014. I'd love to talk further with folks interested in World University & School, too.

( - September 8, 2011)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Manú Peru: The value of free, online WUaS universities, with f/Friendly MIT OCW 'values,' in China & the Arab world, for ex., are innumerable, Free

The value of free, online World University & School universities,

with f/Friendly MIT OCW 'values,'

in China & the Arab world, for example,

are innumerable -

for democracy & benefits to citizens, to name two -
& -

and with online Law & Medical (& Music) Schools,

as ways to offer opportunities

(see, for example:

to people.

WUaS is wiki,

and is generating online educational & service opportunities,

and we're so early in the internet.

And WUaS will also potentially find and educate


students in these countries,

offer a MIT OCW + education,

and create long lasting networks

(like MIT/Harvard/Yale/Princeton/Stanford/Cambridge alumni groups)

of very knowledgeable folks,

who will come together around reason.

( - September 7, 2011)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Huascarán, Peru: Internet Law at Harvard Law is revived, WUaS budding Law School, Peace Corps' collaboration? Yes!, Odds of Students Getting into WUaS

Internet Law at Harvard Law is revived,

and here are some of the 'hard' questions - -

which John Palfrey, along with Jonathan Zittrain, et al., are asking.

And here's the budding World University Law School -

potentially accrediting in 50-100 languages under one WUaS umbrella,

which, with time,

would like to hire and teach international and internet law.


Peace Corps' collaboration? Yes!

World University & School -

like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware,

potentially in ALL 3,000-8,000 languages,

with a focus on facilitating open, free teaching & learning resources in Peace Corps' countries,

and planning free, online (Bachelors, Ph.D., Law & Medicine) degrees

would love to.

Whom might I email at the Peace Corps to further this conversation?

... will add some new intern positions soon ...

(WUaS appears to be down today)


Odds of getting into Trinity Preschool on NYC's upper West side, 2.4%,

Odds of getting into Harvard College, 6.2%,


Odds of getting into the free, open Stanford 'Intro to A.I.' this fall, with professor interaction, 100%,

Odds of your 18 year old in 2014 getting into World Univ & Sch, ?%,

(which partly depends on contributions -

WUaS is like Wikipedia with MIT OCW, Yale OYC, & free Stanford courses -

see direct links below.


Here are direct links to the Stanford, 3, free computing courses, MIT OCW, and Yale's Open Yale Courses - ... :) ...

There's a lot of potential enjoyment, and edification, in these open educational resources,too ...

( - September 6, 2011)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Coiba National Park, Panama: 100,000 academic jobs at WUaS?, Potentially, Primatology OCW from Great Universities, Health in Lake County, CA,

Could WUaS create 100,000,

or (significantly?) more, academic, high tech, online jobs

in a year or two (or ten?),

in 3,000-8,000 languages,

which would spur further digital innovation? ... ...


with the right kind of governmental support from the approximately 200 countries' governments around the world ... ...

and this would help so many people, in such positive, potentially enjoyable & edifying, ways!

‎... and then spin off companies such as those which have emerged from MIT and Stanford . ...

Whom to talk to in the U.S. government about this?


Looking for Primatology open course ware ...

... don't know of any at MIT, Yale or Stanford ...

Which of these great universities have such -

- open course ware?

.... would love it if they added some.

WUaS would like to develop Primatology as a subject, significantly.

Check out some of the Jane Goodall or Bonobo videos here ...

they're fascinating ...


Will add this "High Rates of Angioplasty in Clearlake CA" SF Chronicle article - ,

and Ornish's work on heart disease reversal,

to WUaS's budding, online Medical School & Hospital - .

Clearlake is in Lake County as is Harbin Hot Springs.

... will add a referenece to Stanford health research and policy Professor Laurence Baker, too ...

( - September 5, 2011)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Talamanca Range-La Amistad Reserves, Panama: Proof of Educational Information Technologies' Effectiveness subject page, MIT OCW-focused measurements

Upcoming "Proof of Educational Information Technologies' Effectiveness"

wiki, subject page

at World Univ & Sch

vis-a-vis this NYT article -

"GRADING THE DIGITAL SCHOOL: In Classroom of Future, Stagnant Scores"
(Matt Richtel - September 4, 2011) -

PLUS a possible, daily Blogging requirement for all students at WUaS,

for all subjects,

PLUS MIT OCW-focused measurements

(of fun, too :)

Here are all of the (Nonmusical) subjects:

at WUaS in 2014.

I'd like for WUaS to be an evidence generator for education at the University level.

( - September 4, 2011)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Darien, Panama: World University's budding Medical School would like to articulate with the U.S.'s Universal Helath Care by 2019, Medicine for All

I hope the budding, online, free World University Medical School - -

will articulate fulsomely with the U.S.'s rolling out of Universal Health Care by 2019,

per these articles in the Harvard Crimson (by Dr. Judy Palfrey) and Wikipedia -

Dr. Judy Palfrey is moving to Washington DC from the Boston area to help further Universal Health Care in the Obama administration, I think.

World University and School is for everyone, medically, too!


Judith Palfrey is actually moving to Washington DC to work on child obesity issues:

First Lady Names Respected Pediatrician Judith S. Palfrey, M.D. to Lead Let's Move! Program

Hub doctor to lead fight on obesity: Joins Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! program

Pediatrician to Head ‘Let’s Move’


Perhaps this will eventually dovetail with working on U.S. Universal Health Care issues.

( - September 3, 2011)

Friday, September 2, 2011

West Norwegian Fjords – Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord: Job growth in the U.S. stands still, Great, WUaS, High Tech, Academic Jobs, PLANNED GIVING

Job growth in the U.S. stands still -

"Job Growth Halts, Putting Washington Under Pressure" ...

World University & School - -

like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware,

plans to grow to the size of Apple Computer,

generating great, high tech, academic jobs.

Please Contribute & Collaborate.


Planned Giving at World University & School!

Plan in your will to leave financial resources to WUaS, like Wikipedia with MIT OCW -



I'm looking forward to attending a

Friends' Fiduciary conference on Planned Giving,

“The Pearl Within: Promoting the Quaker difference in fundraising,”

near Philadelphia, in late September,

to help WUaS grow over the very long term.

( - September 2, 2011)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Niger's W National Park: So many 'Flow' experiences (Csik) in libraries & learning, How to learn to see them as such? Music-making from home computers

There are so many 'Flow' experiences (Csikszentmihalyi) in libraries & learning ...

How to learn to see them as such,

especially vis-a-vis music -

If it were easy and fun and social

(leading to gaining skills)

to make music from your home computer,

then ... MMmmmm :)


Just was using a public library in the SF Bay Area

with access to resources in 25 university systems,

with no charges.

How to bring World Univ & Sch's free degrees into such library systems

(linked on public libraries' computers, etc.)

and how to connect -

with these systems &

the emerging DPLA -

the DPLA is the Digital Public Library of America,

organized out of Harvard?

( - September 1, 2011)