Saturday, June 28, 2008

Field - Global University, Info Tech & Counterculture

a global, virtual world university and school

Welcome to the envisioning {and realization(?)} of a global, degree-granting (Ph.D., M.D., I.B. & Music School, etc.), free-to-students, open, virtual world university, with great universities (e.g. Harvard University?) as key players, using a Wikipedia model, and for everyone, and especially the developing world.
To facilitate the emergence of a global, virtual world University, I'd like to help converge and network Second Life, OpenSim, Google Earth, Croquet, and MIT's Open Course Ware, as a start.

information technology

Information technology here includes 1s and 0s and the infinite representations we can make with them, as well as language and ideas - technologies and arts of the bodymind? - not as well understood, that give rise to and instantiate new possibilities.


Counterculture here refers to a social constellation of understandings that question 'culture,' often delightfully and sensibly, and that, for a start, can center around peace, love, happiness, and freedom. I find countercultural 'minds' particularly enlivening. How did counterculture in the 60s and 70s produce these minds, {or is it the other way around:}? How does countercultural thinking, which seems less widespread than in the 1970s, articulate with an ethos, ideas "in the air"?

And why not easily create a global, degree-granting, virtual world, open, free University with information technology, for the developing world and everyone? As a beginning, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) already offers about 1800 courses for free on-line, but without offering any degrees - . Start today to take courses at MIT :)

cultures of computing, yes ... :) ~


anthropology of computing

{... is countercultural hacking}

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