Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bonobo Kiss: Bonobo Loving Bliss ... Poetry of Loving Bliss

Bonobo Loving Bliss

Apart so long, now
back to Harbin,
the soft,
autumn rains
fall again.

Where are you?
Into the pools,
free once more, in the warmth,
but with little hugging
here, this eve.

Loving bliss,
Bonobo poetry
sings about being close,
and sexuality,
and wondrous,
bodymind neurochemistry, ~
all lyrical and luminous.

And Harbin is as close
as we come,
in human ken,
in my experience,
to Bonobo life,
where milieu
is great, and with
so much potential for
marvelous, open intimacy.

Yet Harbin's humans
seem restrained these days,
despite being free here, -
emerging from the 1960s and '70s.
Perhaps it's the times,
and the age?

Why not Bonobo life?
Four to five hours ~
possibly more -
of intimacy & sexuality a day -
and, further ~
with loving bliss?
All's possible :)
What do
primatologists say?

And Bonobo life -
Let's sing love here -
with empathy, delight,
sympathy, centered caring,
tenderness, sensitivity,
ineffable ecstasy,
incredibly positive -
potentially lifelong -
feelings of connection,
sublimity, kindness,
love in the air,
an understanding of developing,
mutual otherness,
mirthful, playful freedom in mind, words and gestures,
thoughtfulness, dating,
cuddling/physical intimacy/sensuality,
making love (intimate and warm)~coitus,
a delightful, “glowing” party,
ongoing smile ~
sincere and charming affection ~
“flow” experiences (see Csikszentmihalyi)
with a community / network across generations,
openness, generosity,
coming closely in tune with good friends,
fulsome trust,
anticipatory, beneficial surprises,
sweetness, nurture,
receptivity {to love}, sharing,
hail gladdening love,
non-harming, altruistic engagement,
acts of kindness ~ voluntarism,
considerateness, cordiality,
congeniality, collegiality,
flourishing (viz. eudaimonia),
warm, radiant fun,
sociable, flirtatious, &
gleeful inner & outer movement,
which some people experience while dancing,
having a ball with you,
euphoric merriment,
cherishing as well as feeling / being cherished,
(love-related) passion,
the numinous,
old friends,
an unburdened feeling of lightness of being,
falling in love,
the fun of raising / being with kids,
cheeriness, positive psychology,
following your bliss,
well-received, intense, salutary interest,
the deep, inward release
which comes in remarkable /
easing moments
and which is cultivatable,
deeply exuberant, beneficent pleasure with another ~ a partner ~ a love,
best friends, understanding,
reverie, friendliness -
what gives you joy? -
imagination to love profoundly
and then to love,
wholesomeness, well-being,
peace, peace of mind,
and at peace-ness,
being in love, ahimsa {non-harming},
a good connection,
virtue, esp. of transcendent,
jubilant love, helpfulness,
doing good, loving touch
(e.g. a gentle hand, hugs, massage, Watsu*Waterdance {Wassertanz} & more),
singing "I love you,"
the inspiration for the creation of great,
loving art,
rich, bountiful inventiveness / imagination in amity,
Harbin Hot Springs,
heart consciousness,
the neurochemistry of romantic
love~heightened levels of four neurotrophins, -
i.e. NGF, BDNF, NT-3, and NT-4,
loving bliss ~
*MMmmm ~ loving bliss and practices for this*~
(naturally, and with many qualities,
but ecstasy is a reference experience ~>
oxytocins~dopamine~seratonin, endorphins),
practicing loving bliss vis-à-vis a musical instrument,
wonderful, oceanic wholeness,
free love, happiness, contentment,
the joy / rapport / 'reading' of minds that goes on between two (or more) skillful musicians / listeners, who are improvising,
love letters, harmony love fests,
love is the answer,
loving bliss as friends,
the thought, experience, and generation of love,
quiet wisdom ~ love of wisdom,
and sophisticated, intuitive caritas.

To elicit loving bliss
neurochemistry is indeed
yet unexplored fully.
Possible but how?
Music as metaphor
offers a rich beginning.
And with openness and trust?
Like Bonobo
musical instruments?
Yes. :)

( - December 31, 2009)

Coral: Organizing World Univ & Sch, Watching self organize, Invitation to facilitators

Organizing World Univ & Sch, watching self organize, invitation to moderators and facilitators


Practices for flourishing? Personally?

Movement and music?

For World University & School? Resources ...

For OLPC countries? - savings & learning - through WUaS. A kind of Vanguard Mutual Funds (lowest cost - highest quality) for poor countries ... An online Quaker Grameen OLPC bank ... ?


Canyon mist settles over the valley in the early morning, quiet darkness. Birthday poetry of loving bliss which sings? MMmmm ...

* :) enjoy ... it's about love ...

( - December 31, 2009)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Deep Redwood Canyon: Canyon last night, upon coming home, was deep-cool and redwood-fragrant

Deep Redwood Canyon

Canyon last night,
on coming home,
was deep~cool and
near the post office
in the valley.

( - Dcember 30, 2009)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sierra Mountains: Cold cities east of the Sierra mountains, Where are the dancing, the warm pools, and the explorations of qualities of love?

Cold cities east of the Sierra mountains: where are the dancing, the warm pools, and the explorations of qualities of love? I see people focusing on sports, movies & entertainment, traveling, - with family as significant ...


The Bay Area is warmer ... but our time seems to lack vision, compared especially with the 1960s and early 70s.


Ravi Shankar is playing ... listening ... MMMmmmmm raga ....


to Harbin soon ...

( - December 29, 2009)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Rose Seahorse: Loving bliss neurophysiology in wintery, social northeastern U.S.?, Relaxation response, music, & friends, with no warm water nigh

Loving bliss neurophysiology {think MDMA-ecstasy, naturally} elicitation in wintery, social northeastern U.S.?

How? Relaxation response, music, movement {e.g. contact improv}, flax seed oil {omega 3s - for me} and friends, with no warm water nigh ...

( - December 28, 2009)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Atelopus: Let's make this next 100 years 'the century of the species' & species' diversification, via various approaches to nonharming

Let's make this next 100 years 'the century of the species' & species' diversification, via various approaches (e.g. planning) to nonharming (ahimsa).


There's only one species in downtown Pittsburgh - Homo sapiens. Pittsburgh lacks species' diversity downtown - Downtown Pittsburgh is an expanse of gritty, gray, concrete and steel in winter. I didn't see any other species.


Proposal to reintroduce 1 acre of eastern woodland forest in downtown Pittsburgh & stream warm water into William Penn Hotel fountain

... a friend said that warm water streaming into the William Penn Hotel fountain is 'too wild' for Pittsburgh (another said that 'this would burn too much fossil fuel'). Norms here in this modern city, shaped recently by visions of technologies and wealth, first from glass and steel, seem to continue to revolve around tradition, especially religious traditions, in part, including related, societal divisions ... New visions for Pittsburgh to further this modern city? 400 years ago there were only native peoples for 16,000 - 20,000 yrs. There's virtually no sign of that time visible in downtown Pittsburgh.


Two computer musical instruments, three laptop orchestras, two mobile phone orchestras, and one MIT computer music tutorial at World University & School: ... and more ... :)

Edit this university ...


O beautiful Harbin Hot Springs - - the relaxation response - - is just not the same without you ...

:) ... wrote the above just as I was heading to {Quaker} silent meeting to explore eliciting the relaxation response.


Harlequin Toad - Atelopus,%20adult%20male%20dorsal%20patter%20-%20resized%20for%20website.jpg,%20Panama%20Golden%20Frogs,%20Paul%20Crump.jpg

( - December 27, 2009)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Yellow Seahorse: One Idea for Degree Granting at World University and School, in Some Years

Here's one idea for degree granting at World University and School, in some years:

Take 8 courses per year from MIT Open Course Ware {} of your own choosing, on your own, through World University & School, teach what you've learned (blog, web camera, etc.) & get a free degree from WUaS.

Develop and improvise variations on this, or design your own ...

( - December 26, 2009)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Pygmy Sea Horse: Gift of Open Knowledge & Idea Exchange Here at World University & School on this Day

Gift of open knowledge & idea exchange here at World University & School ...

'Fun,' 'Enjoyment' & 'Love' are WUaS' Subjects, for example, so teach here, and check back to see how these grow.

In the same way that people are teaching to with their web cameras, you can teach to at World University and School. Invitation to teach here with 17 sub-sections presently, and very extensible with around 100 subjects presently, and very extensible

( December 25, 2009)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Moutain Goat Kid: Kids' Free, Educational Software at World University & School

There's a lot of free teaching and learning materials for kids at World University & School:

In the 'Courses' Section:

In the 'English as a Second Language for Kids' Subject:

In the 'Educational Software' Section:

In the 'Library Resources' Section - 'Music for Kids' Subject:

In the 'Library Resources' Section - 'Second Life Teaching and Learning Resources' Subject:

Some of these sections are just 'seeds' and will grow, as will the related web links in each section.

( - December 24, 2009)

dolly sods: cold weather

cold weather
snow on ground
glistening sun

( - December 24, 2009)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Polar Bear on Melting Ice Cap: Global Warming / Climate Change

2-10 inches ocean rise

2-10 degrees Fahrenheit temperature increase

over 20-100 years

{I learned this in the early 1980s, and didn't ride in a car for around 22 years as a kind of Quaker witness}

These still seem like reasonable, possible developments due to climate change, worth mitigating, and worth planning for ... Just as we buy 'buy house insurance,' let's develop a plan to manage global warming and reduce CO2 output ...

Let's reverse global warming ...


Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth" suggests a scientifically-realistic, possible 20 feet sea level rise, as a mid-range scenario.


The Copenhagen climate change conference (2009) facilitated a conversation among most nation states, where science is still on the table informing policy. How to handle the differences between rich and poor countries, besides further talking?


Have fruitful ideas about how to manage ocean and climate change? Teach to your web camera:


Here's Columbia University Professor Jim Hansen on global warming and the Copenhagen Climate Summit (on Democracy Now - 22 Dec 2009):


And these predictions I heard in the late 1970s/early 1980s are very similar to what the Environmental Protection Agency writes today:

Future Temperature Changes:

Future Sea Level Changes:

( - December 23, 2009)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snowy Evergreen: Getting a xmas tree, First FREE Global University Degree, Evergreen Tree for Holiday

getting a xmas tree

from a local farm

and buying direct makes great sense

tree smells good

nice to get into fresh air

by car pool

great to go with friends

my mother very quickly saw a great tree in the field

she's very experienced and skillful at this


global university degree:

free Harvard Ph.D. in education for 25 at WorldUniversity.Wikia.Com/wiki/Courses - apply in 2 weeks. Spread the Word. Free degrees in all subjects?

The languages will grow at World University & School. Invitation to add free degrees and courses you know of ... :)

In an historic sense, this is the first, free degree linked through, and, therefore, the first degree offered through World University & School


world university & school is a xmas tree ...


An evergreen trees for holiday is potentially just that ... a beautiful areligious way to celebrate ...

( - December 22, 2009)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Yellow Balsam Root: Holiday Letter 2009, World Univ & Sch, Harbin Ethnography, Canyon, Bagpiping

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area and Pennsylvania. Happy Solstice, Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings and Happy New Year! How are you? I’d love to hear your news.

I'm glad to let you know about about the open, free World University & School which I'm developing. One FREE Harvard Ph.D. in Education, for 25 students, is already linked to WUaS: If you know people applying now to grad school, this is an opportunity. They would have to apply by the new year, though.

World University and School is a global, virtual, open, free-to-students, multilingual university and school, which is potentially degree- and credit-granting, after some years, but will list free degrees as we add them. WUaS is using an open Wikipedia {with MIT Open Course Ware} model, where we all can teach to our web cameras. It also focuses on great universities' open, free, online content. It's for the developing world {One Laptop Per Child countries to begin with} and everyone. Its web address is World University and School is potentially in all languages, all nation states, all subjects, and at all levels. Teach, add or take a class at World University & School. I blog about World University & School here:, and post about it here: WUaS is in the process of applying for tax exempt (501 c 3) status. Spread the word.

While the possibility that many people will contribute an amazingly wide variety of web camera teachings (which people are already doing a lot on the web, - e.g., as well as interactively in virtual worlds like Second Life, is exciting - creatively and academically - I'm particularly interested in how we might all make learning & teaching enjoyable and fun.

Please let me know if you're interested in engaging World University & School; you can simply click 'edit this page' button at WUaS, for one. For comparison's sake, Wikipedia is now in around 240 languages, with 14 million articles, and it started around 2002.

I continue to write my ethnography of Harbin Hot Springs, with a virtual world aspect - - a hot springs' retreat center 2 hours northeast of the San Francisco Bay Area, with roots in the 1960s and early 70s.

I'm living in a beautiful place called Canyon in the San Francisco Bay Area, - in a forest, east of Berkeley.

I'm continuing to play my bagpipe regularly {and taking lessons}, and for events like weddings:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Come participate in World University & School.

Warm greetings,

Here's my holiday letter from last year:, where, on my blog, you'll also find poetry I've been writing - click on the 'poetry' or 'Canyon' labels, as well as more ideas about 'global university.'

( - December 21, 2009)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bear in Snow: Nature, Art, Beauty, Family and Friends Facilitate Presence, Eliciting Loving Bliss in Winter, Re-evaluation Counseling

On the east coast in winter with snow, it's nature, art, beauty, family and friends that can facilitate presence {'now,' and 'flow,' in a sense} ... as well as the

{and via computers? Yes ... }

The world is snowy on both sides of Pennsylvania. Much travel is limited, so I couldn't make it to my Uncle's memorial service ... Farewell to my Uncle Bruce ...


And eliciting loving bliss {Ecstasy - MDMA - is one neurochemical, reference experience} in the cold world of the eastern half of the U.S. in winter? How? Music? Dancing?

A healthy bodymind through much dancing and movement ...

Flax seed oil {Omega Fatty Acids} for some people, ~ with a good diet, and enough sleep?

Refracting intense energy from others ?

And practices for eliciting loving bliss:

And how to engage 'sociocultural' processes to free up the possibility of lifelong loving bliss elicitation?


Troopbonding (Money [1988] - "bondedness among individuals so that they become members of a family or troop that continues its long-term existence despite the loss or departure of any one member" - what occurred in ancestral environments vis-a-vis our primate ancestors) among humans is families and friends, in many ways. In one's family, where some people may have learned some aspects of eliciting loving bliss, troopbonding at holidays can be complicated, especially after living separately.

So, how to elicit loving bliss in families, when people want to bond, and where loving bliss emerged naturally {like chamber music?}, but where explicitly exploring this with language seems unfamiliar? Good rest, healthy neurophysiology, and letting it happen naturally? Using language occasionally?


A cold climate seems to me to close things down, and can increase potential challenges between people, especially people living, for example, in a city over decades. {Harbin Hot Springs' pool area opens things up, by contrast, ~ in winter, too}.

Engaging {and generating} loving bliss code {e.g. writing a blog at or composing music about this, with this software at World University & School ~} which works for individuals seems to be sensible, in the context of modernity ...

e.g. music ... communities which foster caring {don't know of any which generate loving bliss as practice, yet} ... individuals which foster caring ... troopbonding in specific ways ... generating codes, on the internet, for example, which are enjoyable and facilitate this ... all make sense to me ...

And to you?


Re-evaluation counseling, as one kind of counseling among many, offers specific ways to understand challenges that might interfere with eliciting loving bliss ...


Into the bathtub, releasing ... :)

To the, fully ... it's so enjoyable ....


( - December 20, 2009)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pride of Lions: 'Food' Class Video-Streaming at World Univ & Sch?, Teaching at WUaS is Learning Process, WUaS Great for Professional Skill Development

On the BART train to the airport today, I met some high school kids, around 15 years old, who were from Oakland, California. They were good kids, and looked like they were from the 'hood. One said to me something like: "You look like you're a busy man." (I had all my bags with me and was on the BART line to the airport). I said I was heading home for xmas. "Where are you heading," I asked? "Wherever BART will take me," he said, sounding like his world was the SF Bay Area for the foreseeable future. I asked if these kids had internet access, and began to tell them about World University & School, where they could teach (and learn anything), but we're all going to shape it. The two kids I was talking with both had cell phones, and at least one had internet access on his. "World University and School is in seed form now, but it's the open, free university and school idea," I said. "Streaming video for teaching and learning on mobile phones isn't 'there' yet, but a free open teaching and learning school and university, which we all shape will be very cool when we have video-capable web streaming." The kid sitting across from me joked to his friend, in an open way, that he was going to become a singing cook. I asked him what he would learn at World University & School, if he could learn anything he wanted? He said "Food." When they got off the train, they both shook my hand; I'm not sure why. So, I added soon a 'food' subject:

There's a lot of great teaching about food already on the web ... invitation to teach and to add great food instruction to WUaS.


Another young man, of Asian background, was working a Rubik's cube very rapidly with his hands, while listening to music. A Rubik's cube is six sided, with 9 faces on each side, and every face is rotatable on three axes. One challenge in this puzzle is to make each side the same color, after mixing up the sides.

I asked him while he was listening to music how fast he could do it, but he didn't hear me. I observed to the other kids I was talking with how there were strategies for doing Rubik's cubes, as well as mathematics for understanding what was happening.


As we were getting off the train, the Asian American kid, also around 15, and I started talking. He said he could make each of the 6 sides their own color in 5-6 seconds, so doing it now was a rote exercise in manual dexterity for him. He said he never thought about doing it in terms of algorithms, nor as math or statistics. He was really quick with his hands. He made doing it look fun.

We didn't talk about the potential for World University & School to help shape ways to think about puzzles like Rubik's cubes, but there are many ways it could help. Perhaps he'll teach and learn about Rubik's cubes at WUaS.


World University will help a lot of kids, and professionally, too. And kids' teaching at WUaS will be a learning process for kids.

( - December 19, 2009)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sow and Pigs: No Windmills in Cuttyhunk's Back Yard, Please

Here's a letter to Cuttyhunk Island's Board of Selectmen, about a proposed windmill farm off Cuttyhunk's west end, which this letter opposes.

Dear Town of Gosnold (Cuttyhunk) Selectmen,

I'm writing to give voice to putting any possible wind farms far, far from Cuttyhunk or Sow and Pigs (a small, nearly underwater reef of rocks off Cuttyhunk's West end, with very good fishing).

What does Cuttyhunk stand to gain from a huge wind factory farm off Sow and Pigs? Any Windmill company, or investors, in conjunction with the State of Massachusetts, wouldn't necessarily give any money or energy to Cuttyhunk, - unless investors live on Cuttyhunk itself. Such a Windmill company might use Cuttyhunk as a staging ground, although they probably can install industrial wind machinery from barges.

So, what does Cuttyhunk stand to gain? A big, possibly very noisy, radical change of the land- and sea-scape, due to an industrial, wind factory close to Cuttyhunk, which might interfere dramatically with fishing?

And all or most of the financial and energy benefits would go elsewhere. Why not put any windmill farm 20 miles off Cuttyhunk's shore, and have the Windmill company pay the costs of extra underwater cable to transport the energy?

In my experience, the Town of Gosnold has never taken an entrepreneurial role, and is unlikely, for example, to try aggressively to get low cost power from energy utilities and any local windmills in perpetuity, using many legal avenues to strategize how to do this, and getting involved in the planning process every step of the way, over decades. (But this would be a most sensible approach ... ). Instead, for example, the Town of Gosnold didn't want to buy the hookup for the windmill in the 1970s, which T. S. built at his own expense, just as it didn't accept free solar power to Cuttyhunk, which Alan D. mentioned in a recent email to me. Historically, Cuttyhunk has gotten most revenue from the Cuttyhunk Marina and from property taxes. I don't see this likely to change very much.

I could even envision a scenario where Cuttyhunk energy costs go up to help cover paying for 66 new, 480-feet-high (higher than 3 times higher than the highest point on Cuttyhunk) windmills - a wind farm factory - in a prime striped bass fishing area close to Sow and Pigs. I wonder, too, if fishermen who have come to Cuttyhunk to hire striped bass fishing guides, for decades, might choose to go elsewhere in the future, because "fishing under the windmills just isn't what it used to be." I see many reasons to conserve what Cuttyhunk has and put the windmills far, far from Cuttyhunk. By installing them near No Man's Land, and/or far out to sea, the State of Massachusetts will still be making significant strides in reducing carbon production contributing to global warming.

No windmills in Cuttyhunk's back yard, please,

Scott MacLeod

( - December 18, 2009)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brain - Left Hemisphere: Water World Univ & Sch with the Wetware of your Mind, 'Harbin Think,' Relaxation Response in Lotus Pose in the Warm Pool is a garden - plant a web link seed.

Let's make it flourish,

~ water World University & School with the wetware of your mind.


'Harbin Think' is partly about 'no think,' ~ about not thinking. Instead this hot springs' retreat center is about the moment - now. 'Now,' and the pools, inform its culture, and they have an effect.


I'm making a case for culture, in general, in this blog, and it is 'tangible' as counterculture at Harbin, in my experience (to make a case for subjectivity, as well).


Harbin is pretty content as it is, I think ... and it's pretty cool ...


When meditating in the Harbin warm pools {which is the relaxation response in lotus pose, naked, for me}, your arms will float up if you let go, that is, if you allow them to. This gravity-less warm-watery experience allows you to explore kinds of spaciousness in your own body, - between, for example, each joint in your body, {vis-a-vis Zhuangzi, and Angela and Victor?}.

This milieu refocuses my experience of the relaxation response and meditation, and is very releasing and enjoyable.

( - December 17, 2009)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cat Ba Leopard Gecko: How to 'Google-ize' & 'Del-i-c-ious-ize' World University & School, and Teach and Learn What We Want?

How to 'Google-ize' & 'Del-i-cious-ize,' {"Keep, share, and discover the best of the Web ~ (World University & School) ~ using Delicious, the world's leading social bookmarking service"} specific educational links (e.g. MIT OCW, 'Courses') to find what you want, e.g. loving bliss?

How to do this 'deeply,' with all of the disparate links, and teaching and learning content, on the World University & School wiki?

I added the subjects like 'fun,' 'enjoyment,' and 'love' here:

Add some teaching and learning links.

Teach to your web camera :)

To be able to have good, effective courses in these subjects, for example, would be novel indeed, in the history of education.



Cat Ba Leopard Gecko is a new species, one of 94 recently described: :)

( - December, 16, 2009)

Figian Iguana: AMAZING OpenCourseWare Consortium Course Links, Bleak Perspective?-Change Code ~ Music? Relaxation Response is Tenderizing

added AMAZING OpenCourseWare Consortium educational links to's 'Course Listings' Aggregates' - with many Languages. This is an impressive seed in the garden of World University & School, especially as it grows. It's great to have a multi-country approach to institutional opencourseware. Institutions can share their opencourseware here.

{Thanks to a friend who is on World University & School's Board of Clerks}.


A friend in FB writes:
is on the greyhound, crawling back to the Bay.

The Green Tortoise doesn't have a north south run any more that I can see, but it does have some interesting trips north that might get you there part way:)

'Arrive Inspired, Not Dog Tired" is the Green Tortoise's motto ...

The Tortoise is inspiring ... it's the culture they create i.e. it's a hippy bus ... and it's 'countercultural' in a way, and hippie travelers have fun ...


A FB friend, also someone who went to Reed, writes:

Bleak perspective from a bleak place, so take it with a grain of salt: It seems to me that the world we have created functions in accordance with money, numbers, and the arbitrary structure we have fabricated to support it all. Nothing is real. The artists are the only ones doing anything pure, the rest of uphold the lie that supports the illusion of order.


Time to explore the hippie thing on the margins? Modernity can be challenging ... Sleep and some possibilities here: ?

Change the code when things are bleak? Put on music you like ... e.g. Grateful Dead? Mozart?

Thanks for the advice. Per usual the Reed oikos ('household' in ancient Greece) comes through ...


... would like please the two manuscripts (ethnography and poetry) back that were stolen with laptop and knapsack from his car in SF on June 23.


The evening (before) is clear in berkeley. holiday lights in elmwood along the shops sparkle. two men chat on a street corner near the bakery collective ...


Relaxation response at home is 'tenderizing' in a Friendly (Q) way for humans. Is it for Pan? Kanzi? Koko? What say you? Jerry is playing - Dancing (A Twitter/Facebook post)

Relaxation response at home is 'tenderizing' in a Friendly (Quaker) sense for humans. Is it for Pan - chimpanzee? What say Kanzi and Koko? Why not ask Kanzi (a bonobo chimpanzee, a friend of primatologist Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, who 'has exhibited advanced linguistic aptitude')? or Koko (a lowland gorilla, and friend of primatologist Francine 'Penny' Patterson, who 'is able to understand more than 1,000 signs based on American Sign Language, and understand approximately 2,000 words of spoken English')? What say you? Jerry Garcia is playing on a CD as I wrote this ... I was dancing ...

As this music was playing, and moving me - the Grateful Dead are great - I learned that my uncle died ... saw some synchronicities with what I was thinking, experiencing, and hearing, during this time.

Farewell, Bruce. I mourn your passing.

( - December 16, 2009)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Frog Emerges: World Univ's 'Computer Music' Section, with Orchestras!, Translators in Second Life, Courses' Anytime - Lessening Exam Pressure?

added World University's 'Computer Music' section (with Orchestras! :) to

and here:


added two, new, free, Second Life translators to


Courses Anytime - Lessening Exam Pressure?

Staggering courses and exams - if they were virtual, for example - seems like it would be more reasonable than current academic calendars, where exams are all in one week, and is now very doable with the web.

What would be the most enjoyable and optimal class scheduling for you, if studying?

What would you love to learn? And how? Add a subject ...


Harbin Hot Springs soon ... relaxation response in warm water ... MMmmm ...

( - December 15, 2009)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Valley Dayrise: Tuning to the Valley, A Musical Sunrise Which Rocks with Sound & Light

In the evening:

hard to fathom the shades and hues of dark and light over the dark, obscured mountains to the east, but fun to observe them as they change.

In the morning:

treo (handheld telephone and internet device) as a musical instrument? redwood valley in a cloud - big & obscuring - percussive treo keys here with Grateful Dead as musical score ... dancing.

redwood ridge valley is showing light & whipple-mus clouds, around little ridge in-between ... waxing neurophysiology - amazing valley.

Tuning-to valley - big, thin cloud grows, lightness dims - ongoing developments of clouds, light, valley, redwood forest & blue sky - the valley is 'showing.'

Grateful Dead - Fillmore 1969 - Dark Star ... is traveling ... now .. o my ... listen closely, relaxedly - to life - cloud striations on the redwoods.

like a blanket but ephemeral ... cloud rises up over ridge & fills in ... can't see trees ... nature in the change ... ecological beauty - 3.5 billion years of life - valley is gone - little in-between ridge remains ... love that is positively trippy - communitas - let's grow it.

for a moment, one tree, like a tam, was jauntily visible on the little in-between ridge in thick cloud totally obscuring valley.

so much change and movement ... close my eyes and after image of tree line sawtooth remains ... valley totally obscure except for hint of high ridgeline

now little in-between ridgeline is visible - iguana's back - or is it a cloud dragon? one tree below stands out in cloud & ridge line above, under hint blue sky - very California 'taoist' landscapes, or {friendly hippie?}

I look away, then back & lots of tree tops are there in soft white clouds - can I go dance in them? Pretty valley. Son et lumiere - the Dead & valley - Grateful Dead and Canyon's redwood valley :)

and out to the east, the mountains in the distance have appeared as the day grows and the deep cloud moved on - a light mist hangs over the 1st 'moor.'

Grateful Dead - Cosmic Charlie 3/1/69 w/Band Pictures

( - December 14, 2009)

Sri Lanka Frogmouth: Building a Universitian Community, Generate Cultures of Loving Bliss?, How can Bodyminds Generate Omega 3s Naturally?

At this point, building an Universitian community - like Wikipedians, who have produced around 14 million articles in 175 languages since 2002 - is my greatest interest. If, for example, students and learners all over the world begin to teach to their web cameras and post to World University & School, we'll help ...the internet develop in significant ways, as well as learn. Please spread the word, and let's converse about this.



How to generate cultures of loving bliss, and naturally? And so that the State becomes irrelevant a disappears? Modernity rewrites a lot e.g. Amish, an Anabaptist protest movement expressly against modernity. Are India and spirituality, which leads to goodness, examples - with the comforts of modernity?


How can bodyminds generate omega 3s naturally, besides through the related processes of movement and music?


Various groups in World University & School as improvisational, chamber musicians or raga or rock musicians - over decades ... :) ?


would like Stanford & Cal to be key sources for in-class courses (streamed to web & virtual worlds) as the free, open World Univ & Sch grows


Batrachostomus moniliger

Sri Lanka Frogmouth

( - December 14, 2009)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Malachite Kingfisher: Richest, Current Resources at World Univ., Stanford iPhone Orchestra to be World Univ's Orchestra?, iPhone as Musical Instrument

World University & School pages with richest Teaching & Learning Resources:


Library Resources:

FREE Educational Software:


added Free CompTIA A+ and Network+ learning resources here: - Invitation to add more free, open courses and certifications


Besides all the remarkable, open content at World Univ, where YOU can teach, I wonder how further to generate GREAT engagement with WUaS?


wants to facilitate weaving in, for 2.8 million U.S. college-age students (actually all), great teaching & learning materials to enhance current learning possibilities through WorldUniversity.Wikia.Com - Invitation to add and teach. Invitation to make idea sharing really enjoyable :)


Saturday morning live Hawaiian-ish music at Nabolom's Bakery collective in Berkeley is rolling along preetily like ocean waves - it's a happening.


California Academy of Sciences 415 379 8000 in the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is free this Wednesday (3rd Weds.), SF, CA 94118



Scott, I apologize for putting this on your wall.
For some reason, I can't send you a message.
His e-mail is
He's an amazing man and could be a great resource.
It just depends if he has time to discuss the university with you.
He also has a blog:
Just mention my name.

Hope this helps,

Thanks! I posted this to his blog just now:

Hi Art,

Thanks for an interesting posting. Marianne Marquez suggested I contact you about a project I'm developing - World University and School, like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware - It's democratic, because it's wiki (editable web pages). Let's talk further about it. Please add teaching and learning content, as well. People can teach to their web cameras, as well as add links. It's potentially in all languages, nation states, subjects and languages. Please spread the word....

To open, free, democratic education,


'Open Source Hardware References' section, and "Make's Open source
hardware 2009" link to Hardware Resources -
also here:


Might we be able to attend any talk at any time in any university through World University & School? Let's make it so. Speakers often talk with web cameras ...

Let's extend invitations ...


Scott: MIT Open Course Ware and are abundant with learning possibilities - - curious about courses about India

Miriam: Maybe a way to incorporate UCLA's US stream?

Scott: They're here at - search on UCLA - and here, too: or you add them as a separate 'channel.' Thanks!


People are making a lot of beautiful art at the Sawtooth Building/8th St. Studios in Berkeley. It's a makers' space.


woke up - flax - relaxation response - grateful dead 1969 fillmore west from berkeley public library - canyon home dancing - blissing


Let's make World University & School { } very useful, like this - "So how on Earth does Craig's List maintain its ridiculous
popularity and growth? Very simply, because it works. It lets users
initiate and advance a transaction with an absolute minimum of time,
expense, hassle, rules, or oversight. And many times, this is exactly
what we want."


Scott: would like the Stanford iPhone Orchestra to be World Univ & Sch's orchestra. Invitation to teach & learn iPhone at WUAS music school

Ned: How about Princeton's laptop orchestra?

Scott: Added 5 computer orchestras, including Princeton's and 2 at Stanford: ... Also added 'iPhone as musical instrument' to the Musical Instruments' Teaching and Learning page:

( - December 12, 2009)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Blue Water Lilies: Let's make World University & School "All Ways Free," UC Berkeley's Charter, Free World University To Develop This, WUaS Endowment

Let's make World University & School "All Ways Free."


U.C. Berkeley, for example, was originally conceived of as free:

Assembly Bill.
No. 583.

M A R C H 5 , 1 8 6 8 .

To Create and Organize the University of California.

The People of the State of California, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows:


Sec. 14. For the time being, an admission fee and rates of tuition, such as the Board of Regents shall deem expedient, may be required of each pupil, except as herein otherwise provided; and as soon as the income of the University shall permit, admission and tuition shall be free to all residents of the State; and it shall be the duty of the Regents, according to population, to so apportion the representation of students, when necessary, that all portions of the State shall enjoy equal privileges therein.


Let's fulfill this charter's intent, and make education free to the world, by budgeting adequately for it, and raising enough money for an endowment, to do so.

I'd like to try to raise 1.5 trillion dollars over 10 years to make World University & School a reality, in all languages, nation states, subjects, and at all levels.


And the relaxation response and loving bliss concurrently? Yes, but the 'bow strokes,' or musical scores, of loving bliss, metaphorically, are still obscure.

( - December 12, 2009)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wild Ginger: WorldUniversity.Wikia.Com & School is a Gingerbread House We're Baking, One Laptop per Child, What 'Open,' in Open Source, Means

WorldUniversity.Wikia.Com & School is a gingerbread house which we're baking. Add icing and sugar plums


Add links


'Edit this Page' -

Smell it

Taste it


It's especially for One Laptop per Child countries, and for everyone ...


What we mean by Open: Software Freedom and OLPC


Asarum Canadense

Wild Ginger

( - December 11, 2009)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Paria Canyon, Vermillion Wilderness: Favorite Health Web Sites, Happiness Resources, Zero Emission Vehicles

Favorite health web sites:,, ... (for their 'search' fields) ...

and here, too -


Favorite happiness websites with ACADEMIC research and links: :) - research is at bottom ...


California has been a pace setter for decades vis-a-vis car emissions control, worldwide.

Vis-a-vis Global Warming / Climate Change, zero emission vehicles seem sensible.

Here's the Sierra Club's current perspective:

And a 2009 Zero Emission Vehicle Review:

( - December 10, 2009)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Palisades: Harbin Today & in the 60s & 70s, Harbin Books, Napa Valley Hillsides

Harbin today ... is a little quieter than I suspect it was in the 70s, and 80s (I first visited in 1993 or 1994), even though more guests visit today than then. This has something to do with cultural changes.

I imagine Harbin in the 60s, 70s and 80s was very colorful, to say the least. Check out Ishvara's book (2002) "Oneness in Living: Kundalini Yoga, the Spiritual Path, and the Intentional Community," {}, as well as Sajjad Wyne's, the current head of Harbin, book (1997) "Harbin and the Big Bang Experience" {} This latter book is very funny, and Brautiganesque. Even though they date from just a few years ago, they are both influenced by 1960s and 70s thinking.


I pulled over at a very beautiful spot in the road on my way back from Harbin, in the Napa Valley.

I was cultivating something new, for me - an observant relaxation response. Observing beautiful nature, while releasing, is also very salutary, but not as deepening, biologically.

While the vineyards in the Napa valley are beautiful, I'd like to explore the hill sides of the Napa valley, finding the quiet roads, and very obscure Vineyards and museums, for example. Where to find interesting maps for this?

( - December 9, 2009)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Natural Hot Springs: Harbin Thoughts, Great Hot Springs in the West, Harbin Moves Energy Around

Some people in the Harbin sauna mentioned the following hot springs as great:

Saline Valley Warm Springs, California, east of the Sierras
Orvis Hot Springs in Colorado
Deep creek Hot Springs near Hesperia, California
Travertine along the eastern Sierra, south of Bridgeport, CA (


One Harbin, hippie friend - very colorful and exploratory - in the dressing room at Harbin told me she's going to the Rainbow Gathering in New Zealand for the Rainbow Gathering, and then on to Thailand for a world trip. She's probably in her mid 50s, and a free and happy spirit.


I was talking with Bubblemeister, who has made many of the beautiful metal sculptures at Harbin {e.g. the amazing Dragon Gate, the whale in the water in the hot pool, the curvy metal railings with sculptural elements in the hot pool, the new wing on the wall above the warm pool}. He said the dragon's tail is 27 ft long, and its tongue, also long, is around 2 feet. This sculptor lives in Middletown and comes to Harbin frequently.


On this very cold morning, no one was in the warm pool when I went in at around 8 am. Surprised, I had never seen this before. These few days this winter in the S.F. Bay Area have been really cold.


People seem really free and happy at the Harbin dances. Perhaps it's just the dancing itself, because in Berkeley life seems a little more urban and intense and individualistic - lwith ess freedom, communitas and nature 'in the air.'


I think these are good years for Harbin in many ways.


The ease in the Harbin pools is so salutary every time. I think creating a worldwide network of pools has a lot of merit.

I was pretty aware of exploring eliciting bliss at the dance. I think this can help elicit it.


light show this morning at home in Canyon ...


Time at Harbin ... to be explored ....

Seasons - winter at Harbin is quieter ...


Biggest recent native fauna at Harbin




in the groove


Guru language / patterns at Harbin is fascinating. Why are this language, and related patterns, at Harbin. The 1960s gave rise to this.

How to engage with what I call the guru-dramas at Harbin? They are prevalent.

Women dancing for men? An African American woman danced right up to me - in a fun way, and provocatively ...


To camp is key for me in the Harbin experience - simple, rustic, close to nature


When it's cold out the warm and hot pools make everything better.

There aren't a lot of jobs in Lake County, California, especially in winter for Harbin folks.


Rebelliouness was a big part of the 60s and counterculture {in the word itself} -

Is talking in the hot pool an expression of this?


The new copper bird wing on wall above warm pool - rainbow symbol - Harbin as Rainbow


I met a beautiful woman northern California - 'up north' (originally from Connecticut)

Sad, with tears in her eyes - moving to Hawaii to study massage - she was re-orienting after breaking up with her boyfriend

& her friend, with dreads, is driving cross country to Florida to catalog a woman's library for a month

I wondered about the first woman's 're-orientation.' It's as if she recognized that re-directing her female attachment in another direction is what she needed to do. Women's attachment to men - this neurophysiology - is interesting.


Matchmaking at Harbin takes on new meaning in its beautiful milieu, with clothing optional-ness - how it works ...


normative language of Harbin in the past - hip, cool, astrological, pot smoking, workshopping

move some energy around

Harbin moves energy around ...


( - December 8, 2009)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Free Wilderness: Free, Modulatable Book, Kelty's "Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software," Information Technology Revolution

Of the about 200 academic books in ( about the Internet Revolution, only one, Chris Kelty's "Two Bits," is modulatable, - an innovation in open source and free idea sharing, significantly due to digital technologies and the internet.

Kelty, Christopher M. 2008. Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software. Durham, NC: Duke University Press.

This book is designed as an academic conversation which you can help write; it's designed to be interactively edited and modulated. You can find it here at (

'Two Bits' from Duke University Press is also available for free, as part of the free software movement, here:, where you can modulate it.

It's like a wiki (editable web pages).


Anthropology of Software - Here's a Harvard video of Chris Kelty talking about the Modulatable & Free "Two Bits" (DukeU) -


Invitation to modulate World University & School:

( - December 7, 2009)

Snow in Canyon, Arabesque, Light dusting of snow! Illuminates World

Snow's Arabesque in Canyon at Day Rise

Light dusting of snow! in Canyon, before daylight has risen. Cloud hovers in the redwood valley. It's a beautiful, illuminated world in the dark.

Snow on green leafs - soft view to west. Sky is gray and bed is warm. Snow on oak tree to east is vivid beautiful dark-light contrast. Rain on the roof.

O my goodness - arabesqued, infinite white caps on green forested valley before eliciting the relaxation response cloud atop ridge.

First ridge to east is a Scottish moor with snow. Second ridge with green growth has snow contrasted. Third rippling mountain ridge is not there ~ in clouds.

Canyon kids walk through this unfamiliar snowy world. Arabesque ridge has become subtle - snow melting quickly - change is afoot.

Redwood ridge is back in nuanced sight. Redwoods carry no snow, trees in between - arabesque, shimmery bubbles of green white. Cloud intermingles in rich, fluid movement.

Light show with landscape - pretty wild and beautiful - is here on the ridge in Canyon, California, these mornings.

Sun just came out for the first time. Redwood ridge is illuminated green & golden, ~ light clouds are drifting through. Variety & color emerge - green greetings.

Snow is on the ground - unusual for Canyon - still. It's beautiful. Working on my book ...

( - December 7, 2009)

Western Meadowlark: Freedom of Mind, Hippy Journals & Art, World Univ Wiki-Barnraising

Freedom of bodymind

Political-social constitutional freedoms, - eg speech, and

Freedom to care, as well as explore and elicit loving bliss fully, neurophysiologically and creatively.

Agency - free choice - independent thinking are great to think about and 'engage' ... We're lucky in the U.S. for this ...


Heavy rains 2 weeks ago were actually brief - we're supposed to have a week of rain now - it seems drier than the early 90s in the SF Bay Area. Data?

Copenhangen Global Warming Summit & the E.P.A. are both making significant announcements about this.

What can we notice in our own lives? What can we do? What knowledge can we generate about this?


Scott: Hippy journals, hippy art, grateful dead art. There was an amazing abundance of this. And it was wild! Where is it all? Teach this at

Friend: It's on
I had to trim a 3 hour+ bootleg down to 2 hours for a trial broadcast on

Scott: A lot of these art and writings also expressed a beautiful vision, - peace, love and happiness, and cosmic explorations. Saw some interesting hippie journals at Harbin 1-2 years ago as part of an art exhibit in the restaurant. A county museum around Mendocino also has a permanent exhibit of a hippie van plus ...

Thanks, Friend ... it's probably also in libraries around the SF Bay Area in particular, and in individual organization's libraries, and in homes, but all over...


Building-Barnraising is fun.

Wikipedia-'Barnraising' vis-a-vis World University is fun & illuminating construction.

'Edit this Page': University & School.

( - December 7, 2009)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Waterfall: Loving Bliss Neurophysiology Offset by 'Weather' ... ?, Creative Contact is Healing, Connect with World Univ

What happens when loving bliss neurophysiology, which you're cultivating, is offset by 'weather' ... ?

What to do with such 'weather' (uncomfortable or discomfiting neurophysiology) to get to bow strokes, or the musical scores, of loving bliss neurophysiology?

Relaxation response helps, in my experience ... as well as flax seed oil {for omega fatty acids}, then music {and regular, restful sleep and good diet and exercise} ...


What have I learned through contact improv about this uncomfortable 'weather' vis-a-vis eliciting loving bliss neurophysiology? Creative contact is healing ...
and can transform 'weather' ...


A Contact Improv subject and World University wiki?

Connect with World University & School ....

Invitation to add to

( - December 6, 2009)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Elephant Birth: World University & School as Public Option Please with Degree- & Credit- Granting, Free Harvard Ph.D. - Apply before New Year

Public Option Please - World University & School - with degree-, credit granting, music, & creative openness worldwide - - Free Harvard Ph.D. in education for 25 - apply this month:


Google WAVE is a cool communication tool. If you want to use WAVE together,
add to your WAVE contacts and we can
explore. Best, Scott -

( - December 5, 2009)

Cave Biology: Is Canyon a Stop on the Hippy Trail? Internet Public Library, Grateful Dead Jam

Heard some fascinating stories today about the history of Canyon, California at the Canyon School Arts Faire.

Is Canyon a stop on the hippie trail in 2009? Counterculture was about now, so it can't be ...


What are the best web sites for international networks of public libraries, worldwide? Let's add them to

found and added The Internet Public Library to see Library Resources - rich resource. WUaS is growing & has a lot! of resources ...


Let's invite public libraries around the world to list as access to great universities' FREE Open Courses, Library Resources, Educational Freeware, and invite these publics to collaborate on the development of World University & School.


... couldn't obtain "The Phantom Factor: Impact of the Cold War on Anthropology" by Laura Nader (Current Anthropology, Vol. 40, No. 1 (Feb., 1999),

at the Berkeley PUBLIC library, even,

- no JSTOR academic journals' database access -

Does this reflect an information lock down, in the land of free speech?

Societal information lock down? let's make jstor available here at the open, free through a great university

Let's get public libraries to list World University & School as first choice for access great universities' courses, library resources et al


Innovation in , like Wikipdedia, will occur through group collaboration - sharing ideas openly - eg WAVE

= plans to use Google WAVE translation between all 3000- 8000 languages over time, if possible

***** LIBRARY RESOURCES has open source textbook section with around 10 textbooks - Looking for world class textbooks ... in all languages and for all nation states - please add links


Arts Faire at the Canyon School on Pinehurst Rd today from 11-4 east of Berkeley in a redwood forest. Canyon is beautiful - come check it out


Hawaiian-ish music ~ "Friends of Old Puppy" ~ {} at Nabolom's bakery collective in Berkeley this morning - it's a 10-1 happening - I like their chocolatines, esp. & fair trade coffee


Grateful Dead, candle light, a warm, cozy home, "Dark Star -" & "St Stephen with a Rose" Jamming Music, & with it The Dead go amazing places


Gray, blue, white over the distant rippling mountains to the east. Redwood ridge to west is bright & gray. Grateful Dead are Jamming in the air... and I'm singing with ... good way to bring music-making to life ... sing along at home ... :)

( - December 5, 2009)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sun Rising: Gray-red-orange grows over the distant rippling mountains eastward

Sun Rising

Gray-red-orange grows over the distant rippling mountains eastward. The redwood ridge to the west is muted gray. Good morning to music.

The sky to the east lightens, and blue emerges. The redwood forest to the west blushes with rosy fingers of dawn. O, the rose-illuminated dark green is so soft!

The sun hints through the blue-leaved eucalyptus tree, from behind the eastward ridge. And an orange-pink cloud shines! above the redwood forest to the west in the growing blue sky. To the relaxation response.

Day is here. The eastern ranges are pale and calm in the new day. Light-orange lights the redwoods particularly. And the light just changed again!

To the east a very light cloud now hovers over the mountain-valley. To the redwood west, the ridge changes from no sun to illuminated. Such changes all around!

( - Friday, December 4, 2009)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Polar Bears and Sea Gulls: Invitation to Join World Univ & Sch, An Inspired Society of Friends' Meeting for Idea Sharing, Innovation Thru Group Collab

Please join the World University & School Google Group & Facebook pages: ~ WUaS is a wiki (editable web pages) University & School -

Facebook Page: &

Google Group: :)


added LibraryThing, TweetChat, & to & FREE Educational_Software Wiki & MIT Open Course Ware


& here:


sees like an inspired Society of Friends' (Quaker) open Meeting for Idea Sharing - like Wikipedia w MIT Open Course Ware


Innovation in, like Wikipdedia, will occur through group collaboration - sharing ideas openly


It's a whale! in the photo (click on title) ...

( - December 3, 2009)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Most Distant Space Objects: Turning Flips through the Air at the Harbin Dance, "Throw Down Your Heart," Why not sing with friends ... over the phone?

I visited Harbin yesterday and today ...

Here's an ongoing, occasional record, as ethnographic insight, into what happens at Harbin.

The weather in early December is so nice in California. We may have had only around 7 days of rain so far this fall. And the temperature is generally mild.

I went first to the pools. Alligator day had just ended. It's a regular draining and cleaning of the pools, which perhaps sometimes makes unexpecting guests feel like alligators. People in the remaining 2 feet of water or so, at its lowest, may also look like alligators, compared with when the water is high; people often look beautiful, nude, in the warm pool. People can soak in the heart-shaped pool on Alligator day, though, which is just a little cooler than the body temperature water of the warm pool. Alligator day can also be 'festive' - people chat with each other in the warm pool as the water is filling up, and the warm pool is a little less meditatively quiet than usual. I've occasionally seen large numbers of rubber duckies in the pools, as well as lots of kids in the warm pool, when the water is low, whereas kids aren't allowed in the warm pool when the water is high.

At the Tuesday night dance in the conference center, the music was great and very danceable. The space is harmonious, beautiful in a modern way with a lot of wood, and really well designed - especially for Harbin workshops and dances. I found myself turning flips through the air onto a large pile of pillows during the dance. The dances are mostly hippie boogies.

I'm amazed that Harbin in a way has institutionalized "the party," that they have created an adult playground, where kids, hippies and Bohemians of all kinds come to play. This thinking comes directly from counterculture and the 1960s. Harbin is very cool in 2009.

I wonder, too, how Harbin is performative in an anthropological sense. And while these are my ethnographic observations above, Harbin attracts a significant number of people these days, even in mid week in the winter; so variety and subjectivity of experience is diverse, and, as a whole, represents Harbin's 'culture,' - a pretty cool fabric of life. Writing or representing Harbin ethnographically might be complemented richly with an ethno-wiki-virtual-world-graphy approach, where many Harbin folks might represent it over years.

At 9, I went to see "Béla Fleck: Throw Down Your Heart," in the Harbin theater. In so doing I missed the Full Moon Ceremony in the warm pool. "Throw Down Your Heart" is an inspiring musical collaboration between a very fine banjo player (Béla Fleck), interested in African music, and musicians in a number of African villages in east Africa. The very inspirational Tanzanian musician Aniyo (sp?) seemed to have been personally transformed by music-making, in a very happy way. At one point after making music with Béla, Aniyo says "We are together," which is what music can do, and did for them in this film.

[THROW DOWN YOUR HEART, directed by Sascha Paladino, follows American banjo virtuoso Béla Fleck on his journey to Africa to explore the little known African roots of the banjo and record an album. Béla’s boundary-breaking musical adventure takes him to Uganda, Tanzania, The Gambia, and Mali, and provides a glimpse of the beauty and complexity of Africa].

After waking, I went back to the pool area in the morning. In the pool area, I began re-reading Ish's book "Oneness in Living." It's Ishvara's (Harbin's founder in 1972) remarkable record of Harbin language and thinking, and the 1960s and 70s, the New Age, and much else. I'll return to it again soon. After soaking in the pools, I ate lunch by myself outside in the now-dormant garden, sitting on the ground near an apple tree, not far from Harbin's beautiful temple (built in 2005).

Harbin creates a harmony, and kinds of togetherness, that are very far-reaching, and which emerge significantly from life around the pools. Harbin reminds me of so much, but a little, here, of the Beatle's song "Come Together." I get 'there' {to 'coming together'} at Harbin. You can too.


Time to read Alan Watts closely. He wrote about some of the themes I explore in this blog, I'm realizing, during the 1960s.


Why not sing with friends ... over the phone, for example? Why isn't this a common practice?


This is far out:

Most distant objects seeable with the naked eye:

( - December 2, 2009)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Japanese Snow Monkeys: Focus - Human Primates' Wont, Cultural Flourishings & Creation of Great Art, Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day

The weather is warm today & people here near the redwoods in Canyon, and the San Francisco Bay Area, are focused, as human primates are wont to do - some on the

It's interesting to me that we primates focus a lot, but don't often think of life this way. And our actions are often symbolically informed especially vis-a-vis reason.


Ancient Greece, the Italian Renaissance, the French Revolution, the American Revolution, New England Transcendentalism {e.g. in a way, Thoreau, Dickinson, Whitman}, and the revolutions of the 1960s & counterculture, as well as the internet revolution, (the 'revolution' meme has been compelling to humans} have all brought about profound changes, and great ones, for people, as well as great writings and art. They all involved also certain kinds of focusing. Each of these times has created a milieu for people which has been transformatory, often against any established order, and for the better of people (e.g. democracy, philosophy, mathematics, - everything in ancient Greece). And each represents a kind of cultural flourishing.


Friend {and to Harbin?}:

Here's a favorite poem of mine by Shakespeare - (Sonnet 18):

Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day?

by William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date.
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow'st;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow'st:
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.



Macaca fuscata

Wonderful photos of Snow Monkeys in warm pools:

Japanese Snow Monkeys
Japanese Macaque


To Harbin & the relaxation response in the pools :)

( - December 1, 2009)