Monday, August 4, 2008

Fruit: Remembrances of Gordon MacLeod, by Dick Robb MD

Remembrances of Gordon MacLeod

To remember Gordon is to
Think of his cheerful friendship,
Feel his interest in our lives.
Sense an inquiring mind,
Be surprised by an unexpected pun.

To remember Gordon is to
Know the challenge of wanting to understand and hear his regard for those who did,
Listen to the satisfaction of accomplishment,
Enjoy a gin and tonic and the conversation that accompanied it,
Or share a breakfast bowl of dry cereal piled high with fruit.

To remember Gordon is to
Know his love and regard for Janie,
Realize his hopes and affection for his boys,
Recall his tenacity in holding on to friends,
Think of his pride in the Boston Latin School.

To remember Gordon is to
Replay his thoughts on how to organize medical care,
Believe that hesitation and uncertainty are enemies to be combated,
Sense his pleasure in understanding how the world works,
Know his deep happiness at Cuttyhunk and his interest in its people.

Such remembrances are not easily dimmed.
He was part of us and we of him.

~ Dick Robb
August 2008

Read at Gordon MacLeod's memorial service on August 2, 2008 on Cuttyhunk Island, Massachusetts.



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