Sunday, September 14, 2008

Language: Harbin Communication

Harbin's uniqueness is partly about communication. How does this work? At Harbin today, I saw the film "When Animals Talk," (2006) which featured primatologist Jane Goodall, N'Kisi, an African Grey Parrot {who knew 1077 words at the time of this video} and her human friend Aimee Morgana, whale and elephant communication researcher Katy Payne (who has studied very low frequencies of sound, inaudible to humans, with which whales and elephants communicate, first making an association with a pipe organ at Cornell University to initiate this research), and Rupert Sheldrake. There are many animal species with unique, sophisticated, communicative systems, and these researchers above befriend and learn about communication - through communication - in their research.

How to study the unspoken communication processes - the beginnings of a language? - at Harbin Hot Springs, which seem unique and geographically specific? Is there an ecology to it?

In what ways are New Age thinking and astrology at Harbin an expression of unique communication processes? And how do the Harbin pools communicate the harmonizing effect?

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