Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bonobo Friends: How to Ease into a Living-in-the-Forest Chimpanzee Lifestyle, Cultures of Peace, and with Loving Bliss?

I'm curious how just to ease into a kind of living-in-the-forest chimpanzee or orangutan lifestyle, which has developed over millions of years, but with many of the comforts of modernity. I prefer Bonobo chimpanzees over common chimps, but both have lived quite similarly to one another over all these millions of years, compared with to humans.

I see this simply as a kind of thought experiment. Did hippies do this, in a sense?

Chimpanzee lifestyles seem simpler, freer, easier, and much more natural than humans. There's a beauty and freedom in living simply.

Here's a video that highlights an orangutan's intelligence, generosity, playfulness ...


I'm also curious about the role of culture vis-a-vis questions of peace. Quakers - the Society of Friends - have had no violence that I know of in Quaker history (from texts) within the Society of Friends (Friends have experienced violence toward them for the their beliefs), which suggests to me that, concerning violence, culture plays a role vis-a-vis human history/biology, with its significant history of war, aggression and violence.

The south of India similarly seems to have a culture that plays down violence. As just one example, it's hard to find a nonveg restaurant in the south of India. I speculate that this culture reflects Hinduism's understandings, and the valuing here of nonharming {ahimsa}.


In wondering how to ease into a kind of living-in-the-forest chimpanzee lifestyle, I wonder how we might explore this vis-a-vis the neurophysiology of loving bliss, naturally.


How to bring Friends (nontheist Friends' centered peace, simplicity, integrity, community, equality, love, happiness and social justice) and Bonobo together? And in what ways could we continue to develop interspecies friendships?

Interspecies-wiki-virtual-world-graphy, I think ... For example, both Sue Savage Rumbaugh and Jane Goodall befriend their chimp friends, other species, who are also their subjects.

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