Thursday, November 11, 2010

Water ~ Into Warmth

Water ~ Into Warmth


Brown leaves are on the ground,
And Harbin is quiet-cold in mid-November,
Yet still the pools draw, and ease,
Us home in waters' beauties ...

Into the warm water ...

Kissing us,
These waters
Ease & cleanse & free, -
And we open in the eve,
Bathing in the warmth,
And, oh, come home ...

In Morning

Receptive rhythms are all around -
Folks coming out from morning yoga, and ...

This temple,
Near which I awake,
Is a rose,

- a cobb & straw bale splendor -

And up there,
In the pool area,
Is watery wonder

- a warm, blue easy-world -

Flowing forth from earth ...

Into the warmth, and out, at ...

Harbin, in which I butterfly awake,
In my car-cocoon,

- MMmmm, the cool, autumn night -

Now, with rising sun,
Is hot, in the morn ...

So many women are beautiful here ...
One walks by, near the temple,
With her clothes on -

We are all naked in the pools,
Where her nudity sings to me -

And, whiling, most genders find
Clothing-optional ease
Here, at home, in Harbin ...

Into the warmth, and out, at Harbin, where ...

Young women ease,
Take off their clothes,
And find freedom, here,
To soak ...

Oh, the countercultural '60s,
From whence this comes,
And by which
New communal forms
Do emerge -
Thanks to social change ...
And we find
Open, nude intimacy,
Here, more free
At Harbin
Than in the
Norms of modernities ...

What, ahead, will change bring? ...

Writing, writing beautiful Harbin,
A place, a valley,
A vision, a song,
A reality ...

Yet loving bliss doesn't yet
Abound for me, or we,
Or us, or here -
Like wondrous, bow strokes
Over Yo-Yo Ma's
Bach-light, cello strings,
Creating sonorities

- yea the music -

Of our neurophysiologies,
Flowing together ...
Fourhands' Guitar, yes,
Any time, with time,
In time, ~ now & together ...

Into the warmth, and out, at Harbin, where ...

Improvisational, countercultural
{raga?} virtuosity, ~
With Bonobo life,
Finds home in
Harbin's warm waters,

On which golden
Fig leaves fall
In the autumn.

( - November 10 & 11, 2010)

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