Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Plethedon otter salamander: Archiving Process at Harvard, Drupal talk at Harvard by founder, WUaS is looking for great libraries like DPLA, WUaS's upcoming, Bookstore / Computer Store

The 'Digital Archiving Process at Harvard ... ' ...

interesting ...

And here's a new Harvard course with Computer Science professor Stuart Shieber,

all of which, with related links, are mentioned here in Stuart's May 29th blog entry -

"Processing special collections: An archivist’s workstation"

I added this, and related links, to WUaS's Library Resources ... ...


Drupal talk at Harvard, by Drupal founder ... ...

and this will be archived as well ...

added this to World University and School's Volunteers' page -

WUaS plans to become significantly Volunteer run, 

like Wikipedia, 

and also wiki, 

probably using WikiData  ... -

and WikiBase - ...


World University and School is looking for access for our upcoming students to great libraries


like Harvard's,

and so is excited about the upcoming Digital Public Library of America ...



And Drupal is another internet startup success, now with 220 employees in its complementary Acquia company - which makes Drupal's Content Resource Management database systems available to companies and businesses.

I hope World University and School may be equally, or more, successful in some years, and with the WUaS 'Bookstore / Computer Store (new and used)' in some years - -

and in all languages and countries.


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