Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Phoebastria albatrus: Tourism Studies' books, "The Road to Oxiana" (1937), "Abroad" (1982), WUaS's bookstore which needs students, WUaS 'Library Resources' wiki page to focus on developing text to audio to open up listening time vis-a-vis reading time vis-a-vis DPLA or Europeana Library, etc., eventually, Surfing movie "Riding Giants" film (2004), Steeleye Span Youtube channel, Maddy Pryor soars, WUaS Folk Rock Music wiki page


I just added Robert Byron's book "The Road to Oxiana" (Oxford 1937) here to the Tourism Studies' wiki, subject page at WUaS - - having added Fussell's book "Abroad" (Oxford 1982) earlier, when you last mentioned it.

Would like to find these books in text to audio format also at the DPLA or Europeana Library, etc., eventually - Library Resources - - to open up listening time vis-a-vis reading time.

(Would hope WUaS's Bookstore - - could even improve on the competition eventually, with some library functions, as well as being 2% less expensive, as well as plans for all large languages eventually first).

But WUaS needs students ...

Admissions - -

for the bookstore / computer store to begin to operate (probably in conjunction with the SF Bay Area Quaker Earthlight bookstore).

I'm probably heading to the film at San Francisco Friends' School on Friday, and S said he might be there as well. Any chance you will go to this film?

Let's see the surfing movie "Riding Giants" together sometime :) ...

No 'Surfing,' wiki, subject page for open teaching and learning at WUaS, yet. :)

Listening presently to a SteeleyeSpan Youtube channel, - - as I further develop WUaS, while at Stanford after hearing a good Anthropology Brown Bag talk on Ethiopia by a French PostDoc who has most recently studied in England ...

Maddy Pryor soars ...

Cam Ye O'er Frae France - Steeleye Span

and at the WUaS Folk Rock Music wiki page - :)



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