Friday, June 10, 2016

Neuron: Publish virtual Harbin from Google Street View with a 3D printer, Publish the brain at the Neuronal and Nano levels with 3D printers too?, Check out the main 3D printed items' pictures in these MIT OpenCourseWare courses

Publish virtual Harbin Hot Springs as ethnographic field site from Google Street View/Maps/Earth with OpenSim with a 3D printer ... ? For example, publish this Harbin gate area - in 3D.

Publish aspects of the brain at the neuronal and nano levels with 3D printers too?

Re my blog post from May 2016 including about Publishing a virtual Harbin as ethnographic field site ...

Hathor: Excellent Stanford talk - "Embodying the Goddess: Revealing the Practice of Tattooing in Ancient Egypt," Thanks to your talk, I may in subsequent Harbin books I write seek to make distinctions about questions of culture - e.g. "religious culture" and "culture more generally," How will all of this emerge digitally and for "publishing" Harbin in a film-realistic, 3D, interactive, group build-able, wiki with avatars, and in all 8K languages, and for later research are fascinating questions for me ...

... how best to publish a virtual Harbin with 3D printers ... re

Turning an Asteroid into a Spacecraft with 3D Printing

And then how best to similarly 3D publish astronomical processes ... ?

Check out the MIT OpenCourseWare here ... 
Check out too the MIT OpenCourseWare here ... 

And check out 


... which WUaS students taking the courses here for credit will inform some of the knowledge-generation relating to the publishing processes above ...  



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