Saturday, July 9, 2016

Lunaria annua: Minutes for WUaS's July 9, 2016 Monthly Business Meeting

Minutes for July 9, 2016, Monthly Business Meeting for World University and School

Present: Larry Viehland and Scott MacLeod (clerk and recording clerk)

Minute 1 –

WUaS will seek to get our student application form/course catalog working emerging out of Wikidata by September 1.

WUaS heard back from Wikidata’s Lydia Pintscher ":) Do you already have a candidate {lead developer}? Do you already know what exactly they should be working on? And what would be needed from the Wikidata community or the development team?"

Minute 2 –

Rainey Hancock, Jr., will no longer be on the WUaS Board of Advisors.

Thank you, Rainey, for suggesting raising the level of World University and School’s networking

Minute 3 –

Scott has applied for a MIT Media Lab junior faculty position and concerning developing World University and School as well as his actual-virtual Harbin Hot Springs' ethnographic research. 


Agenda, Announcement & News for WUaS's July 9, 2016 Monthly Business Meeting,


The next, open, hour-long, WUaS, monthly business meeting is on Saturday, August 13th, 2016. 

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