Saturday, November 19, 2016

Valbonë Valley National Park, Albania: CC MIT ocw SOIL SCIENCE courses that might interest you, Scottish Country Dancing, Sailing, German Conversation in Google Hangouts, Albania, Poland, German and Russian World University and Schools, planned in their languages


Nice to see and talk with you again at Scottish Country Dancing in Berkeley.

It's so great you're studying for your Ph.D. in soil science in Freiburg, after studying philosophy at UC Berkeley as an undergraduate some years ago. 

Here are some CC MIT OCW soil courses that might interest you -

Soil Behavior

While as wiki, you or anyone could create a new "Soils" wiki subject (planned in many languages), there isn't one new - (before we move to a new wiki emerging from Wikidata). And we might also add these courses to an Engineering subject page or or or,_Atmospheric,_and_Planetary_Sciences - let's see how this plays out.

Here too in the beginning SCD wiki page at WUaS - How to make all of these courses come flourishingly alive in new ways in an interesting question WUaS would like to focus on too. (How too to study enjoyment in learning inter-lingually?)

I didn't realize you sailed, let alone skippered while at Cal - . (I've taught sailing before - in Lasers, Bullseyes and Turnabouts).

I'm finding Peter Bothe's GermanKlub - - interesting in Google Hangouts - if you might be interested. He lives in Bremen, and about every other Saturday at 10am PT, 7pm CET, is Willkommen in Deutschland, and on Thursdays at 11 am PT is German conversation for learning. I'll introduce you if you're interested, although your German is excellent.

See you at the Scottish Country Dance holiday party in Kensington if not before.

Best regards, Scott

- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President 

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Here's some text chat from the German Hangout today:

11:19 AM
In der DDR, koennte man nur Trabi auto kaufen fuer die die nicht in der Partei waren, and ein Mercedes fuer die in der Partei waren ... Wannsinn in Vergleich zu Deutschland Ost und West heute
Amerikaner hatte "Red Scare" Probleme geschichticheweise wurde ich sage
Admir, hier wird man Albania World University and School eventuel finden (in eine neue Wiki) ... Polen auch, Doro (

Doro Kot
11:36 AM
Vieln Dank Scott;-)

11:36 AM
MIT OCW-centric

Mohamed Fadail joined group chat.

Admir Hoxha
11:45 AM
Danke Scott, das finde ich nteresant, ich habe nicht über world universitz gehört

11:45 AM
80 million Menschen dann in Deutschland
Identity und die gleiche Sprachen ...

Mohamed Fadail left group chat.

11:47 AM
Hallo Gina!
Potassium Iodide?
Bitte, Admir ...
Alle in ihre eigene Sprachen - CC MIT, free degrees, wiki
Vereinigung "Sprache" ist auch deutlich for World University and School in all Sprachen irgendwie
Danke, Peter und Alle!!! Sehr interessant ... grossartig!
Glasnost - a kind of opening
(( Vereinigung "Reden" und Wikidata in Deutschland? (irgendwie) Gibt es ein Verhaeltnis? ))
Vielen Dank!
Eine sehr interessante und wichtige Geschichte
Perhaps we can launch the WUaS Music School - - ALLE instrumenten in ALLE Sprachen geplannt
Eric Whitacre
Muse Score
Wikipedia Musik connections - suche ich ...

Doro Kot
12:27 PM
Wer sucht der findet :-)

12:27 PM
Schaffen wir ein Gospel Chor in Hangout - um zusammen zu singen?

Doro Kot
12:27 PM

12:28 PM
Danke, Doro!
Ich will Musik auf Internet zusammen schaffen!



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