Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Ovary (botany): Realistic Angela and Victor avatars in a realistic virtual earth, How such live-feeling interactive guidance could emerge interactively, and in ongoing new ways, The language describing Angela's workshop has changed to Angela's language since the other day, "Reaching Down to Open Up with Angela Farmer" in Berkeley in October!

Hey Lin, 

I kinda wanna be doing a little more yoga in my life - and would be interested in exploring facilitating wiki-aggregating a myriad of videos of Angela and Victor's courses (http://www.angela-victor.com/content/what-you-can-expect) at WUaS in a beautiful new unfolding WUaS Yoga wiki (perhaps informed by their art) - so I could explore this inner body yoga from home. What I like about their live classes is the interactivity - e.g. Angela and Victor's teaching inward journeying guidance - and their insights and ideas, vision and language {and the health benefits of the yoga-asana informed movement} shared with a specific group of people in a course, and it would be cool to explore how such live-feeling interactive guidance could emerge interactively, and in ongoing new ways, with realistic Angela and Victor avatars in a realistic virtual earth ... would love to be in Greece again in their Eftalou yoga hall with you and everyone - from Canyon. :) 


Happy Valentine's Day ... :)


Angela's coming to bErkeley Oct 7 & 8 

Cool :)


San Francisco Bay Area - East Bay Hills

World University and Schoo's wiki, 'Yoga,' subject page - http://worlduniversity.wikia.com/wiki/Yoga :) - with an invitation to 'edit this page' and explore yoga. 

Hey Lin, 

Might you come and visit me when Angela is in Berkeley teaching at Namaste Yoga - 

http://ilovenamaste.com/offerings/workshop-schedule/?mobile=false&options%5Bids%5D=3115&options%5Bsite_id%5D=607 - on Sa/Su October 7 & 8? I may try to go to this ... and who knows but also with Kir? Would be nice ...

I wonder if she'll head up to Harbin as well while here ... would you head up with her ?:)

Hi from Stanford. 


I’m not so much of a traveler any more, and I definitely don’t do Yoga.  If she were to come to Harbin again I would be tempted.


Thanks for your email, Lin! 

I find sitting yogically every morning beneficial.

I'll let you know if I find out whether she's heading to Harbin re her Berkeley teaching, but I don't think I'll find out :)

Would like here to begin a family as well as travel 3 months a year - indefinitely ! :)

Love, Scott

Happy Valentine's Day, Lin!

Found this on MIT / Harvard roboticist's Kate Darling's Twitter Feed
https://twitter.com/colindickey/status/831356534294720512 (
https://twitter.com/grok_ ) ... echoes of Watergate ... How long until DT might get impeached? 9 months?

Added some of this here - https://twitter.com/HarbinBook

New book of poetry should come out this year ~ scottmacleod.com :)

Happy Valentine's Day,

The language describing Angela's workshop has changed to Angela's language, since the other day: 

Reaching Down to Open Up with Angela Farmer

Sat, Sun Date: Oct 07, 2017 - Oct 08, 2017 From: 12:30 PM - 6:00 PM Location: Berkeley
Join us for a rare opportunity to practice with world-renowned yoga teacher, Angela Farmer. In this weekend Immersion prepare for a deep inner journey of self-discovery. Learn to tune into your surroundings in more subtle ways so that you may develop a fluid and free-flowing connection with life around us.
During this weekend, you will meet yourself with curiosity and patience, creating space to explore empowerment in a meaningful way. You will find tangible ways to take root and stabilize your body and mind, harnessing the ability to remain grounded yet flexible in difficult situations. You will lean into the strength of your back body to gather power in moving through this world with compassion.
Come open and ready to soak in the experiences, stories and insights that Angela will lovingly share in this special weekend.
Angela Farmer was one of the first Iyengar teachers to visit America, training many of the future, and now well-established, American teachers. Her focus now is less concerned with form, technique, perfection, and presentation, so that the simple art of becoming present with undoing, releasing, opening and breathing may reveal the beauty, power and innate joy of life.
Price: $350 for Saturday + Sunday*


Love, S

Yes, the interview is very interesting.  I do feel a strong affection for Angela, and the pictures of Eftalou always evoke fond memories and feelings.
- Lin

I do too, and me too :)
- Scott

{I really like Victor as well, and their teaching together adds balance:}



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