Saturday, June 9, 2018

Mount Rainier National Park: Minutes for World Univ & Sch / WUaS Co, June 9, 2018

Minutes for World Univ and Sch, June 9, 2018

Minute 1:

New Machine Learning wiki subject page at World University and School - See, too: Peter Norvig, head of AI - Google's Approach to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - - where WUaS seeks to develop online Universities in conjunction with this approach. (See, too -

Minute 2:

World Univ & Sch Live Hangouts on Air in Group Video are now meeting on Mondays at 10am Pacific Time for Idea-sharing, Questions, Thoughts and Conversation -

Minute 3:

WUaS is seeking ~100 matriculating undergraduate students this autumn in English for free-to-students' best STEM CC-4 MIT OCW-centric online degrees (not endorsed by MIT – see MIT licensing clarifications: as we seek to accredit potentially with WASC senior (contingent on funding).


WUaS Corporation

Minute A:

WUaS Corporation seeks to develop WUaS Bookstore and Academic Press - - with machine learning wiki subject page at World University and School - - too, and in all ~200 countries’ official languages and all 7,097 living languages. (See, too: &

Minute B:

New beginning Bookstore ComputerStore … at WUaS Co @WUaSPress as educational services for @WorldUnivAndSch

Scott MacLeod
(Acting president and secretary of the WUaS Corp)

- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President  
- World University and School



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