Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sequoia sempervirens: Reaching out to Stanford re World Univ and Sch, and particularly to Stanford Law, (and to Stanford Medicine eventually too)

Hi M,

Stanford has a garden ... but I haven't been there too much.

As I texted yesterday evening: "music-making this evening - Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) - trollspolska is the last tune ... hoping you had a good day. Reached out to a bunch of senior Stanford Profs about WUaS's ~200 planned law schools. Keeping my finger's crossed after a long dry spell of 11years that WUaS's fortunes change and rise. More later."

We didn't play the hambo 'trollspolska' however.

Here's the email I sent in reply to Roland Vogl's announcement for this Thursday's Stanford Law CodeX, and to these people:

Roland Vogl
Larry Viehland
Jim Spohrer
Janet Carlson
"Brennan, Karen"
Hank Greely
Edward Smyth MD
Robert Harrington MD
Michael McConnell
cc: codex_group_meetings@... stanford.edu ...

Thank you for sharing the videos from Stanford Law CodeX as well!

As a result of talking with the Colombian human rights' legal tech people after last week's CodeX, I blogged a bit about this and more - https://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/2018/09/sarcodes-engineered-ai-still-matters.html.

Please keep in mind World Univ & Sch's ~200 planned online law schools in those countries' official / main languages, and as potential teaching career opportunities for Stanford Law Students:

Law Schools at World University and School (planned in main languages in them):

Afghanistan Law School at WUaS: https://wiki.worlduniversityandschool.org/wiki/Afghanistan_Law_School_at_WUaS

Brazil Law School at WUaS: https://wiki.worlduniversityandschool.org/wiki/Brazil_Law_School_at_WUaS

China Law School at WUaS: https://wiki.worlduniversityandschool.org/wiki/China_Law_School_at_WUaS

Egypt Law School at WUaS: https://wiki.worlduniversityandschool.org/wiki/Egypt_Law_School_at_WUaS

India Law School at WUaS: https://wiki.worlduniversityandschool.org/wiki/India_Law_School_at_WUaS

Jamaica Law School at WUaS: https://wiki.worlduniversityandschool.org/wiki/Jamaica_Law_School_at_WUaS

Mexico Law School at WUaS: https://wiki.worlduniversityandschool.org/wiki/Mexico_Law_School_at_WUaS

World University Law School: https://wiki.worlduniversityandschool.org/wiki/World_University_Law_School

While re last Thursday, the https://wiki.worlduniversityandschool.org/wiki/Colombia_Law_School_at_WUaS isn't yet begun, WUaS would love to hire Stanford students and the affiliated CodeX lawyer community to help develop them, when we get operating financially (and WUaS is waiting to hear about one quite small NSF grant to hire potentially Stanford students as graduate school instructors and similar).

See you soon, Scott
- https://twitter.com/WorldUnivAndSch
- https://twitter.com/WUaSPress

M - many of these Stanford faculty members are in its Law School, with John Hennessy being Stanford's former president for 16 years and now the Chair of Alphabet/Google, and Bob Harrington MD being the chair of the Stanford Medical School.

Hoping to get unstuck a bit re Scratch programming and Karen Brennan at Harvard (and a Scratch project with the name "Getting Unstuck") ... (I've called this being in a kind of limbo for 11 years re developing WUaS or even longer ... and financially esp.) ... but getting unstuck may be a possibility here ... but WUaS is an enormous project and opportunity for Stanford as well - and these are the folks who could think it through.

Not sure what the next steps are here, and re getting unstuck," but am glad I reached out to these people with these budding online law schools ... and re developing machine learning and legal information technologies.

Do you have a class today? What are you up to?

L, Scott


[codex_group_meetings] Next CodeX Mtg (9/20 @1.30p PT): CourtQuant; Quantstamp - SLS N112 (or via Zoom)

Hi Everyone,

Our next CodeX meeting is this Thursday (September 20), from 1.30p to 2.30p PT, in Room N112 of the Neukom Building of SLS (or via Zoom link below).

Our guests will be:

Ludwig Bull, CTO, CourtQuant. CourtQuant is an AI startup based in London, growing out of a research project at the University of Cambridge, which aims to predict litigation outcomes with high accuracy, analyze lawyers, and select the best ones for individual cases, while supplying clients with the litigation history of anyone who has appeared in court in the US and the UK. Both Jozef and Ludwig will present remotely.

Steven Stewart, Co-Founder/CTO; Jared Harrill, Community Development; Linda Selker, VP - Head of Legal; and/or Olga Mack, VP of Strategy, Quantstamp. Quantstamp helps to secure blockchain applications such as smart contracts, and is developing a protocol for smart contract verification, performing professional audits and consultations, and developing security tools. All Quantstamp team members will join us at SLS.

See you then!


P.S.: As last week's second presentation was not available to our remote audience, we're providing the link to the Sept 13 group meeting video below; you can also view past meetings on the CodeX YouTube playlist here:

Codex | Weekly Meeting | Sept. 13, 2018


Meeting ID: 586 446 628 
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://stanford.zoom.us/s/586446628

Or Telephone:
US: +1 650-724-9799 or toll-free: +1 855-880-1246 or +1 877-853-5257 
 International numbers: https://zoom.us/u/dyJkFCTPw 

For higher quality, dial a number based on your current location.



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