Monday, March 14, 2016

Cumulus clouds: Getting the word out about free university, Harbin ethnographic book, Visiting Harbin with Quaker Friends, Reaching out to young Friends in California, the US and around the world for planned free CC online university, Harmonic Convergence

Hi Scott,
   Where are you and what are you up to?   Sure do miss you at Harbin.   All the best,  Barbara Christwitz

Hi Barbara!

Nice to get your email, and how are you and Bill?

Began publishing my Harbin book - - on Valentine's Day, and am hoping to get a paper copy into my mother's hands by her birthday in Penna on April 2, and also create a new Academic Press at WUAS planned in all 7,097 languages in the process ... ... a twofer in a sense ... 

Hoping to check in to Harbin again in the autumn for camping and soaking ... 

Just had WUaS monthly business this morning (seeking high school student applicants this autumn for free, MIT, CC online bachelor's degrees - taking around 36 courses). 

Am heading to Meeting in SF in the morning - with daylight savings' time!

What are you up to? 

All the best, 

Dear Scott,
   Nice to connect.  I'm now on M & O for Quarter and wondered if you are still interested in getting the word out about free university.   Have you given presentations and if so,  how does a presentation look?    Shall we talk?   Barbara

Hi Barbara,

Thanks very much for your email, and great. I'm attaching my 

"Truth and Transformation: 

Growing the Religious Society of Friends

in many languages, and

with planned Ph.D.s & professional degrees" 

FAHE presentation - - (see, too: and from June 2015 which I shared in Newberg, Oregon, at George Fox University, about Friendly-informed World University and School - a free university. If I were presenting this at Quarterly Meeting, for example, I'd develop it further in consultation with you. 

I'll call you in the next few days to talk further and perhaps after you've had a chance to look through this slide presentation, and possibly even with you editing it as you brainstorm this. It might be great to take such a presentation on the Quaker way and to make presentations at Yearly and Quarterly Meetings and Friendly gatherings around the world. You'll also find a video I made with Sherri M

WUaS F/friendly/Quaker Outreach for Friends General Conference, FAQs

of SFFM as outreach a few years ago here on the WUaS main page -  

Although WUaS was invited again to give a presentation at FAHE in Woodbrooke Quaker Center in England this year in June, unfortunately WUaS won't be able to reach out to Young Friends in the British Isles due to lack of money, and WUaS is seeking its first applicants this autumn, to matriculate online in autumn 2017, as if applying to Haverford, Swarthmore, Guilford or Earlham colleges, or to MIT or Stanford, first in English. 

Greetings to Ed. 

Friendly cheers, Scott

I just now skimmed through your power point which looks quite organized and inviting.   I want you to present an  interest group at College Park Quarterly Meeting at Ben Lomond Quaker Center, and hope that others agree with me.   Would you be available 13th, 14th, 15th if others would agree to your interest group?   That would be the first step to see about your availability.   Thanks,  Barbara

Hi Barbara,

Yes, sounds good and I've noted the May 13,14,15 dates in my calendar, and also don't think I have anything else scheduled then otherwise. (But I may have to seek some financial support from SFFM for CPQM itself).  Looking forward to facilitating an interest group if this works out. 

Friendly regards, Scott

Great, Rose, and NTF planners, 

Glad to hear a Young Friends' NTF workshop was accepted recently at FGC, and re potential NTF out reach for free online CC (CC MIT OCW and CCYale OYC) university at Friendly-informed CC WUaS. 

Greetings from the WUaS hive meeting space at AFSC / San Francisco Friends Meeting. 

Friendly regards, 
Hi David, Rolene, John and Charles,

Nice to share Meeting with you yesterday, Rolene.

Very glad Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Charles Nelson, aka Eon, dean of Cyberspace, who may have been to Harbin in the 60s/70s just tweeted "harmonic convergence." Check out @_eon_'s Tweet: which I retweeted re the "harmonic convergence" photo in my upcoming book - Check out @scottmacleod's Tweet: .

Feels like way is further opening to press the publish button for my Harbin book in CS and perhaps re Ish, Harbin's founder.

Glad too Barbara Christwitz, in Lake County, whom I also know partly thanks to Harbin as well as Friends, and who's on M&O in the Quarter (College Park) just got back to me about helping to get the word out about free university re WUaS ... so very glad to read this.

In my Harbin book I write about how Barbara, Ed, her husband and I held Quaker Meeting in the Harbin Temple as it was being built in 2005.

Will call her back from the WUaS hive meeting space at SFFM/AFSC shortly.

Friendly regards,



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