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Northern Goshawk: Shakespeare's MacBeth online? Act 4, Scene 1? Double, Double, Toil and Trouble ... Online matriculated students at WUaS will probably write reviews about other online students enacting Shakespeare's plays, Online Shakepeare Players Company and at World University and School :), Italian language WUaS, Theatre Arts, Film and Film Making at WUaS

Hi Ants, Koh, Marc, Dorota and Scot,

I'd like to introduce you all to one another. Marc, Dorota and I made this Act V Scene V Shakespeare ( video together up on Twin Peaks in SF in 1999, when Marc was a immune-system researcher at UCSF and Dorota was working as a Computer Technologist with a SF company. You'll find it here - - accessible from here - (I was able to view it from Safari browser but not Chrome browser).

Koh is also a UCSF researcher in biology, and Ants, his wife, works at the Italian Cultural Institute (for only 32 more days or so!) in SF, but did her Ph.D. in Edinburgh Scotland on the Iranian criminal system. Scot is a a video professional. Marc is from French-speaking Switzerland, Dorota originally from Poland, Koh originally from Japan, and Ants originally from Italy with a Scots' father, and Scot and I are from the U.S.

I'm writing with a further Shakespearean online innovation possibility. Might we all 6 create a Shakespeare-informed film, perhaps by meeting in a Google group video Hangout to enact another scene from MacBeth? (Could we also, for example, figure out how to put the stone wall from Twin Peaks in the above MacBeth film-let from 1999 behind each of us in our rooms differentially? :) Perhaps we could pick another scene with Seyton in it, which Marc played in 1999 - - for character consistency too. But here are all the scenes, for perhaps a different one, if we wanted to explore this further? Better perhaps to pick a scene with 6 different roles ?  Here's a list of scenes from MacBeth from MIT - ...

Easier to meet in group video I think ... :)

Perhaps we can become the Online Shakepearean Players Company and at World University and School :)

Friendly cheers, Scott

Act 4, scene 1, with the 3 witches (Double, double, toil and trouble ... ) looks interesting and like it has many roles in it ... :)

With a Scottish Small Piping duet with Ants, who is learning piping, and myself, like the piping in our Act 5 Scene 5 from 17 years ago? (Just exploring ... and Shakespeare is amazing :)


MacBeth Act 4, Scene 1?

MacBeth index of scenes -

Here's a recent MIT review of MacBeth - - and something online matriculated students at WUaS will probably write reviews about other online students enacting Shakespeare's plays ...


Hi Ants, Marc and All,

Are you familiar with long-time MIT Italian instructor Dr. Paola Rebusco, Ants? I just posted this MIT OCW post - 

Buona Festa Della Donna! - to - .

Check out one of a few MIT OCW courses about learning Italian ... ...

She and this MIT OCW may be WUaS's entree into Italian WUaS ...

And re what I sent you the other day, Ants :
Here's a G+ post from last year with much about Italy WUaS, Italian language WUaS (not yet in Italian) and Opera WUaS in wiki schools too even and more :)

Italian is one of four official languages in Switzerland ( - not yet in Italian!) as well, I think, Marc!

Sounds like a fun way to share meals and learn a language ... and in Google group video Hangouts ?
Speak Italian With Your Mouth Full ? What do you think, Professor Antonia?

Va bene, Scott


Ok, ok,
well she's Latvian ... ... singing Italian aria ...  Kristine Opolais, O mio babbino caro, Puccini  ... and o what a voice ... ... and ability to go "there" virtually in what she elicits and evokes as an actress opera singer :)

I won't seek to see if she might help with Harbin ethnographic translation into Latvian :)

And here's Madame Opolais in Tosca - ... what a voice! What Opera ... Italian Opera is encroiable!

Hi Ants and All,

But this is what I gravitate toward taste-wise musically ... ... my Italian opera as it were .. and with which I more frequently can elicit neural cascades of pleasure of most pleasant qualities, varieties and intensities ... with

Credo di essere un po 'di una testa Grateful Dead ... What do you think, Ants? ... Did I say I think I'm a little bit of a Grateful Dead-head effectively via ?

And planned in many languages at WUaS ... and many related subjects by all of us are anticipated too ...

Grateful_Dead -

Loving_Bliss_(eliciting_this_neurophysiology) -

What do you all gravitate toward taste-wise musically and for neural cascades or pleasure ... or which gets you most in one quality of that "zone"? :)

Might we create a Shakespeare-informed film where mice starting multiplying and expanding in your flat ... each mouse delivering the lines from each character from all 36 plays by Signor Shakespeare/Shakespeare-san ... (with a little animation / digitization help:)? Poor wee miceys yet coming to a wonderful home! Perhaps you can write another related story with many Shakespearean voices in it? :)

Theatre Arts at WUaS - 

Film - 

Film Making - 



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