Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lakes: Academic Director of Online Education, Yale Professor and a leader of CC Yale OYC and creating an online course catalog for high school students and their parents by coding World University and School MediaWiki into Wikidata / Wikibase as WUaS begins to seek to accredit with BPPE and WASC senior

Dear Professor Wright,

Greetings. I'm writing to you as Academic Director of Online Education and as a leader of CC Yale OYC - - on behalf of CC World University and School (WUaS) ...  I'm writing to explore further WUaS collaboration possibilities with CC Yale OYC itself. WUaS is like Wikipedia (now in 300 languages) with best STEM CC OpenCourseWare, and plans to develop wiki schools in all 7,097+ languages in CC MediaWiki/Wikidata/Wikibase (which are all part of the Wikimedia Foundation and which supports CC Wikipedia), and develop accrediting best STEM CC OCW-centric universities in all nation states' official/main languages.

CC 501 (c) (3) WUaS seeks to accredit partly on CC Yale OYC first in the state of California with both BPPE and WASC senior, and eventually in large countries' main languages. In the process of our gradual growth, WUaS is now seeking high school applicants this autumn 2016 to apply to WUaS and matriculate online (possibly 2,000 students) in English in the autumn of 2017 for online CC free bachelor degrees and graduating potentially in the spring of 2021. 

To this end, WUaS seeks to develop a kind of online course catalog so that high schoolers and their parents in all 204 nation states (per the 2008 Olympics) can begin to decide whether to apply or not to WUaS this autumn first in English. In order to do this, WUaS would like to explore developing CC Yale OYC in many languages (as well as CC MIT OCW in its 7 languages) in Wikidata / Wikibase with A.I. and machine learning, and anticipating developing an universal translator with this as well. 

While CC WUaS plans to offer Bachelor, Ph.D., Law and M.D, degrees, as well as IB high school diplomas, in many languages online for free (since CC) to students around the world first in English, CC WUaS will also explore the possibility of fundraising on some portion of the ~ $44,000 per year per student that it costs to go to MIT for tuition, for example, from nation states' and regional governments, depending on the size of the country, and would like to collaborate with Yale OYC in this and share some of what we are able to fundraise as well with CC Yale OYC. 

WUaS seeks to become the Harvard of the Internet and in all countries' main/official languages and also to become a major academic employer in all 7,097 languages with both wiki schools and major online universities. 

In what ways would it be possible to best communicate further with the general counsel of Yale OYC about this please, or what would you suggest otherwise, Professor Wright? (My father was a professor at Yale from about 1966-1972 involved in setting up community health plans). If you'd suggest communicating with legal counsel at Yale OYC, whom would you suggest contacting? 

Thank you.

All the best, 

P.S. I'm also including Dr. L.V. in this email, who is the chair of World University and School's Board. 



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