Monday, March 28, 2016

Golden Trout: WUaS would like to request of MIT that WUaS be able to use the following MIT OCW courses, Venezuela WUaS and Romanian WUaS, recent fascinating talk online at Princeton University on ISP access, Cecilia basically just said yes ... :))

Dear Cecilia (Associate Dean of Online Learning at MIT), 

Thank you for your prompt reply last week. 

WUaS would like to request of MIT that WUaS be able to use the following MIT OCW courses plus other undergraduate courses of the 2,300 in English, per the terms of use you sent, developing these in WUaS MediaWiki and adapting these in the related Wikidata / Wikibase database, eventually in many languages. 

These include the following courses that WUaS has sketched out for a possible first year of study by WUaS's first matriculated undergraduates beginning in 2017 - - as well as here in a beginning spreadsheet of "Courses for WUaS Credit" (which Larry Viehland put together last September 2015) - - as a starting place for a course catalog in the Wikidata database, which is developing with Linked Open Data, RDFs, and AI in other ways, and as a further form of adaptation of MIT OCW. 

Students applying to accrediting WUaS this summer would look through this page and at these courses, and select the courses they might plan to take beginning in autumn 2017, as part of their application process in the autumn of 2016.

Would it be ok for WUaS to use these courses in this way please? And given that the MIT OCW links may be seen in some of this WUaS course catalog process, can CC WUaS use these visible links as an additional form of attribution to CC MIT OCW as well please?

Thank you, 

Cecilia basically just said yes ...

N: Momentous day here in hearing back affirmatively from MIT Dean of online learning Cecilia d'Oliveira about CC MIT OCW - that CC WUaS can use and adapt CC MIT OCW in a wiki and as a course catalog in the Wikidata database, consistent with their licensing terms ... and re the Berkeley Law course WUaS is currently a "client" in.


Hi Ralph and Julian, 

Very nice to talk


Rafael Araujo
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Copa Libertadores de America

Iulian Dumitraşcu joined group chat.

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Both of your Englishes are excellent

How to make such subtitle video translation  … CENTRAL to Universal Translator …? 7097+ Languages

- There was a recent fascinating talk online at Princeton University on ISP access -
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you'll find newly the WUaS in MediaWiki ...

English language WUaS:

German language WUaS:

... Berkeley Law "New Business Practicum": Reception, Thank you!, Great to meet your excellent students, The 3 platforms CC WUaS is planning to develop in are - a) CC Wikidata/Wikibase/MediaWiki developing in all ~300 of Wikipedia's languages as wiki for open teaching and learning b) potentially Quickbooks with Multi-store, importantly in many of its language and engaging the tax systems its developed in in other countries, b1) possibly BitCoin with BlockChain in all ~200+ countries that WUaS plans to offer degrees in and pay faculty and staff, and in their main languages connecting with banks as well, and via WUaS's planned law schools, c) Google Classroom / Google Education, for which WUaS is verified, and planning to develop also with Google Translate, Street View/Maps/Earth (as kinds of classrooms) and with other Google I.T., [Wikidata] Wikiversity getting language links via Wikidata, Good introduction to Wikidata in Wikiversity ...

MIT OCW Home » Courses » Translated Courses ...
with its Creative Commons' licensing in 6 languages, mostly translated by universities in other countries ...



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