Friday, January 16, 2009

Cardamom Flower: Singing with Your Partner, Eliciting Bliss Through Harmonizing, Mango Lassi, John Muir

I'm curious to explore how singing together, a cappella and improvisationally, with a partner might elicit bliss ...

Listening to the a cappella singing group Chanticleer's "Loch Lomond" on their compact disk Wondrous Love brought tears to my eyes today.

In what ways was this a kind of technological, or even a bodymind computer-like, process, which can inform ways to elicit loving bliss, for example? Computer-wise, the input here is the music, my bodymind 'read' or 'processed' the tones as beauty, and the output was tears and far-reaching feelings. But the music (code) as input to your bodymind computer (software shaped by taste and subculture, that is, the music you and your friends like) changes through our lives.

If only I could sing like Chanticleer with a partner, we'd elicit a lot of bliss ...

Practices, sweet practices: singing together beautifully and improvisationally is an amazing practice to develop.


A sublime drink: Mango Lassi - blend equal parts of mango and yoghurt with half as much milk, and add a little ground cardamom on top ... MMmmm ...


Naturalist, conservationist and writer John Muir was 'extreme' or engaged in ways he explored wilderness. {} He got into the most interesting situations, by traveling as remotely and exploratorily in wilderness as possible, and then learned from, and wrote about, them ... :)

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