Saturday, February 21, 2009

Natural Bridges: Day at Harbin, Relaxation Response, "Thinking by Cases"

I arrived at Harbin last night around 10 pm, giving a friend a ride from the SF Bay area. A cold was coming on, so I decided not to head to the pools, but instead to find a platform to sleep out under the night sky on. I used two sleeping bags, a thermarest and a ground cloth, with no tent, and sleep very well outside at Harbin, almost always.

In the morning, with dew on my top sleeping bag, having slept out across the road from Mainside, and not too far from the new restroom, I put my sleeping bags in the my vehicle, because the sky had clouded over, and it seemed like it might rain, and headed to the pools. I enjoy walking along the village path for about 1/3 of mile, and coming into the pool area, after being away for only a few days was, again, lovely. The dressing room was still being cleaned, and the weather was good, so I put my bags on a bench under the grape arbor, and near the new L-shaped cold pool - like we most people do when the weather is good - took off my clothes, took a shower, and went into the warm pool.

There were two women and one man there, all naked, at a little after 6:30 in the morning. Everything eases when you enter the pool. I often elicit the relaxation response in the morning when I first enter the warm pool, sitting in padmasana. I started exploring the relaxation response like this in the warm pool a year or two ago, I think - maybe longer - and I find this salutary and great. The warm water is so easing, and is slightly buoyant, so that relaxing this and relaxing this, happens freely ....

went to the heart shaped pool, saw a friend,

went to breakfast in the restaurant

talked with people I knew and new friends, especially about open source technologies and freeware

went upstairs through the library, and had an espresso, talked with missy, about the benefits of flax seed oil - omega-3s

read anthropology "Thinking by cases, or: how to put social sciences back the right way up" about case studies ... which was in my browser window on my computer

Singlove stopped by with a computer part in the Blue Room, so I went to help him install it at his place ...

He dropped me off, and I went into town to work on the internet, where I edited some of these blog entries ...

Now I'm heading back to town (around 1:45 pm, Middletown, California, on February 21, 2009)...

And loving bliss, naturally, when and as we want it ....:) How?

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