Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Spring Rain: Listening to Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod, Great piper PM Donald MacLeod's piobaireachd

MacLeod Pacific Region friend posting in FB:

I took the opportunity on the way back to listen to the Dame Flora (the 27th chief of the Clan MacLeod) stories CD... she had recorded stories back in 1969 or so and they were recently reissued by the Clan MacLeod ... what a treat ... to hear the stories I have read and told so often and hear her spin on them. If you have your Clan MacLeod magazine (, I encourage you to order a copy ... quite lovely.

(I wrote to Dame Flora MacLeod of MacLeod from Connecticut around 1972 to ask about how to begin to play the Scottish Highland bagpipe, and she replied from the Isle of Skye in the Hebrides, suggesting I contact Seamus MacNeill in Glasgow who had started the College of Piping. What a treat for a little yankee).


In a similar vein, I'm listening to, and learning from, the great piper PM Donald MacLeod's piobaireachd (pr. pibroch) CDs. There are actually 20 volumes (a wonderful resource), and with cantaireachd (teaching of pipe music by singing, pronounced 'cantroch'). His piping and compositions are among the most enjoyable - there's something about his lyricism. :)

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