Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mauve Phyllidiella Pustulosa: Jacques Lacan: the real, the imaginary order and the symbolic order, The actual and the virtual

Harbin ethnography:

... And it emerges from the human ability to make things in digital spaces - the Age of Techne (Boellstorff 2008: 58).

On a related note, the cryptic French psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan's, conception of the structure of the psyche offers useful perspective in conceptualizing the virtual vis-a-vis Harbin Hot Springs. Lacan conceives of the structure of the psyche as tripartite, consisting of the real, the imaginary order and the symbolic order (Malcolm...) (On the Structure of the Psyche –, which relationships inform ways of the individual relating to the world. As separate 'registers,' these structures, for Lacan, influence how individuals engage with objects in life. In brief, I suggest here that actual Harbin valley and waters 'maps' onto a Lacanian concept of 'the real,' whereas virtual Harbin maps onto the symbolic, mediated by multimedia (Packer and Jordan). And in considering the relationship between actual and virtual, the real is the 'actual,' and the symbolic is the 'virtual,' while the imaginary correlates to ineffable culture (which, I suggest, is 'counterculture' at Harbin). Lacan's characterization of the psyche informs a reading of virtual and actual, pointing to the experience of the virtual as taking place in bodyminds.


One aim of this book is ethnographic ...

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