Monday, December 6, 2010

White Weasel: Recap -Courses, Subjects, Languages, Nation States, Research, Library Resources, FREE Educational Resources, Museums, Hardware

Here's a recapitulation of World University and School's main foci:

Courses & Schools (yours & great universities' ocw),

Subjects (Any),

Languages (All 3,000-8,000, where each language is its own open, wiki school & where possibly 50-100 become accredited universities, with law schools, medical schools and other degree granting),

Nation States (200-ish with countries and territories; focus on law schools, accreditation and text books),

You at World University (who you are, what you'd like to learn, what you've studied, what you teach or would like to teach or do at WUaS, your records if you take degrees)

Research (open and wiki, but also with brain, bodymind and linguistic, as well as medical, focus),

FREE Educational Software (let's aggregate all the great, free educational software, as well as program some),

Library Resources (with online access in all languages),

Museums (All online museums in all languages, with substantial online collections, and connect them),

Hardware Possibilities (low cost - OLPC idea)

(and the World University and School Foundation - with Master and Business plans)

are the Main Pages & Foci of WUaS ... a free, open Teaching & Learning wiki - -

with a budding Medical, Law & Music Schools & so much more already ...

like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware, Berkeley Webcast, Yale Open Yale Courses

( - December 6, 2010)

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