Sunday, September 23, 2012

She dappled sun

She dappled sun 

She dappled sun
in grass green gold and oak
this illuminating afternoon
along the way,
in Lake County, California,
to Harbin.

Driving offered flying
as I danced and rolled
with the curves on the road,
smooth-delighting in the
unfolding light
as music through
these tunnel trees
of forests, in sunbelt California -
dreamlike drive-movements of
with blissing,
while descending the hill
from Mt. St. Helena
to Middletown.

Valley offered slow,
and warm wet
and then ease
with oneness,
In the field, -
And I yielded
in this freedom ...
soon in the flickering 
blue waters.

But first I walked
to the half village,
near the Warehouse,
along its less trod path,
to bring Heartsong
a birthday torte,
raspberry, made in France
and procured in Napa,
a surprise on his doorstep
for the morrow. 

Alighting to write
along this way,
I smelled fragrance
in nature,
mint-ish, but suffusing the air,
and saw grapeleaves on
vines spread in around light,
rising also from the forest floor.

How to honor Heartsong's birthday
in specialness, and with care,
quietly, at Harbin,
for to generate loving energy
for him on this day?

I left at his door the torte,
as well as some little, neon, birthday candles,
only to find out later, 
near the cold plunge and sauna, 
that Heartsong is traveling,
far, far away, ~ and for weeks. 

Heartsong offered torte 
on his birthday
from his doormat
on a dappling sun, 
illuminating day, -
thank you, and
happy birthday, Heartsong.

Wednesday September 19, 2012


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