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Limonium: WUaS 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status and the Gold level at Guidestar, 5 items - Goals, Strategies, Capabilities, Indicators, Progress, The listing (affiliated with the IRS - Internal Revenue Service) for World University and School has been public since July 2014

WUaS 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status and Gold level at Guidestar ...

WUaS has already received / reinstated 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status and Silver and Bronze levels at Guidestar

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Quahogs: The listing (affiliated with the IRS - Internal Revenue Service) for World University and School is now public (July 18, 2014) -

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WUaS 501 (c) (3) tax exempt status and the Gold level at Guidestar, 5 items - Goals, Strategies, Capabilities, Indicators, Progress, The listing (affiliated with the IRS - Internal Revenue Service) for World University and School has been public since July 2014



MIT OCW-centric wiki World University and School's goals ( include creating online wiki schools in all 7,106+ languages for people-to-people teaching and learning, and accrediting online Bachelor, Ph.D., Law and Medical degrees, as well as International Baccalaureate (I.B.) high school diplomas, in many of 242+ nation states, first in English, then in United Nations' and large languages, and then in some "smaller" languages. WUaS plans also to create an online Music School in all languages, for example, and for all instruments, each a wiki subject page to begin. WUaS also plans to aggregate most online libraries and museums in most languages. And WUaS plans to develop an Universal Translator, among other goals. WUaS also plans to become the MIT / Harvard / Stanford / Oxbridge of the Internet in all languages and countries. (Wikipedia is in 288 languages and  MIT OCW is in at least 8 non-English languages, by way of comparison).


In adopting a long term plan of action of becoming the MIT / Harvard / Stanford / Oxbridge plus of the Internet in all languages and countries, and over centuries even, Creative Commons' licensed WUaS plans first to build out, and aggregate, in these main areas online: Courses, Subjects, Languages, Nation States, Library Resources, Museums, Research, Educational Software, You at WUaS, and Hardware Resource Possibilities, and in many languages, as inter-lingual wiki (editable web pages), and probably in Wikipedia's Wikidata/Wikibase (see also, for example - and WUaS also plans to accredit upon and aggregate CC MIT OCW (OpenCourseWare - see, for example - now in more than 8 languages (e.g., as well as CC Yale OYC (Open Yale Courses - e.g.

WUaS's Business Plan ( as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization includes:

- fundraising from foundations, governments and individuals, both in the U.S. and internationally;

- an online bookstore / computer store for text and course books and learning resources planned for all 7,106+ languages;

- collaboration financially with governments in all 242+ countries in main languages in them, for free (since CC) and MIT OCW-centric University (Bachelor, Ph.D. Law, M.D., and I.B.), and high school, degrees.


Besides engaging the resources of Creative Commons' licensing, and Wikipedia's new CC Wikidata/Wikibase inter-lingual database, WUaS also plans to build both a faculty of graduate student instructors, and eventually full time university faculty, as well as grow a volunteer community in most of 7,106+ languages. In addition, WUaS plans to build courseware-wise on MIT OCW, and especially its STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics - e.g.,_Technologies,_Engineering_and_Mathematics#World_University_and_School_Links) centricity in large languages and especially online. The resulting conversation between students and faculty in many languages will itself become a resource or capability. (See, for example: Creative Commons Law at WUaS -


Besides quantifying the numbers of wiki pages, the number of new WUaS Subject pages begun by Universitians and by volunteers, the number of languages, the number of references per page, and number of web camera "teachings," number of students graduated, as well as engaging Wikidata/Wikibase metrics, for example, WUaS will also seek to measure number of new creative digital initiatives associated with, for example, a Universal Translator (, with an all-instrument Music School (, with a virtual earth as classroom accessible in digital goggles and for brain research too (e.g., and the emergent inter-lingual conversation in all of this, academically, and also especially in terms of different kinds of flourishing, - for students, faculty and volunteers, among many others.


Thus far, progress for WUaS has been incremental and step by step (e.g. WUaS incorporated in 2010, WUaS then received tax-exempt status in 2011, WUaS' tax-example status was re-instated in 2014, etc.); contact people for further information about this, for example, at the World University Foundation - Next key steps include becoming financially operational, hiring WUaS's first staff, getting Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) and Western Association of Schools and Colelges (WASC senior) initial accreditation (both in California), then gaining National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) membership for subsequent access to the CommonApp, and then seeking WUaS's first applicants for "The College at WUaS" probably in autumn 2015 - - then, in English, matriculating WUaS's first undergraduate class probably in 2016, then matriculating WUaS's first Ph.D. class possibly in 2017, then Law in 2018 and Medicine in 2019, and then graduating WUaS's first undergraduates probably in 2020. Further forward movement will emerge from all this in a remarkably wide variety of ways academically, and in terms of an open teaching and learning conversation,  and over centuries.



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