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Rosa canina – dog rose: Founding stories for MIT OCW-centric WUaS in these blog posts here - , Looking up founding narratives of the Cambridge (1209) and Oxford (1096), What's also interesting about these MIT OCW-centric WUaS founding blog posts is how both hippy-informed and Friendly-informed they are

So many of these blog posts here - - are founding stories for MIT OCW-centric World University and School, planned for all languages and countries, and as wiki.

And while this blog is more founding narratives or stories, this WUaS blog - (of which I'm also the primary author) - focuses on WUaS monthly business meeting agendas and related business-related aspects of WUaS.


I was looking up founding narratives of the Universities of Cambridge (1209) and Oxford (1096?) today, as some of the greatest and oldest ones, and was amazed at the significance and arbitrariness of the "place" of the now cities of Cambridge and Oxford (and how old they are) and also how they've changed so much over the centuries but are also so continuous as university institutions.

University of Cambridge -

University of Oxford -


Harvard was established in 1636, by way of comparison -


Curious too about how these universities became effectively accredited, compared with the beginning of this process which WUaS is going through in the state of California.

WUaS seeks to draw on internet Open Educational Resources (OER) of many of the greatest universities, as well, and here's WUaS's current wiki list - - and eventually drawing from most large languages and from most countries. 


Here's a

List of oldest universities in continuous operation

... so I think WUaS is one of the youngest universities in the world, by way of comparison.


What's also interesting about these MIT OCW-centric WUaS founding blog posts is how MIT, hippy and F/friendly they are. Are these MIT, hippie and Quaker "memes" (replicating cultural units) informing WUaS?


Also interesting: there's a startup all-languages MIT-centric WUaS university and school in Canyon, California (94516), for its physical address, but which will be primarily on the internet.


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