Thursday, April 13, 2017

Flora of Madagascar: Employment training, MIT, and WUaS, Manuel Castells' I.T. theory, Networked Learning, WUaS Subjects#Careers - Career counseling, Finding / creating a job you really love, WUaS Job hunting

Employment training, MIT, and WUaS (World University and School) ... in planning for learning 're career and job training in the Network Society ...

Waivers, Blueprints and Reform: The Future of Educational Policy

MIT is now helping companies educate their workers instead of hiring consultants

Harvard Business School Professor Rebecca Henderson:

Why German Business Supports, Trains and Hires Syrian Refugees

Germany took in a million Syrian refugees in 2015, buoyed by the knowledge that these people could contribute strongly to the country’s economy. But has it worked out as successfully as hoped? Rebecca Henderson discusses what it takes to integrate a huge number of new people, and the role business can play.

Here's a fascinating, successful work-internship < > study-for-a-master's-degree model at IBM :
"Joining Industry and Students for Cognitive Solutions at Karlsruhe Services Research Center"
- Gerhard Satzger, Director of the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute and two former students and IBMers, Sebastian Hirschl and Kathrin Fitzer

Meeting recording Apr 6, 2017, 10 31 07 AM
06 AprGerhard Satzger, Kathrin Fitzner, Sebastian Hirschl“Joining Industry and Students for Cognitive Solutions @ Karlsruhe Service Research Institute”IBM and Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologySlidesRecording

Manuel Castells' I.T. theory

Networked learning and problem and project based learning how they complement each other
Lone Dirckinck-Holmfeld



Tips for Facilitating Project-Based Learning

Case Studies and Problem-based Learning

I think I'd also ask Lee Rainie at Pew Research about how best to study these questions further:



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