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Mitchell River National Park (Western Australia): Curious about a film / video to 3D virtual world conversion application, Interactive Avatar Bots from Actual People from Videos for Conversation?, Upcoming Poetry Book ~ "Haiku-ish and Other Loving Hippie Harbin Poetry", "Naked Harbin Ethnography" upcoming review in Visual Anthropology, Visit the Harbin Gate here ~ ~ in the beginning realistic virtual Harbin, Stanford's CCRMA in Bing, Berkeley OpenBand & Scottish Country Dancing sheet music, Translation and @LatourBot, World University and School's planned universal translator

Hi M,

Interactive Avatar Bots from Actual People from Videos for Conversation? (Think an application for converting Youtube videos into OpenSim/SL, but realistically).

Curious about a film / video to 3D virtual world conversion application ... could this lead to an interactive Richard Rorty avatar bot? (He was a Stanford professor of comparative literature toward the end of his academic career, and brilliant, and a philosopher - a neo-pragmatist; I've blogged about him with videos of him here - (See, too and Or Jacques Lacan ~MD ( or George Ludovic Alexander MD avatar bots (and Yale College graduate) for interactive conversation, and even Lacanian psychoanalysis - in some years? Possibly. George, also philosophically-minded and a kind of genius psychiatrist (intelligence for him was problem solving, and he was very understanding and skillful with languages, as well as an ironic and a critical thinker), was an appreciator of Richard Rorty, particularly his "Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature" (1979). The only publication I know of by him is in Friends' Journal entitled "Separation of Church and State" - (2008). George in his fluid thinking, would stand by the Desiderata (by Max Ehrmann) - - and one of my last memories of him in his home in a Quaker center outside of Philadelphia was standing by the Desiderata framed on his wall (like a medical student standing by his/her poster of research).

{I found it interesting over the years in talking with George (as friend / family friend) how he could readily observe in conversation that something one said, for example, if one was expressing an interesting, imaginative idea - was a FANTASY - and that this could then lead to a developing conversation/clarifications how and why per the conversation and re the other two Lacanian registers
( a) symbolic/language & b) real) and almost philosophically (and sometimes for me in slightly dialectical/critical thinking ways even)}.

On with my poetry book assemblage ~ "Haiku-ish and Other Loving Hippie Harbin Poetry"! In this process, I'm recalling particular poems I've written that express a feelings / experiences that in words I think somehow soar ... Almost all of my poems are here -

Charlotte is an excellent, knowledgable, literary and very experienced word smith as English to French translator. Both of her parents were wordsmith's too, as well as published authors, but her father as a professor of English was especially skillful with word ... probably contributes to the potential prize Mathias Énard's "Compass" (translated by Charlotte) may win.

Curious how my upcoming poetry book, which will be much shorter than Harbin ethnographic book, but also beautiful I hope, will get translated, say, into French (before WUaS's universal translator is
working well enough for poetry)!

You can get Naked Harbin Ethnography (in the Academic Press at WUaS) here ~ or here ~ … And visit the Harbin Gate here ~ ~ in the beginning realistic virtual Harbin (and from here too ~

Just followed up about my Harbin book review with Visual Anthropology's editor, P.H., whom I met with UC Berkeley Professor Emeritus Nelson Graburn before my talk a few weeks ago in the Cal Anthropology department.

(New water filtration system for my place in Canyon from Ikea's? Ikea thinks differently and in smart ways - but no, they don't carry them any more. Just went into the Ikea near Stanford and am struck by how diverse it is consumer-wise, but they don't carry this. So I may get a new Brita pitcher just to increase the chances that the seal between filter and my pitcher is tight, since my current pitcher is years' old, and the "calcification" stuff in the water has accumulated around the base of the Brita-filter-holder too).

Headed to the new and glorious Stanford Bing auditorium (it's like an egg, with seating like a vineyard) to hear Stanford's CCRMA - - their electronic music center (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics). Bing auditorium photos are here - and and Very cool aural scapes, with an amazing speaker system!

Hearing a lot of good music at Stanford these days, mostly performed by students, which is great {and which is free, so even better}, but the quarter ends soon on June 7th.

How is your weekend going?


Re OpenBand for Scottish Country Dancing in Berkeley (

Hello Patti!

Welcome home!

Have you already emailed the sheet music for Monday, 5/29? Because I was off some of the lists for a while recently, I'm checking. Thank you!

Happy music-making :)

Have not sent music, spaced it out completely. Sent B the program a few minutes ago, sure she'll send it out sooner than I could get to it.


Via iPhone, hopefully not via Siri, or my message may be garbled ...

Thank you, Patti!

Bruno Latour's Twitter @LatourBot - - often machine translates 140 characters from his many books from French into English with interesting garble. I wonder how World University and School's planned universal translator - - (and for poetry as well eventually - like a professional translator) will navigate the "garble" language.




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