Saturday, May 6, 2017

Regal ringneck snake: Hippie thang has gotten a bit outta hand in Berkeley these days (not), 'Naked Harbin Ethnography' -"It's a magnificent book" - said Prof Graburn recently in the UC Berkeley Anthro department, Am heading up to Harbin & into the Harbin Gate here in virtual Harbin in Streetview ~ ~ when open, A snake on my porch recently - a live snake, Re-balancing of California even, Searched on the word "water" in the Tao te Ching (a central whachtamacallit), Warm water, Yogini Angela in Berkeley

hi L, 

The hippie thang has gotten a little outta hand in Berkeley these days (not - but things were pretty free there for hippies in the 1960s and '70s, - visionary too), Am heading up to Harbin and in here
when open

Glad Professor Nelson Graburn said about my

'Naked Harbin Ethnography' -"It's a magnificent book" - recently in the UC Berkeley Anthro department before a Tourism Studies' Working Group talk there ...



There was a snake on my porch recently - a live snake - and it's the first time I've seen this in my ~9 years here in Canyon. It was about the same size as the rubber snake we used to play with on Salt Spring Island and in Greece and at Harbin! I won't take this as an omen, and when I next looked after meditating, the cat, Gandalf, Gandy for short (to which I'm allergic), was in the place where the snake was, looking possibly cat-flustered ...

We've had a really wet winter and spring - a re-balancing of California even, water tables and fire-wise - and this grey Garter snake may be finding the moisture around welcome, and extending its range.

Just searched on the word water in the Tao te Ching (a central whachtamacallit) - - and was soothed (me likes Lao Tzu's song) ... the word "water" is embedded at the top here - - even ...

Harbin's warm waters may be open by October 4, and Angela's course is on Sa/Su Oct 7/8 ... 

... so maybe she'll head up there afterward ... :)

Think I'm gonna bring my quiet and harmonious Scottish small pipes around 6 to play a little on the porch of the pretty hall of the (usually) Stanford University Black Community Services Center before the Stanford ceili ... 

Glad to have given a talk at UC Berkeley this past Friday again (my third, this time about my published Harbin book!)


Here's the Harbin October 4 opening by info ... :)



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