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Lavandula: How to find a soul mate?, Angela and Victor found each other as soulmates ... in the "wilderness" of yoga, "Hippy-anjali Yoga Notations" re A&V's underground Yoga, Opportunity to take a Yoga course with Angela Farmer in Berkeley on Sa Su Oct 7/8 ... Inner body, And both Angela and Victor like Harbin Hot Springs, and Angela has taught a women's retreat there for years, Society, Information Technology, and the Global University course

Wondering if an opportunity will emerge to take even this Yoga course with Angela Farmer in Berkeley
- http://www.angela-victor.com/content/schedule - on Sa Su Oct 7/8 ...

Victor and Angela's blog posts are particularly interesting - http://www.angela-victor.com ...


And here too are my new ...

Hippy-anjali Yoga Notations

re A&V's underground Yoga



Hi M,

How to find a soul mate (friend ... partner ... wife. ... mom to be), I wonder? Angela and Victor found each other as soulmates ... in the "wilderness" of yoga, and as quite public yogis, departing from the Iyengar Yoga ... and they eventually married ... (Victor had already had about 5 kids, and Iyengar too before Victor ...but Angela didn't have kids) ...

So heading to this course with Angela could be great in this respect because she gets into really subtle fascinating yoga teaching in these regards, and in so many ways re the " inner body". Thank you, M - appreciating our conversation 2 days ago in these regards.

A and V are a good pair and match - very colorful, both old hippies, and artists, from different countries (England and Holland) and languages (English and Dutch). Both are also world travelers, in their Yoga teaching, and both have written books/created media as authors. 

As you may know or recall I have a draft of a book (parts of which are here - http://scottmacleod.com/AVGreetings.htm - accessible from - http://scottmacleod.com/yoga.htm) about them started too, which may wait further somehow for ... I'll say ... Angela's inspired language, some decades ahead even ... 

And both Angela and Victor like Harbin Hot Springs, and Angela has taught a women's retreat there for years.

Music making was fun last night ...

Teaching my course in about 1.5 hours ...

What are you up to today, and what's the focus of your next writing project? :)


Hi Tanya, 

Just creating a new thread for this course. 

Good beginning with your website/blog - http://www.tanyatomato.com and http://www.tanyatomato.com/2017/10/society-information-technology-and.html . As an example of blogspot labels, here's the "global university" label in my blog - https://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/search/label/global%20university (which will be relevant to this course later on, so please have a glance at it) - and here's the "information technology" label, by contrast - https://scott-macleod.blogspot.com/search/label/information%20technology . I think it should be fairly straightforward to add "labels" to your website/blog since it's blogger.com, or to develop a different approach to writing about our two courses. (Please let me know if you have a questions about this).

Here's "Identity and Change in the Network Society - Manuel Castells" - 

What is the Network Society for Castells? What are Networks? What is Society for Castells?  ... from this Globetrotter video interview/transcript, and from other sources online? Could you please write in your blog a bit about this for next week?

(Also, here are some notes about what we've been talking about thus far - http://socinfotech.pbworks.com/w/page/23323461/InfoTechSoc1 - accessible from here - http://worlduniversityandschool.org/InfoTechNetworkSocGlobalUniv.html). 

And here for example is the Atul Gawande article from the 5th week of your Energy course (where I had just come across an article by Gawande in last week's New Yorker "Is Health Care a Right?")

Cheers, Scott

- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President  
- World University and School



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