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Vulcanoid: Rock Star Yogini Teacher Angela Farmer, Yoga in Berkeley, Kilt and all!!, Much love from your kilted yogi friends, Visit the Harbin Hot Springs' gate here - {accessible from ~}

Really good course, M ...

You might enjoy my email just now to Angela, Victor and L (my friend in Y) ...


Oh no - an Angela-kilted Yogi's (moi) photo yesterday - at Namaste Yoga in your course! Here's kilted Yogi Finlay Wilson in Dundee, Scotland - Dancers teasing kelpies - ... only in his kilt in nature by a pool and waterfall, and doing Natarajasana (which I just learned can also be called Lord of the Dance Pose  :)
(and which I just posted to the Scottish Country Dancing Open Band Twitter feed -

Thank you for your wonderful Yoga course and teachings in Berkeley, Angela.

Have a quick question about my right ear Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and best Yoga asana for this. Condition begins in late '60s even in a Saturday morning swimming program at Yale University (where all the boys all swam naked - and when at the same time protests were happening on the streets of New Haven). I remember complaining of ear aches at night to my father. Condition may have been compounded by Harbin soaking over the recent years too a bit. I seek to open my right ear a lot, and the elevation change in getting to Canyon, CA, where I live seems to affect my ear too.

Karnapidasana (shoulderstand, knees to ears with its related small twists), lion pose (roaring, and opening the jaw), gargling with as hot as possible salt water (I'm not into nadi pots however), and possibly twists may help a tiny bit, but these are all just so-so in their effects. So perhaps I'll just befriend further the impactedness of my mostly right ear - and release it fully to open it - and my seeking to open it / pop open my right ear, but it you have suggestions for further asana / pranayama for this, I'd be very grateful. Thank you so much.

Who is Joc in the course, I wonder, Angela. Joc also said she went to your course on the Psyche in SF re CIIS a few years ago. Am aware that Joc and L, my friend since 1994 I think, whom I met in your course on Salt Spring Island in Canada, have "L.." in their names in common. Jacques Lacan, French psychoanalyst MD, emphasizing language and the role of the signifier in understanding the psyche or unconscious - (Reed College Prof of German, and a bit philosophical too) - whose work I'm thinking about these days -
and - brings my mind to these "l..." letters in Joc's name, and even re my seeking a friend~girlfriend~partner~potential wife and mom-to-be (and if she were an earth-mother MD, and a love, that could be wonderful especially) ... "Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold," - so goes the beautiful old (Yoga?) round ... :) ... Is Joc a philosopher with a Stanford or Berkeley Ph.D., I wonder?

I think I last saw you both at Harbin, Victor and Angela, in the restaurant about 3 or 4 years ago, and it may have been on this "Yoga and the Psyche" course trip. (Although I remember you teaching a course at UC Berkeley 10-ish years ago too together, but this probably before this Yoga course).

Seeking to live until 12,489 years of age+ with a Stanford University "multi-vitamin" (still a dream at this point, but Stanford researcher Tony Wyss-Coray and others are working on related questions of longevity and memory).

Seeking too to add "warm bath, warm pool, Harbin Hot Springs", which you mentioned yesterday, to these little hippy yoga noteys - Thanks too for your rock star Yoga teaching, Angelica!

See you soon for the last day of your Yoga course, Angela, and thank
you for coming to Berkeley to teach!

(How wonderfully and beautifully and creatively to grow this Yoga wiki subject page at World University and School - - planned in many languages, as WIKI World Uni moves into our brand new wiki - ?)

Love from your kilted Yogi,

Kit and all!!

Hi Scottie in the fab.kilt!

it was so fine to see you in Namaste this weekend and you added some colour and fun to the class!
I just got you email this morning.   I was hacked some years ago and lost everything so have a new address but am not much into social emails so best to just connect with Victor as you have been doing!
I suffer also from ringing In the ears....sometimes it is almost deafening but anything to relax tension around the shoulders and neck eases it a bit.
For me it is never the Asana but how I can release and undo tension from inside...   Computer work inevitably tightens us up in these areas.
   I use my fingers and thumbs when lying down to get into the really tight 'ropes' on either side of my neck....great to do it in bet as then I fall way to sleep beautifully!
Staying away whenever possible from loud and mechanical noises, listening to water...ocean waves, rivers, rain, wind in the trees , birdsong...all soothing to the ears.
I guess we have to live with these problems but softening and becoming more receptive is the best help.

Finding a mate is not up to us.  When we are truly ready to be open and loving with ourselves and NO Expectations for others.....just to honour and accept them as they are...there is a chance that something wonderful appears
Expectations will ruin any relationship.  gratitude and love is the best medicine
Lots of love


And best wishes from me too, victor
( Angela is too busy with her program running from city to city , so "kit" misses the l and " bet" normally is written with a d)


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Thank you ~ Angelica on your rock star Yogini city tour - around the world - with Victor "kicking back" Yoga-wise in Eftalou, Lesvos, Greece, or Russia, or Holland, or ... .... will yawn away my eustachian tube dysfunction and am ever so grateful for your many and deep psychological and yogic insights over your weekend course just now in Namaste/Berkeley, Angelica ...

{So many protests "road" down Ashby Avenue/Highway 13, the main road close to Namaste Yoga to Interstate 80 a few decades ago in the '60s and 70s (and 80s and 90s ... :) - to protest for example nuclear power/energy/weapons (Berkeley is still a nuclear free zone, legally, and no nuclear trucks can drive on Berkeley's stretch of Interstate 80 ) ... and to protests probably many other things ... "Critical Mass" Friday evening bicycle protests stopping I-80 traffic in the '90s ... civil disobedience and direct action for social change can work (am a bit Friendly Quakerly-minded here) ... how do places remember? }

Hoping all of this can emerge in a "for-meditation" realistic virtual Harbin / earth with TIME SLIDER (including converting videos of such protest and hippy history into a 3D interactive video avatars/world) ... where we might even be able to do yoga with you both interactively, A&V, emerging from some of your videos - since you don't come to the SF Bay Area that often and I/we miss you and your teachings!

Visit the Harbin Hot Springs' gate here - {accessible from ~} - which is also the beginnings of this realistic virtual interactive earth / Harbin ...  and I've added one of the photos of the Harbin gate to the left (from 2001) ... so we'll all be able to add photos and things / teachings, and eventually videos and much more computer coding ... and the avatar bots in this may seem to come alive (like in today's interactive video games ) ... and voila, there you both might as interactive Yoga avatar bots ... teaching away online ...

Just added "warm bath, warm pool, Harbin Hot Springs" to these wee yogic scribblings :) ... ... below the "India is eternally fascinating" bit (thanks to Lynny)

... (Clear and lovely Joc, in your course, Angelina, has a husband, and a 4 month old wee bairn .. )

Played my fairly new Scottish small pipes (having the same fingering as the Great Highland Bagpipe) outside Namaste Yoga before your course on Sunday, Angelica, for about a half hour, sitting on a bench under the arbor ... they're quite harmonious and sweet sounding ... my wee om machine ... and aren't all that loud at all ... but have a certain vibration nevertheless ...

Much love from your kilted yogi friends,


Hi Galen, 

Very nice to see and talk with you just now. 

Here's information about Angela's upcoming course in Berkeley - .

I think I met your friend who was with you in your UC Berkeley talk (Prof. Cranz, who went to Reed College, too!) last year too.

And here's "Angela Farmer - The Feminine Unfolding"

Warm regards, 

- Scott MacLeod - Founder & President  

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